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  1. No-one who knows anything about the game thinks it's an ace. Your husband is a lying cheat. Not only that, you are suggesting that had he not already had one you might have been OK with him registering this one. Not cool. You may as well wonder why he registered a 7 as an ace if he already had one registered. A 1 is a 1 and a 3 is not a 1. I'll give $1000 to anyone of the "some people" who "say it's an ace" and justify their case.
  2. Until he proves himself on tour we can justifiably become EXTREMELY annoyed with him. All show and no go. He has an appalling attitude to the game, is a terrible parent and has done NOTHING to gain respect. If the PGA doesn't act soon - even fast-tracking his return to amateur status, I think there will be a groundswell of negativity towards him. It's been a sore point for a long time. I've heard that his fellow players have had it with him up to their necks. They wonder how he even gets to play in these events. I say "Until you've done something, get off the tour and try
  3. No one is suggesting that this is important - but your approach to this is bizarre. I would hate to see you on a jury. It only counts if it is an action against you personally? Really?
  4. Iacas has had first hand experience of him being a tool. There are numerous videos of him being a tool. There is video of Lexi T cheating. There are articles quoting her "poor me" protestations. How can you "reserve judgement" on historical fact? That doesn't make sense to me. And --- someone can be incredibly polite and generous towards you (or their mother) and still be complete jerks.
  5. If you were videoed cheating at golf I would assume, though, that you would own your actions and move on, rather than being rude to rules officials ( remember the detestable expression "Are you being serious right now?" that she used), blaming others and claiming that you'd been treated unfairly. I would certainly not expect her to be anything other than congenial to fans. Problem is, when we were shown who she really was, and several times since, she has confirmed the evidence.
  6. Yes. I meant a particular breed of LPGA player - not U.S. women golfers in general and I corrected that. Do you think that she represents something positive - given that she is a cheat and someone who deflects responsibility whenever her decisions are called into question?
  7. Reminds me of the episode of The Young Ones where Rick was annoyed because the instructions didn't specifically tell him not to put a videocassette in a toaster. If you need to be warned, you need to be elsewhere. Being a human being of more than 5 years of age indicates you have had fair warning.
  8. Totally possible and almost totally irrelevant. My objection is that two first time posters (probably trolls who will never post again) somehow think that it is impressive that they can hit a certain club a certain distance. Let us know when you are on tour. It's like Youtube videos where you see Rory hitting a 6 iron 240 yards and half the comments are things like "Lol, I can't even hit my 4 iron that far!"
  9. That's a very fair comment. I mean the U.S. professional golfers who are focussed more on personal branding, Instagram and selfies than their golf. Lexi represents the worst of this trend.
  10. This is very important information for us to learn. Thank you. You must be an extraordinarily talented and physically superior specimen. Congratulations! Wow! How awesome are you!!!??? Below - Koepka's yardages.
  11. Are there examples where pros have regained their amateur status and gone out with the aim of thrashing weekend amateurs? I doubt it.
  12. The video of her cheating, the articles where she claims to have been treated harshly without ever admitting fault are enough evidence for me. She represents everything that is wrong with women's golf in the U.S.
  13. Things happen like deliberately cheating? You think these things "just happen"? Look at just about anything she's ever said. She's an entitled brat She's a cheat and a dishonest person. Look at what she even said last week at the Evian. She won't change because she can't learn.
  14. Incorrect. You change grips when they are worn and negatively affect the way your hands feel on them.
  15. She's proven herself many times to be a really vile piece if work. A cheat who never owns her mistakes and looks to blame others.
  16. It will mess with your score if you are playing a proper golf course. You will be unable to hit the majority of par 4s in 2 which means you will have to play very well to break 90.
  17. I never have After the fact, perhaps.
  18. I think the best one was the guy who said he had no backup plan which meant that he had no option other than success.
  19. Substitute the names "Mr Nicklaus" or your favourite American player for Poulter's and see how your opinion changes. It has nothing to do with Poulter. It's about dickhead fans who think the game is about them. And it's not about fans, it's about morionic frat boy type fans. I promise you that when morons stop yelling out "meat and potatoes" or "Get in the water!", the game will survive and the pros will not need a different job.
  20. Yes - I blame the players too, but this is why there needs to be a secondary tour which is truly international. Where the WGCs lost me - and I'm not talking about money or OWGR points or perceived status - is the atmosphere free zone of the Matchplay when it was a pure knockout, with 2 guys playing on the last day and another two who wanted to be anywhere else. They tried to correct it with the group format, but I think the damage was done. And the way Rory and Tiger tanked this year makes the last couple of rounds a complete snoozefest. And.... the lacklustre winners in fields where up a
  21. I was being ironic to a point. That was the way it's supposed to be, but who seriously gives a toss about them? It wouid be different if they took the "World" part of it seriously.
  22. It has nothing to do with "shaping" shots. Sometimes you just want to be as far left or right as possible, and for a right hander, being as far left as possible means standing outside the markers. Nothing more and nothing less.
  23. No. Rory is only "back" when he wins another major. WGC events are even less relevant than regular PGATour events.
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