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  1. For sure. And, as you've noted, a 9 handicapper getting a 9 on one hole does not slow down the group.
  2. It is to a point. In stableford you aim for 36 and a typical score is anywhere between 32 and 38 on a fair to good day. That means that if you score 35 points, it is exactly that: 35 points. You don't say you had 85 when in actual fact you had 91 because you had three blowout holes that were capped at 3 over par (if you get a shot on those holes). In a stroke round though, FOR HANDICAP PURPOSES the round is calculated as if it were a stableford round, which means that in theory, an 18 marker could have 36 points and nett 80. because a 15 counted as a 6 (or whatever). This is why a lot of guys hate stroke but like the new handicapping system. This is in Australia.
  3. 100% correct. Same in Australia. We only play stroke once a month in "Monthly Medal" competitions.
  4. Of course it's not legal. He's a cheating douche and I can guarantee that he is in other aspects of life.
  5. Eagles on par 5s are hardly aces! These players did it ON TOUR in the same round! Bill Whedon, 1955 Insurance City Open, first round While the next two golfers were pros for their historic days, Whedon was an amateur in 1955 at Wethersfield Country Club. In what is now the Travelers Championship, Whedon first aced the 168-yard No. 5. He later had a hole-in-one on the 208-yard No. 9. Yusaku Miyazato, 2006 Reno-Tahoe Open, second round Miyazato became the second player to make two aces in the same round on the PGA Tour at what is now the Barracuda Championship. He had holes-in-one on the 230-yard No. 7 and the 173-yard No. 12 at Montreux Golf and Country Club. Brian Harman, 2015 The Barclays, fourth round Harman is the most recent addition to this small club. On Sunday, August 30, Harman recorded two holes-in-one at Plainfield Country Club. First, he aced the No. 3. He then had another ace on the 228-yard No. 14.
  6. Gerry Lester Watson, Jr. Frank Urban Zoeller Jr. to name a couple. I'm sure there are many more - but Ping is the only one who uses Woods' "real" name in an offensive, disingenuous manner. I say "offensive" because he deliberately does it to cause irritation and offence, not because that's his name.
  7. Your analysis and vision are breathtaking in their accuracy and succinctness. You must really amaze your friends with the uncanny accuracy of your thoughts on Woods' game. Amazing to think that someone can accurately predict that someone close to being on the Champions' Tour can be predicted not to feature much with a fused spine after winning The Masters on courses where no-one seriously considered him a possibility of doing well. How could you have known that he would not win the Grand Slam this year? Such insight and kindness of spirit. Extraordinary. The thing that you really nail, though is that by calling him "Eldrick" (I mean it's his name, after all) - you upset all the fanboys. That must really make you chuckle. What a smug and condescending attitude you have. You may as well predict boldly that Tom Watson will not win another Open. What is the source of your dislike and negativity? In case you hadn't noticed, real golf fans are excited about Hovland, Wolff, Morikawa and a host of other truly exciting young players. Believe it or not, they are just happy to see Woods playing. And they gave up on Wie a decade ago. And I don't think he is "beginning" to admit his best days are behind him. The game is in good shape and people like yourself will persist in bringing down anyone whose achievements make a mockery of the unrealised dreams you may have held for yourself.
  8. Or - "Nothing. I made a mess of it." I assume she'd understand that.
  9. Not quite sure how this relates to the OT, Donald. 😎
  10. Why not "I didn't finish because I picked up on one hole". It's one thing to have rounds with pickups counted for handicap, but you can't say you had a score on a hole when you didn't and then say you shot X even with your disclaimer.
  11. The treadmill isn't going to make you lose weight. Reducing the food and drink you consume will. I walk 9 hours a week on a golf course and do not consider this to be in any way helpful for me keeping my weight down. I'm not saying that ot's bad - I love it - but if the heart rate isn't elevated, walking is good for mental helath and not a lot more. And - if you play golf in a cart you may as well be watching TV for all the (physical) health benefits people might think they achieve. Eat less and move more. It's the answer in 99.9% of cases. But the eating less is the main thing. Unless you are cycling or running. But then you have other issues - knees etc!!
  12. I think you have been warned for bringing up a discussion point that has nothing to do with the OP, can not possibly be resolved (or even discussed rationally) and gets people heated. It's a golf forum.
  13. What do you get when you win? (in non-opposite events) First-place prize money, which exceeds $1 million at each non-opposite PGA Tour event. Multi-season extension of playing privileges. A regular PGA Tour event extends a player’s Tour card for two years after the current season. The Arnold Palmer Invitational, Memorial Tournament and World Golf Championships provide a three-year exemption. Winning a major championship or The Players provides a five-year exemption. Winning multiple times in a year adds an extra year for each additional win with a maximum of five years. FedEx Cup points: 500 for a regular PGA Tour event, 550 for a World Golf Championship, 600 for a major championship or The Players. Spot in the field at the Sentry Tournament of Champions Exemption into the next Masters Tournament Exemption into the next PGA Championship Exemption into the next Players Championship, Arnold Palmer Invitational, Memorial Invitational. From PGA.com
  14. Please explain where you see this clarity. People dip in and out of form. And putting has a way of getting in the way of scoring when you have been a historically great putter. Sports psychologist? Are you serious? To tell him to "believe in himself", to "trust the process"? Give me a break.
  15. Those gains had zero to do with the geometry of the club. If they did, Nike and Callaway wouldn't have given up o the gimmick a decade ago.
  16. The first thing to do is to lose the 80 lbs without making excuses for it. Excess weight can be the cause of many, many issues. Particularly, in your case, your knees.
  17. I think it goes without saying that the perpetrator doesn't like Poulter. But what has that got to do with it?
  18. Pretty obviously, every individual divot is where it should be. It's just the way he's choosing to hit each shot from behind the last one. The first half dozen would have been shorter shots aimed at greens to the left.
  19. Do you seriously think a "marriage counselor" is required to make a selfish arse see himself for what he really is? And that he will change? Or do you think this "professional" is going to get her to accept that he likes golf and that he should be able to indulge his passion for it at the expense of the couple spending time together. Their situation is as dysfunctional as can be. How many more details could you possibly need? Perhaps they could have a mediation where he reluctantly agrees to support her having golf lessons. What a breakthrough that would be.🤨 Let's be realistic. For sure. All the more reason to accept reality and move on. Might be best for both of them.
  20. As is everyone who is prepared to pay for a steel sports
  21. Dead right it is. 100% A husband gets angry when his wife suggests that she would like to learn to play golf. He chooses to spend as much time away from her as possible. And wants to play golf as much as he can - deliberately excluding her. What would your advice be?
  22. Why are you joking? This is a serious issue. To the OP - You need to remove yourself from this marriage ASAP. The bottom line is that he prefers playing golf to being with you and obviously ignores your needs. You have discussed it and he gets annoyed. He gets annoyed because he doesn't like his selfishness being pointed out. If you have made it clear that you are happy with him playing once a week or thereabouts and he ignores this, the message is clear. He is a jerk. Sorry. He will not change. Leave. Oh... did you say that you would like to learn to play but it "didn't go over very well"? Come on. It's pretty clear what he wants. Do yourself a favour. Get out. If a couple can play golf together it's the best thing in the world because you can do it anywhere and even base holidays around it.
  23. You don't know what "it is". Please present the evidence of "Poulter getting upset with his game and wanting someone to take out his anger on." You weren't there and there is no video of it. How about this: A guy was being a complete jerk and got booted and most likely the other fans applauded whoever carried/walked him out. Irrespective of what you might think of Poulter, the story is about a moron in the gallery, not Poulter. Are you going to blame Rory for this one?
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