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  1. What are you trying to achieve? Do you need confirmation that low scores are better than high scores? That a series of scores gradually becoming lower probably indicate improvement? Rather than being obnoxious, spell out what you are really wanting to find out. It's like your polls - what, specifically are you trying to establish? Explain what you want to know and why, then perhaps people can assist you. Getting your back up is not the way to do it.
  2. You need to seek the help you need. Your aggressive and abrasive nature aren't working. If you ARE just trolling, it's old already.
  3. You don't think Koepka is dominating in majors? That has certainly piqued my interest.
  4. The point being that you represent Ireland, not Ireland or Northern Ireland.
  5. I think it does require a doctorate degree. With a psychological specialty. This individual needs serious help.
  6. The Golfing Union of Ireland encompasses all of Ireland. It existed before the border. You can only play golf for Ireland.
  7. Are you trolling or are you serious with these polls? I am asking a genuine question. You might find that people choose to ignore your polls and your seemingly aggressive instructions when you word them poorly. Just sayin'.
  8. I know what you mean, but if the advice (for example) was to putt from a few feet off the green rather than skulling a wedge over the back, leading to four more shots, I'd probably say something too.
  9. Incorrect. People with size 8 shoes do not benefit from wearing size 11. I'll bet you haven't had your lies adjusted. And there's a reason why many, many Tour pros use a 43" driver, which is traditionally 3 wood length. Tell us when Bryson ADDS two inches to his irons.
  10. Because it is a guaranteed way of making you a worse golfer. If it worked people would do it. There is no logic in what you are doing because you are ignoring geometry.
  11. In all aspects of life. To say that golf is "mostly mental" is patently and demonstrably false. It's just a way for people who aren't very good to think they have an excuse. That's not saying that mental strength and resilience aren't important. But to say golf is "mostly mental" is just platitudinal BS that doesn't hold up to a moment's scrutiny. Imagine a press conference where Koepka is asked about why his mental approach is so strong because it is so obviously the reason he is doing so well. And then a follow up about what he says to people who think that the physical dimensions
  12. I know that I have professional level ability. I can bomb it 300 and mostly straight and usually have mid 20 putts per round. My ball striking, I would say, is top 25 PGATour level. That's the easy stuff. I just can't focus - I'm really mentally weak. It's such a bummer that the mental part of the game is the ONLY thing that separates me from Tiger or Brooks. I mean, yesterday I hit a 7 iron to within 8 feet and made the putt for a gutsy par. That's the kind of stuff that they (we) do. They are SOOOO lucky to have been born with mental toughness. At least I can console myself with the kno
  13. My guess is that he's in high school and thinks that beacuae he's not a very good player it is proof that he will become a succesful Tour player. 😎
  14. This is the most ridiculous thing that people say about golf. Is diving "mainly mental"? What about gymnastics? Why is golf "mostly mental"? It's like people saying that the person who "wants it most" wins. Complete BS. Good strategic thinking and controlling emotions are not the most important parts of the game.
  15. The Rotella and Penick books are good for spelling out stuff that you think SHOULD be obvious. They are certainly worth reading.
  16. Yes amazing isn't it, to think that the world's current best payers played well in their teens. With very few exceptions, of course this is the case. Thera are a couple who picked up the game relatively late, Norman and Yang, and they certainly didn't struggle too much I'll also suggest that every one of them "struggled" in their high school years - but that their definition of struggling may not line up with the average golfer's idea of struggling. They al had areas in their game they know that they needed to improve. I have to say that I find your questions odd. They se
  17. It's not so much about "shaping" the shot. SGI irons are designed to help get the ball in the air. When you become a better player you want to hit shots that do different things. For example - hybrids are awesome - but if you use them in the wind they can balloon like crazy. It's the same with SGI irons. They limit you if you don't need help getting the ball in the air.
  18. I would think that this says something about the course you play. Plays off 12. "Haven't had a bogey on a par 5 in months." "Haven't had a double bogey on a par 4 in months". Really? How often do you play? If this were true you'd be playing well under your claimed handicap every single round.
  19. What a load of bollocks. The responses to your OP were overwhelmingly supportive and positive. The negativity was directed towards Diece, who thinks that desire for fame and fortune trumps dedication and hard work. I'm pretty certain that reporting on a first round 4 under par would have been a pretty good way to silence these haters that don't exist. All golfers should want other golfers to succeed, but when they start threads and then disappear without trace, it all seems like a lot of take and no give and it happens all the time. As for "doubters" - of course people who are
  20. Making up a poll where 100%of sane responders say the same thing is not "discussing". You may as well ask whether anyone thinks baseballs might replace golf balls in some major tournaments at some time in the future. In EVERY genuine classification, Tiger exceeds Snead, in case you were wondering. Except, perhaps smoking.
  21. I'm pretty sure that the lower the score in golf is, the better it is. I'd have to check though. There are some competitive players who like their scores to be lower and believe that a score of 72 is "better" than a score of 100. But that's just opinion. In other words...... what am I not understanding in your question? Improvement is usually a good sign.
  22. None of them have won a B or C grade club championship or broken 80 in a "tourney".
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