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  1. Or landed the plane safely on a runway? GEEEZ. It would pretty much seem that no, he couldn't have ejected. Seems self-evident. Amazingly, there are people who, after essentially witnessing someone being killed a few hundred yards from them suddenly lose their inclination to be involved in a recreational pursuit whilst being surrounded by smoke, sirens and the knowledge of what has happened. I don't find it that odd. 😶
  2. And you can't hit the ball 300 meters, so why would Tiger Woods worry about a bunker that's 295 from the tee. I can't carry 250 over water so why would Koepka even try? Get the connection? Neither can I. I'm surprised you didn't say "I wouldn't care if someone asked me. My buddies and I do it all the time." which is what usually happens in threads like this. A rule was broken and there are consequences. And, typically, the whistleblower takes the heat.
  3. You aren't way off, but you are wrong. It is Wayne Riley
  4. In all likelihood, they'd just walk up and hit a 3 wood 80 metres further than you dreamed they'd hit a driver and straight over the top of the trees as if they weren't even there.
  5. This is my favourite type of advertisement "full set and bag. Clubs are from the seventies and nineties and would suit a beginner of height ca 182 cm."
  6. I would bet that many if not most of the things you own are made in China. It is not what "manufacturERs do". It is what unscrupulous people do worldwide. It's just that China is where the technology is. Your government is not fighting it, it is making your residents pay tarriffs on Chinese made goods that cost a lot less than American made ones and fooling ignorant and uneducated people with zero grasp of economics into thinking that China is paying. And this applies to legally produced products. The fake/ counterfeit market is something completely different. You are disparaging a nation of a billion people because some people are dishonest.
  7. Which is a bit like saying that Koepka, DJ, Rahm and Rory are not particularly long hitters. In fact quite short off the tee (If you are think about LD players). It doesn't say it all. It says a very tiny thing that is essentially irrelevant to the discussion.
  8. What is the point of having different tees and handicaps? I understand that people need to enjoy the game and not be discouraged, but what is this thing about getting strokes AND an distance advantage? This is why I have a gripe about threads on this site where people talking about breaking 80 or being a 70s shooter or strategies to break 90. The guy who thinks he's an 80s shooter might not be able to break 100 off the same tees as a low marker. It doesn't make sense to lower the handicap of the low marker and move him closer to the hole. Why do the opposite? If i can only drive it 180m, why would I expect to be able to hit anything other than short holes in regulation? If a par 4 is reachable for a guy who hits it 280 but not someone who hits it 200, the handicap will account for the shorter hitter with a nett par as he'll get a shot on the hole. Since when is handicap strokes on a hole PLUS the advantage of shorter distance? If you were playing a match against someone and were giving him 18 shots, would you be setting him up to be able to make a mess of every hole and still halve you on? I understand your point, but my thinking is that greens are hit in regulation when you can reach them, not because the tees are so far forward it becomes a pitch and putt course and every hole is reachable. If you are a recreational player who is not competing, maybe just play the game and forget about handicaps unless everyone is off the same tees.
  9. Zac Blair is one of the shorter hitters on tour. Not only is Koepka 50 yards past him off the tee, he's obviously hitting 2 or 3 clubs less. Koepka would clearly rather be hitting an 8 iron from rough (not trees) than be in the fairway 50 yards back. And if Blair is in the rough he might be hitting an extra club or two, compounding the difference.
  10. His entire focus is on his delivery. It's almost like MrBean where the point is that it doesn't matter what language you speak. If you just hear the tone it's supposed to be funny. The forced laughing and mock excitement bear no relation to the content or what he is actually describing. The funny McCord stories all date back 20 years. If you listen to, for instance, the NLU guys, there is ample evidence that we are in a different age where entertainment and information can coexist. McCord no longer seems to want to inform. He just wants to be loud and "funny". Ball goes in bunker...McCord says something like: Volume up to 11...."You don't want to go in there. I mean, you REEEAAALLY don't want to go in there!!!!!" while pretending to laugh at the same time. 3 minutes later the player has hit his bunker shot and made the putt.
  11. 100%. On the good NLU podcasts there's more insight and information in 40 minutes than 20 years of McCord's stale routine.
  12. My view is that one of the most inaccurate "truths" for casual golfers is that a 3 wood is more accurate than a driver. A player with a poor swing has a lot less chance of hitting the centre of the face of a 3 wood than somewhere near the middle of a 460cc driver. Shallow faced 3 woods have a pretty small hitting area and are as easy to snap hook, sky or cut as a driver, but with less forgiveness and a LOT less distance. So the paradox is that the player who needs the control of the 3 wood can't hit it that well, which is why he might want to, as he can't trust his driver swing. The pros hit 3 woods to control DISTANCE, not accuracy most of the time. Everyone hits drives that are pushed but still go a decent way but feel horrible and you look at the clubface and realise that with a 3 wood or a circa 1980 wooden driver it'd be close to an air swing.
  13. Sure - and I pretty much agree. My point really is that even the most mundane of pursuits - and those that provide millions of dollars for (some) spoiled athletes whose politics and beliefs I despise - along with those whom I admire for their skills and personalities - do need to be treated seriously so that the game can progress. There is a very important place for humour in commentary, but only when it is genuine and not just a hackneyed act. McCord's act is old.
  14. "In the context of sport as a whole and golf as a recreation and first world problems and people with cancer and whatever" - meaning golf is serious and can exist in its own world as a serious thing. His lack of seriousness is not a positive in my opinion. He just does the same boring stuff all the time. You don't need it to "balance" serious analysts like Kostis or Chamblee. My guess is that this is why he has been given the boot.
  15. Maybe read the first part of my response. I deliberately noted the "grand scheme of things" to avoid someone saying exactly what you did. I stated: "In the context of sport as a whole and golf as a recreation and first world problems and people with cancer and whatever" We do not not need burnt out commentators thinking that they are the show any more than frat boys yelling out "meat and potatoes" at tournaments.
  16. There was a thread once about how you'd break 90 at Augusta and people were saying things like: Stay on the Fairway. Hit greens Avoid three putts. Easy!!
  17. Herein lies the problem. In the context of sport as a whole and golf as a recreation and first world problems and people with cancer and whatever....... Golf is serious and deserves to be treated as such. Especially at the highest level. McCord's commentary is about McCord, not golf. His style is anachronistic, boring, predictable and past its use-by date by a decade. At times I feel that Feherty is heading in the same direction, but beneath his humour is an intellect, empathy, wit and insight that McCord has always lacked.
  18. I think the loss of McCord is fantastic news. I used to be a big fan and thought he was genuinely funny and fresh. 15 years ago. But his shtick has become so predictable and mannered that I can barely watch when he is commentating. The "excitement" and "sense of fun" he musters up for no reason at all times is completely fake and irritating in the extreme. This is a win for golf fans and TV spectators
  19. And to play the flute: Move your fingers up and down over the holes and blow into it.
  20. What a load of BS. "Can" hit his 3 wood dead straight 250 yards. The question is DOES he? You may as well say he CAn hole 50 foot putts. A golfer who hits (not "can hit") his 3 wood 250 yards dead straight is not a bogey golfer.
  21. I play competition golf twice a week. Put simply, you play off the men's tees. We have what are called "social tees' but these are for people who aren't really golfers - people just having a hit when competitions are not on. You will find that in Australia, most members play a competition on Saturdays. Midweek and Sunday competitions are available. You never get a choice of tee. That's my point about handicaps - they account for the fact that not everyone is going for greens in regulation because they don't have the length. Heaven help the ego of a player who chooses tees that give him a mid or short iron into every par 4 and 3, thinking that he is an 80 shooter, when he plays off the men's tees on a decent course. Not saying I don't like the idea of different tees, but the way an 80 year old competes with a 24 year old is with handicap - not a head start on every hole.
  22. I would be 100% certain that he will. The chances of him not talking about his relationship iwith his father is -1000000%. Others may have opinions about Earl Woods, but Toger is always happy to discuss their relationship. And the health issues that caused his over use of prescription medicine will also be covered, without a doubt. I would bet my life on it.
  23. It has to do with the fact that you don't aways have a choice of tees. In my case never in 45 years of golf.
  24. A question for anyone has played with the big hole: One would assume that it's impossible to miss from 4 feet but my guess is that even from six feet a surprisingly high number of putts slide off exactly as if it were a normal sized cup. Is that the case?
  25. In competition play everyone plays from the same tees. This means that many players can't reach par 4s in 2 or par 3s in 1 or par 5s in 3. That's what handicaps account for.
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