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  1. The main thing to avoid is low bounce if you play courses with tightly mown areas where you'd be using it, particularly if your swing is steep. I think high bounce wedges are more forgiving and versatile. A player with a steep swing is going to struggle with low bounce wedges.
  2. But isn't it about brand recognition for Korn Ferry rather than the Tour? I totally get what you're saying - I think they should call it the INSERT SPONSOR'S NAME HERE Secondary PGATour. At least that would tell non-fans what it was.
  3. Hey....You're missing the point! He wants to beat players that are older, more feeble and less able. He doesn't want to compete against people who are better than him, that wouldn't be fair!!😃 Handicaps are fair for him when he beats someone with a nett score better than someone who beats him by 10 off the stick. He has a very equitable approach to the game.
  4. Yes. A crazy and "poor" choice to take their money. They should hand over their millions and change their name because you don't like it. That would make great financial sense. Or are you suggesting the Tour should reject their sponsorship because you think the name sounds "ridiculous"?
  5. The richest running race in Australia, the Stawell Gift is a handicap race. Horse races are handicapped. How about we just wipe handicaps from golf and rank everyone's scores for each day. Do you think you'd rank in the top 10,000 in your state with your 81? Grow up, man.
  6. Yet you write: "Just to change it up a bit... I read a few comments about older people being bias towards Jack." OT, obviously, but if you're going to throw stones....... I find it "odd" that a British person lectures others but doesn't understand tense.
  7. To the point where I'd see a psychiatrist if I believed they were "even" with me. Are you suggesting that seniors should not be allowed to play golf? Or should be forced to play off tees with 180 yard forced carries? You've got issues, my friend. No wonder so many people think golfers are dickheads.
  8. Please explain your title. The whole point of handicaps is so people can compete, not for you to beat an 11 year old week after week. "Ya gotta love golf. Ha" Sounds like you're jealous because someone at work had 90 nett 68 and you had 85 nett 76 and want your work colleagues to know you're better than the other guy. Gotta love frustrated golfers who think they're better than they are who don't want others to enjoy it.
  9. There can be courses with similar slopes that have differences which can have huge effects. For example, one course may have trees or penalty areas OB in certain places where on a bad day a player can waste several shots easily. On a similarly sloped course those obstacles can be lacking which means you can't really see how you can have worse than bogey. I have seen guys with handicaps that shoot lights out on other courses with ease and players who shoot 8 above on others without playing too badly. My general opinion is that courses without OB and penalty areas or any thick rough can make an
  10. Who is "worried" about it? It's merely an observation.
  11. Yes - but if Ping or Titleist did the same thing how would that look? It is a logo, but in a particular form.
  12. My favourite player at the moment, but is he sailing a bit close to the wind with his JL branded clothing? This is basically his shirt in Round 2 at the Traveller's. The fact that you could say it's subtle isn't part of the equation. Here is the PGATour's statement on such things: Logo Size, Location and Quantity. Logos on a player’s clothing and headwear must be in good taste as to size, location and quantity. As a guideline, logos which do not exceed three by five inches (3”x5”) are considered reasonable. Generally accepted locations are as follows: right and left breas
  13. Of all the things that non Americans see as images of your country, both positive and negative, DJ is a long way down the list. Assuming you are American, would you think that others think poorly of you because DJ is lacking in social graces?
  14. Well that was certainly enlightening. Probably should've done it earlier.
  15. What? Honestly? You mean you REALLY don't know? With only 36 holes to play?
  16. After 34 holes he had one hole worse than par - (a double). Then he bogied his 35th and 36th holes. What tournament are you watching?
  17. Only because Spieth is the leader of the "We hit this" and "We played well" and "We worked hard" brigade until there's a fail. Then it's "you" or "he". It's riduculous because no-one is going to feel offended if a player says "I played well." Are the dozens of hangers-on that insecure that they think they deserve credit?
  18. My bad - you called him Tommy Hairstyle. I posted your major record and of course it's better than (presumably) every other member of this forum. But would people who know nothing about the game rate it? My point is - how would you like to be regarded as having been a failure when everything else you have done in and for the game has been positive? I seriously don't think that a few bloggers, Youtubers and forum members ever gave Fleetwood major traction as a potential Best Player Without A major even in another decade of great play on the European Tour, a couple of Ryder Cups
  19. Didn't get the irony? Your point is exactly my point. I want to know why he feels the need to be critical of players just because they haven't achieved to the expectation of some people on a forum. He should know more than anyone how hard it is. The fact that he is a great advocate for the game means he should be above it. I'll bet you didn't write a post criticising him for calling Fleetwood "Tommy Haircut", or saying they've done "nothing".
  20. Sorry your professional career didn't work out as well as you would have liked, Phil. But you can feel better about yourself by bagging the current players who actually have achieved something. Funny that. Projection much? In two years you can write things like; "Viktor Hovland, I mean, what has this guy actually ever done?" if he doesn't win a major or three. I don't really see the reason for such negativity. A lot of people get close but never have a chance to actually smoke the cigar.
  21. Isn't he supposed to say "we hit it in the water" and "we hit it over the green?
  22. He hasn't, you know. Saying "It was nothing really, it's not a problem." or "If it offended anyone I apologise."and then shrugging is not apologising. It's underlining the fact that you are a pr*ck. In any case, there is nothing anywhere that would indicate that Koepka is not respected or liked by his fellow players.
  23. Are you effing kidding????!!!!!! A one off? What about Garcia vandalising 5 greens during a tournament earlier this year? Not to mention throwing clubs and shoes into lakes and taking a dozen swipes at bunkers when he hits a poor shot? And blaming anyone but himself for poor play or results that aren't what he'd like? Or racist comments about Tiger? He has a history of disgusting behaviour. He should have been banned for six months or a year after what he did in Saudi Arabia. The spitting incident was nothing in comparison to a long list of things he's done - and never completely owned.
  24. Oh well - he is officially condemned as a failure. I expect to read his retirement announcement very soon. It's a pity that after a couple of years playing on the PGATour he did not live up to the expectations of some people who debate the worth of his endeavours.
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