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  1. I challenge anyone to provide a link to any article where TF is hailed as anything other than a really, really good player with a refreshing attitude and interesting look. He has certainly never been talked about as the "next big thing". I find it curious how any good player (even one who hasn't missed a cut globally in 12 months, like TF) is disparaged as "overrated", when in actual fact they haven't even been "rated" beyond where they are presently. Guys like Rory may disappoint, but it's hard to "overrate" someone who, obviously, on his day, is perhaps second only to Woods in talent and r
  2. Because he didn't win 3 majors within a year of first coming to the average Sandtrapper's notice he is "overrated".
  3. It's called "Open". Just saying. It's certainly worth reading.
  4. "Could be"? What else could it possibly be?
  5. Yes - but relief does not guarantee a free swing. One of the most commonly broken rules is people taking relief from paths and thinking they can drop it where they avoid trees and have a clear shot. Complete relief and a place to swing are totally independent entities; they have nothing to do with each other.
  6. The "them" and "these people" - are they like the "they" Fuzzy Zoeller referred to when he was talking about the people who who eat collard greens? You love a generalisation, don't you?
  7. This isn't one of those stories. This is a guy who shoots in the 80s on a good day who wants to be rich and famous. And really good players get sponsors - people who put money together and essentially gamble on a return so that THEY can make money. If someone was REALLY talented and shot lights out all the time, it's never going to be a "what if" story. Blaming lack of money is an excuse - obviously having makes it easier, but look at guys like Trevino and Jason Day. They started with nothing but talent. The real issue is that golf is really hard, but even on this site there are peop
  8. You have to have a horse to get back on. He doesn't have one.
  9. Of course, as is usual, the story is not a about player who is 5 shots shy of competing at any professional level, as someone previously stated, it is a bout a player who is a 15 or 16 handicap who pretends he's "around 6" because he once had a par round playing by himself on an easy course from the front tees with 5 gimmes and shots that he would "normally" not hit not counted. The scorecard is exactly as anyone who follows threads like this would expect. The story is always the same: Never won a C grade club championship. Never ENTERED a club championship at any grade
  10. That is complete nonsense. Lots of people would love to watch Lexi Thompson cheating her way to a win or whining Paula Creamer scowling her way around a golf course, or Michelle Wie focusing on Twitter rather than her golf. American supporters love that. What they don't love is Korean professionals with great games AND personalities doing well. That seems a bit like racism to me.
  11. First post? There are actual people on this site. It is not an automated database. If you rephrased your question you might get some responses. A simple "please" and/or "thanks" might help.
  12. Pretty sure a dozen people gave him friendly advice. Problem is he knows it all. It has nothing to do with golf and life skills. It's people like him who give his generation a bad reputation. He's an aggressive, deluded fool who you'll notice pretended to be positive when people were criticising his approach. He was passive aggressive and narcissistic. In any case, he's the worst possible student because he doesn't listen, pretends he's listened, doesn't do what is suggested anyway and then rejects the advice or drill after five minutes because it doesn't work immediately.
  13. Fact is, Kuchar is the phony that people think Mickelson is. He's a slimy jerk hiding between the grin and "Gooollyyy Matty!" BS. As long as dumb fans keep yelling out "KUUUUUUCH" people will be conned into thinking he's cool. He's a real Grade 1 dick and this was him trying to cheat. He cheated a caddy and now he's trying to cheat his fellow competitors.
  14. You use the iron because it is good for hitting long, low punch shots from the trees. As you asked, though, that is assuming you can hit both well and they go a similar distance.
  15. What a weird conversation you two had. I think the way it's "usually handled" is that the guest is grateful and thrilled to play at a course he wouldn't normally have access to and feels the tip is a small fraction of the day's cost to the person who invited him. Your friend sounds like a bit of a tight***. And you should have told him so.
  16. Pros tend have deals for 12, 13 or 14 clubs. Clearly Tiger isn't playing Titleist irons, so his deal is less than 14. Obviously TM liked it when he used a TM putter, but his deal is most likely 13 and certainly not 14.
  17. Nonsense. I note that you are Australian but you have a distorted view of reality. Golf in Australia is very much for everybody. Not everyone has to play at Royal Melbourne or NSW. Almost every large town has a choice of golf courses and even small towns have one. They are social hubs and friendly places for EVERYONE. Memberships at good courses are commonly well under A$1000 at frequently $5-600 per year and full of normal, working class people. You pay your competition fees of around $20 per round a couple of times a week if you have the time and have access to club facilities. Most p
  18. What? It's a great decision. He can play whatever he likes. And you destroy your own argument by saying they only have a "limited window". Why would he potentially limit it further?The emphasis is on success and longevity, not cashing in. If you assume that Koepka is on something north of $20 million per year anyway, why would he play clubs that he might not like or want to play? These days the money is more likely to come from clothing deals. My guess is that over the next five years he will probably earn over $150 million just with other endorsements. Not to mention $10 per year in pr
  19. What a moronic comment. Rory could have won it if he'd shot 10 under. Or anyone else. Koepka would've lost if he'd tripled 18. Tiger would've won if he'd made the cut and finished 9 under. How did DJ "give it away"? Do you think he decided he couldn't be bothered. He was under pressure on a tough course. Your comments make as much sense as saying "Brooks could've shot 61 on round two if he hadn't left 5 putts short and they'd gone in. I would love to see a debate between you and DJ where you explain to him that he "gave it away". What response would you expect? It's easy from th
  20. You mean grounding his club in a bunker because he is too dumb to read the sheet that said that all sandy areas are to be treated as bunkers? How is that "BS"? It was totally self inflicted. He even admitted that he hadn't read the sheet and all the talk the week before had been about that very thing.
  21. Is Chamblee 100% wrong? Maybe not.
  22. You mean WEWYE - What Else Would You Expect? He's a massive choker and always has been.
  23. I agree. Thousands of people don't sleep overnight in their cars to play it because it's so boring and "dull".
  24. Care to elaborate? Why is it dull? I've never seen that adjective used to describe it.
  25. What makes Fowler more "interesting" than Koepka? Serious question. At least Kopeka doesn't say crap like "We're just going out to play some golf" or "we're just going to go out there and have fun" when they're asked about their attitude.
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