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  1. I think that's a bit harsh. I know several players who turned professional many years ago and could not make a living. They regained their amateur status years later. That doesn't mean that they entered tournaments and beat amateurs. It was just a natural and inevitable reality. You are saying that a player who turned pro in 1980 at 20 and got injured at 23 and regained amateur status cannot be an amateur golfer at age 60 in 220? Come on.... You forgot the bit at the beginning where you should have said "Making a decent living with...." Why do you think it's "imm
  2. COMPLETE BS - You drive for show but putt for dough. Working on your putting is the best way to reduce your score and make more money if you are a pro. That's true isn't it?
  3. The jerk deserved to be ejected. But this is the real crime: “It is a shame, I hope we can control it more going forward and it gets stamped out, because it is not needed in the game of golf," Poulter said of the incident. Is there a more ubiquitous and meaningless term that is redundant pretty much 100% of the time it's used?
  4. Could have been worse. It could have been the worst game you ever played.
  5. Geez - you're reading a lot into it. I think it's a combination of the following: A) He's just struggling to accept that his best days are behind him B) He's just a prick. I don't think you can say that happy marriages are the main cause of great golf.
  6. Unless you can have it done for free, replacing shafts is pretty much never a viable option on older sets of used clubs - or any clubs for that matter. The money you spend on the shafts, grips and labour could be better put towards a set that comes with the right shafts.
  7. Sorry. You have not. This is a complete myth. You may have felt (heard) a difference, but that is about the design of the club and NOTHING to do with the fact that they are forged. And if the eguy at the golf shop is saying stuff like "Yeah, that's the forged feel I'm talking about" or "Yhey feel like butter because they're forged", he/she is talking complete BS. There is ZERO evidence to sipport the claim. But plenty of advertising nonsense and internet experts who want to sound as if they have superhuman feel. Example - Scotty Cameron and their "German Stainless Steel" BS. WA
  8. My comment was in response to the assertion that he doesn't need hybrids because he hits his fairway woods well. Which to me is like saying that he doesn't need a wedge because he's a good putter.
  9. ???? How is that relevant? Hybrids are not fairway wood replacements. And I'm not counting 7 and 9 woods.
  10. Why would it be unlikely? I'd buy a 10 year old car with 10,000 miles per year before I bought a 2 year old ex taxi.
  11. How is that? How much range time? How many rounds per week. A 6 month old set of irons owned by someone who practices regularly has perhaps 20 times more wear than a 20 year old set used once a week.
  12. And you claim not to be trolling..... Here is what I wrote: Care to explain your outrage? I did ask a question.
  13. You are painting a VERY clear picture, my friend. In fact, you are explicitly telling us. What's the expresssion? "When someone tells you who they are, believe them."
  14. And it makes it easy for you because you can avoid proving that you are talking through your hat. NAME ONE! And it does me no harm at all.
  15. But they do. WHO doesn't credit him? Name them. Name ONE person who doesn't respect or recognise his achievement.
  16. Nor are there any about his favourite cheese or what shampoo he wears. What are you trying to prove?
  17. You have admitted it by saying that you don't care if people behind you have to wait for you. And that slow play works for you.
  18. Correct me if I'm wrong, but one thing that Woods does not lack is self respect. What are you suggesting, seriously? That he goes and tries to win an event where he's playing against people like Robert Allenby and Joh Daly? They will have high definition video. That will show them something.
  19. Oh for crying out loud!!!! EVERYONE talks about his "major mentality" and major success. Name one golfing analyst, journalist or Tour player who isn't in awe of what he's achieved. A single one. And if you look up something by Chamblee that is 18 months old I'll scream.
  20. What you're saying here is "I don't give a ***t about anyone else. I can tell you without any hesitation that if you played at any club I've played at and had that attitude, within a week you would be known as the biggest jerk in the club and the only people who would play with you would be others who noone else could stand. Also, you'd put your name down on a timesheet and turn up to find, mysteriously, that you were suddenly playing on your own. There is a 100% correlation between arsehole golfers and arsehole people. If you are a selfish dick on the course, it means that that's w
  21. Not at all true. 12 months ago you could say this. Not now. Any doubts were removed after his PGA repeat.
  22. Go and look up Karl Vilips on Youtube and watch how he hits the ball. Ask yourself if you think you have the ability to hit the ball the way he does. Ask yourself if there are seriously any similarities between the way he drives the ball and the way you do. Then compare ages. Chances are that like most of us, you will never be as good as you would like to be, but golf is not easy. If it was we'd all be making millions.
  23. No. But it's all that most people can hope for. The fact of the matter is that the majority of golfers reach their potential within a few years of starting. They don't progress, but they consolidate. That is not to say that further improvement is not possible, but it has to be achieved with a serious plan. and most are not physically capable of getting beyond a certain point. The majority of really good players - say those with handicaps in the plus range and pretty much every famous player, would have been a VERY low marker within a couple of years of beginning if they started at 13
  24. "Moving forward" ? ....PLEASE... NO! Isn't this place a sanctuary from that kind of redundancy?
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