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  1. Yes, which is not always the same. A 5 iron is typically 38" but Mizuno, for example, can be 37.75".
  2. The only way this would possibly work is if your previous position had the ball miles too far forward in your stance. You do not hit putts with a descending blow. It is possible that you have "corrected" your ball position. Come on.....
  3. Low 80s on some courses is high nineties from different tees or low 100s on a different courses. It might equate to mid 90s or considerably more where you play. "Low 80s" means nothing without context, as does "breaking 80". Where? What conditions? What length? There are courses with no hazards, easy rough, easy bunkers and no OB where on a bad day it would be hard to shoot 90 even if you are a modestly accomplished player.
  4. "Nobody wants their records broken," added Nicklaus. "I don't want him to break my records, but I don't want him not to be able to play and not be physically sound to play. I mean, if he's physically sound and it's his desire to win and he breaks it, you know, well done. That's what it should be. That's what sports is all about. And he's done a great job." This is the relevant part - fair enough
  5. I'm probably older than you, but in any case, you're welcome to direct me to an actual quotation.
  6. Jack is diplomatic. But in any case...... Please point to ANYTHING that indicates that he is concerned about his record remaining intact. I challenge you.
  7. Of course, but golf fans watch golf and pool fans watch pool. They generally know what's going on and can see that a drive that lands on a 330 yard par 4 with a lake next to the green is a pretty impressive effort. I am not aware of people who don't like pool watching much of it. Likewise, non golf fans don't watch golf because they think it's a bunch of fat old guys driving around chasing a little white ball. Yes - The superiority of guys like Greg Norma evaporated when the larger metal drivers arrived. A lot of the younger players appear to be as good as Scott off the tee now and it
  8. That is the worst possible analogy. Evey pool table is exactly the same and the point is that golf courses are not. A 61 at Medinah is not the same as 72 somewhere else because the geography is different. IT is 100% accurate. They all agree they'd rather hit 120 from rough than 170 from the fairway. The wayward drives are outliers and do not come into the equation. Are you suggesting that guys like Koepka suffer because of their length? Nonsense. He knows his Major record will never be broken.
  9. Let's be totally clear about this. Your putter is pretty much as bad as they come. Cheap as they come and just as nasty. I have had Winn putter grips that have had to be replaced after a single round because the outer rubber/plastic skin tears off just from the club being rubbing against the bag. This one is probably a replacement anyway. But, just in case you need help in identifying a $15 putter, they all have one thing in common with yours. A dozen "alignment aids". Stripes and lines and paint fills, none of which are in themselves aligned. Are you seriously hoping someone i
  10. The SE was company was founded by one of Miura's master forgers, Hyatsu Makamoto. In fact, it was Hyatsu Makamoto, who is commonly believed to be the guy who forged Miura irons for Tiger under the Titleist name. He has neither confirmed nor denied the claim. The Red Zone line of putters was limited to 100 units and commonly sell for between 5 and 7 thousand dollars due to their rarity and "feel", claimed by many players, including five former top 3 players to be second to none. A disguised model was (in)famously in the bag in the final round of a PGA Championship win in the late
  11. I can assure you that this is an extremely cheap putter with no history, heritage or value of any type. Sorry.
  12. You have identified it very clearly with your photos. What do you want to know? It is an extremely cheap, cast putter based loosely on a Ping Anser. It has a milled face.
  13. The year looked "promising for him after the Masters". Good grief! So unfortunate that the result at Augusta was nullified and rendered completely meaningless because of failure to beat guys half his age with a fused back. He should be embarrassed and ashamed. Let's hope he can redeem himself from here on in the future "moving forward" as you like to say, just so we know we're not talking about what he'll be able to do in the past.
  14. And while a single child is spending a night without food and a bed it is wrong to talk about golf on a golf forum, correct? And you're the one who used the term "self righteous". Funny that...
  15. And yet it appears that he did...... Have a look at the 20 responses following mine. There are people who insist it might not have been intentional and he might not have known. Amazing. The attitude seems to be "I know you think he looks like he cheated, and the evidence is there in front of us, but why would he, therefore I don't think he did." The guy has a reputation for being a cheat and a dick - and you can point to all of the Masters promos where you see him desperately sucking up to Palmer and NIcklaus to be recognised as part of the "Big 3" (as if anyone gives a hoot
  16. Please, no. You'd have to include options like I don't think he even touched the ground on his practice backswing and it was a "brain fart" and I don't think he meant to do it so it's OK and it's a "first world problem, going by previous discussions where the evidence is staring you in the face, a la Lexi.
  17. Something along the lines of "Gary, we're sick of this shit." when Player improved his lie for the umpteenth time. Are you serious? How about the advantage of not having to chop down on the ball and being able to take a smooth backswing. That's why the rule exists. Meaning rules don't matter for you. Correct? Cheating is OK if "no advantage is gained"? - a notion that makes as much sense as your disregard for the rules.
  18. We've known it's so for decades. One thing I can be pretty sure of is that he didn't know about the overhead camera. One of the all-time cranks pf the game. Nicklaus gave up even pretending to believe his exaggerations and lies. And we all know what Watson said to him.
  19. I am officially a hater now. I used to think he was a bit quirky and possibly even a breath of fresh air. He refuses to own his problem. Saying that he walks fast and that there are other slow players doesn't excuse taking 2 and a half minutes to hit a putt of any length. What a complete and utter jerk. He may as well have said "Hey y'all, I'm richer than you are, so screw you."
  20. So..... some of them are cheats after all. The other player who said it should not be called may as well have said "We'll give you that one." for a sixty foot putt. You don't get to waive rules. Especially in a group that supposedly prides itself on following them. How the hell do you "object" to someone applying a penalty correctly? The way the rules address it is that the player who hits the wrong ball is penalised. The other one is simply labelled a cheat and a jerk.
  21. Great - but it's a sad day when people playing golf by the rules are celebrated. The rules were "spelt out" - meaning they don't cheat - and this is seen as "refreshing"? Weird. And by "strict rules' you mean rules. Headline: "OLD GUYS PLAY GOLF TOGETHER ACCORDING TO THE RULES OF GOLF"
  22. Nonsense. And even if that were so, it doesn't make it OK. If it is penalised and recognised for what it is - an unnecessary and unattractive blight on the game - at least it can be removed from the game at the highest level. If they can penalise a 14 year old amateur in The Masters for slow play they sure as hell can do something about de Chambeau and his like.
  23. Because the best way to do the opposite of growing the game and have people think it is exciting is to watch a professional labour for 2 and a half minutes over an 8 foot putt as if he is designing a spaceship. It's about the shot, not the round.
  24. This might be an occasion where some crowd heckling might be justified. If you were in the gallery it would be pretty hard to keep you thoughts to yourself. What a pig.
  25. This has nothing to do with the ball.
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