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  1. Peter Thomson won 5. Is he mentioned as an all time great in any serious conversation? Hardly anyone of note played until Hogan turned up and that was a chore. Harry Vardon winning 6 Opens would not even be discussed in serioius conversations about achievements in golf. All he could do was beat who he had to come up against - it's not his fault - but let's just say there wasn't the depth of field that there is now
  2. Assuming that the nett score is one shot better, why would you not post the actual scores? You don't pretend you made a 4 when you actually had a 5 and justify it because of a rule you want to follow that allows you to think you had a better score than you did- or that you are being dishonest if you write 5 when you actually had a 5. Post the actual score you had.
  3. Anyone with less than exceptional ability. I totally agree. The OP and the several just like him have never seen a really good player in the flesh. If they had they would accept reality. Their logic ( flawed at every turn) is as follows: I once had 76 (on a course playing 6000 yards with concrete like fairways and no penal rough) playing alone and not really knowing the rules. Pros play around par and I once saw JB Holmes have 75 on TV Therefore, I'm as good as him, pretty much. My friends who don't play golf know I'm "around a 2" and saw Rory have 79 and golf
  4. Care to explain how he did this? Because he didn't.
  5. I understand that you MAY post these rounds, but can someone please explain WHY you would post a round for handicap with the assumption that you have played the last 5 holes in nett par? The only thing it can possibly do is contribute to a vanity handicap. In no way does 13 holes approximate a full round of golf, so what is the point of pretending to have played 5 holes to your handicap when you haven't? Just call it 13 holes of golf. I can understand that there may be occasions when a whole field has their round counted and estimated due to thunderstorms or something in a shotgun s
  6. And, predictably, here endeth the thread. Another budding professional who has a handicap of X but has the ability of a scratch and - wait for it - the astonishing expectation to sink 15 footers - eagerly intends to inform us of his results in a tournament or CC round being played the following day after playing by himself for a month. But we hear nothing. Presumably we are talking a score in the mid 90s all due to bad luck, but we'll never know. There is only one possible reason, given that "anything is possible"; he just didn't want it badly enough.
  7. Sure, but they're paid to use Golf Pride in general and lots prefer Tour Velvet over New Decade MCC, which are a more expensive and more hi tech product. So what I'm getting at is you have to choose what you like, not what others use.
  8. I'm pretty sure that if you go to enough pros willing to take your money one will relent and tell you that your problem is equipment related. You'll wear someone down eventually when it's obvious that you don't want to hear anything that will indicate your swing fault/s. Sounds like you'd be happy to accept that information.
  9. I can confidently say that I have never uttered that sentence. Even in weeks where he isn't playing.
  10. Do not ask for suggestions. All that will happen is that you will get a hundred people telling you what they have and a hundred others saying that they "have heard good things about" clubs they have never seen. Keep it simple - Clubs from a major manufacturer that are no more than about 10 years old that are designed with some forgiveness in mind - basically meaning cavities in the back and wide soles to stop them digging into the turf if your swing is too steep. Look at some clubs in your price range and then research the type of player that they are designed for. Remem
  11. And... Tour Velvet grips are by far the most popular grips used on tour. That must mean something, when they can have whatever they want for free. People often assume that the most expensive grips are "the best". I used New Decades for a few years but now use Tour Velvet and Lamkin REL 3 Gen. I much prefer them.
  12. This information is freey available, you know.
  13. Oh really? You think The Golf Channel, catering for old people playing an old person's game made the difference?
  14. Long pants made of modern, high tech fabrics will always be more comfortable and cooler than shorts.
  15. You haven't mentioned how tall you are. Unless you are 6 foot 4 or 5 you would be better off going with the heaviest shafts you can get if you want to slow your tempo. And......with compressed air on grips, WEAR SAFETY GLASSES. When the grip starts filling up with air and has nowhere to go, as sometimes happens, it all happens suddenly you could blind yourself in a second.
  16. You are probably right - I think this is to prevent people from manipulating their handicaps. An NCR can result in a handicap going down for low markers.
  17. What complete and utter nonsense. First of all, 42 points will rarely guarantee a win in a stableford competition in a grade where there are guys playing off 20.. Secondly - where is the "Skunky move"? That would be the case if the marker submitted the card before giving it to the player to check and sign. Thirdly, when I have a decent score I check signatures several times - almost to an obsessive degree - and so should everybody. There is not one single iota of blame upon anyone but the player. I'll tell you how this sort of stuff usually happens: A player gives an ALREA
  18. The player is totally in the wrong. When you sign your card, you are attesting that it is correct and that the marker has done his job - which includes signing it. Any time you have a good score lime that you check it five times before putting it in the box.
  19. Errr - he's not talking about putts from the fringe that won't stop rolling when they're hit above the horizon line.
  20. Yeah...and the people who win are those who "want it more". 🙄 Of course it yields results. Of course a good short game can turn an 80 into a 76 or a 90 into an 85. But that doesn't negate the fact that driving sets everything up. If you cannot drive the ball into play consistently, as soon as you are on a course which has any length at all, or has trouble off the fairway, you will never break 90. Courses which do not penalise errant tee shots or are so short that they still allow you to hit short irons into every green make very poor golfers think they are good players.
  21. You're saying that many members don't believe that high handicappers can't be long hitters? I'm guessing you meant "can" - the opposite of what you have said. My guess is that most members have seen high handicappers who can hit it a long way. What they don't accept is people saying - as you do - that they generally hit it 250 and sometimes 275 as a rule. Anyone who can do that but then can't hit the green in two more shots and then 2 putt is a strange animal. All of these "bombing" high handicappers hit 90% of their drives into trouble. Otherwise they wouldn't be high handicappers becau
  22. Geeeez - This is not an opinion up for discussion. There is no "I think" about it. It can be statistically proven that poor driving is a determinant of poor scoring MUCH more than putting. You have to drive the ball into play. Consider the impact on scoring in these scenarios: A) If a pro drove the ball you. B) You putted for a pro If you have to debate the impacts, you have never seen golf played at a respectable level.
  23. Exactly the way you said. They can see the higher side. Doesn't mean works.
  24. Because they are all copies of Acushnet and Ping putters. They have no innate soul because the man is a marketer first and foremeost.
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