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  1. Perhaps you should read my post. McIlroy would rather have a single major in a year, sure. - Hence my Norman example. Fact is, Rory had a better year than Koepka and was clearly POTY. Especially if the PGATour want to pretend that The Players is a Major. Bring it all a year forward and say it is Hovland who has the wins that Rory had and Koepka wins one major. Who is POTY? Not Koepka. It wouldn't even be a discussion. It's about the year's achievement, not what a player with $180 million in the bank would prefer.
  2. In the same way that Rory was the most promising Irish golfer or Tiger the most promising U.S. golfer. It would not surprise me if Hovland won a major in the next two years. In any case, he is probably the most promising new PGATour member, full stop.
  3. That's complete BS. If Greg Norman had a season with 15 world wide wins and another with one win, The Masters, he'd take the single win year. But the 15 win year is the better year. McIlroy had a better year than Koepka. A single major does not trump everything else unless you are a player trying to fill holes in your CV.
  4. You mean when you could skip events in the final series and still win it?
  5. I would say that Rory has been there since he was 16 years of age. He just needs to assemble all parts of his game in the same week. When he does no-one can touch hm because next to Tiger, he is probably the most naturally gifted player there has ever been. In terms of raw talent, there is Tiger and Rory at their best and then daylight.
  6. Good grief. Do you advise doing it precisely 36 milliseconds before impact or somewhere between 15 and 75 milliseconds? I mean.... you can almost live with Johnny Miller's "trap draws" and Faldo's "compressing the ball into the ground", but seriously... where do people get their information?
  7. What a load of BS. It's like someone saying AFTER they've made a fortune or won something that anyone can do it and that you just have to "believe". It's like the horse manure theory of Malcolm Gladwell that that fool, dan, of The Dan Plan swallowed hook line and sinker. Methinks that some of these "sports psychologists" have never played any sport at any level.
  8. Yep. And this comment of his was even better: "It's definitely a thought that came into my head, 'how can we make ourselves more relatable to the fans?', and having $15m front and centre isn't probably the best way to do it."
  9. I fully understand why players average high scores on par 5s - it's because they have more opportunities to make a mess of the hole - but I have certainly never played a course where the #1 hole is a par 5. And I dispute the notion that it is "often" the case. It absolutely is not. There's a big difference between saying "often" and "it happens".
  10. I strongly disagree and have never ever played a course where even one of the par 5s is rated #1. Probably not even 2,3,or 4.
  11. EAL is 100% correct. One of the hardest things to do - but one of the most effective - on a golf course is to do these two things: 1. Hit the shot 2. Accept the result and repeat 1. My philosophy these days is to see the game as a process and accept that even if I score less than 36 points it can be a good round. Even if I reset my expectations after a poor front 9 to 30 points, if I achieve that I can feel good about my round. But the main thing that I've said for many years is that you've got to be so good for it to matter that it doesn't matter at all what we do. Enjoy being out there no matter how you're playing, because one day you won't be. And even if you had a sub par round off a handicap of 18, who would honestly care, anyway?
  12. Is that club even legal?
  13. Now there's a strong defence of your position. Articulate, detailed and well-reasoned.
  14. What a wonderful way for youngsters to learn to think that they shot 40 for a 9 rather than 46. I remember reading in one of Harvey Penick's books how a kid hit a shot onto the green and his father said "I'll give you that" and proudly went and told Penick that his son had had his first birdie. When asked about the circumstances, Penick listened patiently and said "Sorry, but junior has not had his first birdie yet."
  15. But what you are doing is just as bad. Your credibility is being called into question because on this subject you have none. You are the worst type of "internet warrior". And the passive aggressive "sad that these people exist" comment is further proof. People with knowledge on this subject have shown that you are wrong, yet you persist as if you have found some sort of tip that others should use. There is no such thing as a good golfer with a bad swing. Good putters never do things that defy the laws of physics and mechanics. I'll bet you think that if you have a round with 27 putts it means you've had a great putting day. Also, this myth of people with handicaps that wildly belie their ability is a red herring. Yes, there are people who are inconsistent but hit lots of great shots, but the key to their issue is their inconsistency, not their great shots. I would back myself to putt reasonably well with a the edge of a wedge if I snapped my putter on the first green. In fact, on normal greens I wouldn't expect it to alter my scores much at all. But that doesn't mean it's a solution for crap putting. The fact that you use players with 13 handicaps as example shows that you probably have not seen or played with a really good player or a really good putter. Playing the ball back in your stance makes less sense as saying that wearing a blue shirt improved your driving. If a good putter started doing it, their putting would get much worse, so what is that saying? Why are you taking the "i'll bet you wouldn't say it to my face approach"? If I said to your face that your putting technique was wrong and you punched me I the face, would that make your technique correct?
  16. You are kidding yourself. If it works it can only mean that you were a dreadful putter before and now you are only slightly less dreadful. And that your previous ball position was even crazier. If a right handed player said his driving had improved since he started having the ball at his right heel you'd assume that he is awful and must have been beyond awful before and will continue to be awful. The mechanics and physics of putting do not allow for success with what you are suggesting. It is ridiculous. Learn to putt properly. A decent putter could play a round and putt wit the ball outside his right foot (RH player) and look like a good putter to a novice. In the same way that if a pro hits a bunker shot 20 feet from the hole someone always claps because it's better than they could do. Do not persist with this nonsense. No. No such thing. And you can't name one. Effective swings that aren't "pretty" are not bad swings.
  17. Yes, which is not always the same. A 5 iron is typically 38" but Mizuno, for example, can be 37.75".
  18. The only way this would possibly work is if your previous position had the ball miles too far forward in your stance. You do not hit putts with a descending blow. It is possible that you have "corrected" your ball position. Come on.....
  19. Low 80s on some courses is high nineties from different tees or low 100s on a different courses. It might equate to mid 90s or considerably more where you play. "Low 80s" means nothing without context, as does "breaking 80". Where? What conditions? What length? There are courses with no hazards, easy rough, easy bunkers and no OB where on a bad day it would be hard to shoot 90 even if you are a modestly accomplished player.
  20. "Nobody wants their records broken," added Nicklaus. "I don't want him to break my records, but I don't want him not to be able to play and not be physically sound to play. I mean, if he's physically sound and it's his desire to win and he breaks it, you know, well done. That's what it should be. That's what sports is all about. And he's done a great job." This is the relevant part - fair enough
  21. I'm probably older than you, but in any case, you're welcome to direct me to an actual quotation.
  22. Jack is diplomatic. But in any case...... Please point to ANYTHING that indicates that he is concerned about his record remaining intact. I challenge you.
  23. Of course, but golf fans watch golf and pool fans watch pool. They generally know what's going on and can see that a drive that lands on a 330 yard par 4 with a lake next to the green is a pretty impressive effort. I am not aware of people who don't like pool watching much of it. Likewise, non golf fans don't watch golf because they think it's a bunch of fat old guys driving around chasing a little white ball. Yes - The superiority of guys like Greg Norma evaporated when the larger metal drivers arrived. A lot of the younger players appear to be as good as Scott off the tee now and it's because of forgiving technology.
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