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    3 minutes ago, iacas said:


    Oh stop. It's walking outside, millions of people are doing it.

    You read my post and think that that is MY position? My point is that people DON"T see the point that you AND I are making, that being that it is just walking and will respond with a knee jerk reaction.

  2. 3 minutes ago, dennyjones said:


    A guy in my Meet-up group saw several people out golfing today with the golf courses closed.    UGH!

    These are the people who will ruin it for everyone.

    Golf can safely be played in twos with modifications like no rakes and groups of two etc. 

    Given that some people think that golf is an elitist sport, the types you mention will cause the authorities to take a hard line, because it is such a bad look when others are confining themselves.

  3. 2 hours ago, CarlSpackler said:

    Random Coronavirus thoughts...

    Are we going to do all of this again when the 2nd (mutated) strain of coronavirus (COVID-20?) starts spreading? What about the 3rd... Is this the new normal?

    I'm tired of hearing commercials stating that "We are in this together." We should be in this separately, right? Too literal?

    If I am going to get COVID-19, assuming that I haven't already, I would rather get it now and get it over with.

    Are you aware that there is no cure?

    We are "in it together" because we all have to play a part. Unless of course you live somewhere (i'm trying to keep politics out of it) where the Governor discovered yesterday that the virus is transferable from asympomatic people. Stunningly unbelievable.

    Are you aware that for many "getting it over with" means that they die?

    And you may survive but pass it on to someone who will not.

    A lot of people still don't seem to be getting the message that the "inconvenience", for want of a better term and financial and economic destruction are, at the moment secondary considerations.


  4. 7 minutes ago, David in FL said:

    The “government” isn’t paying for it...

    The government has decided to do it this way. And BTW, it is a conservative "liberal" (not Labour) government, which is the opposite of what that means in the U.S.

    And, yes, the government is the people and the government gets its money from taxpayers. They govern the $$.

    Someone can change the title to "Australians paying themselves in Covid-19 crisis" if that makes you happy.

    Or "Australians 100% self-funding in Covid-19 crisis"

    That'll make my point really clear.

  5. There is some detail to this, obviously, but basically - 

    Unemployment (Jobseeker) benefits  doubled to $1100 per fortnight.

    Government paying ALL workers who have lost their jobs* $1500 per fortnight for 6 months. (Called Jobkeeper). That's full-time, part-time and casual ( who have been with an employer for a year).

    *The idea is that employers keep them on the books and business is essentially mothballed.

    Some people will get more than they were, some will get less.

    Various extra payments to those on government pensions.

    No evictions

    All in all, it's pretty generous.

    Goodness knows how we're going to pay for it eventually, but the aim is survival at this point.

  6. 4 hours ago, MRM said:

    Skins are straight up.. not handicaped. 3 proxies, and skins. Roughly 200 dollars a week up for grabs.

    So why would anybody bother to enter this competition if it is not handicapped?


  7. The only reason for using a 60 degree wedge around the green is if you are short-sided with rough or have to go over a bunker with the pin close to the bunker.

    The idea that every shot around the green has to go high is a common one amongst players who score poorly around the green.

    Over the past few months I have been chipping with an 8 iron with my putting grip if I can and I have been really pleased with the results. It gets a little bit of bite and the rollout is easy to control because it's just like  a putt.


  8. 14 minutes ago, iacas said:


    My comments weren’t directed at you. Only commenting on the balance that will need to be considered.

    You can’t take every reply as personal. Sometimes they’re just jumping off points.

    That's cool.

    My conversations over the last few days basically revolve around people wanting decisive action from our (Australian) government to enforce more stringent lockdowns, not an easing of them. I am very fortunate because I am living in a comfortable environment with trees and space around me. I can't imagine being on the 7th floor of a tenement or apartment block with limited space.

    People are flouting social distancing regulations and a lot just don't get it.  It's a bit like trying to convince someone in the 1800s that a glass of water has thousands of creatures living in it. In essence nothing has changed. People think that if you can't see it it doesn't exist.

    Yesterday I was walking near the beach and a group of about 10 people who'd obviously been doing a boot-camp thing were hugging and saying goodbye to each other.

    I made a comment about "not getting the memo" and ended up in an argument with some complete morons. Pointless? Hopefully not. If all of them go and whinge about "this arsehole this morning" and one friend says "He was right." it was worth it.

    Governments ( UK, U.S. Aus. for example) are being extremely generous with payments to the unemployed because they know this a long haul situation and don't want an underclass with nothing getting too angry. 


  9. 1 minute ago, iacas said:

    My points stand and I didn’t say anything about your savings.

    No, but you implied that I was suggesting that we should be making a decision to stay at home for months and that I was ignoring the financial hardship that will ensue.

    I am not saying "this is what you should do", I am saying that people in most countries better expect to be confined for a period of months, not weeks. Not by choice but by law.

    I wish it were otherwise, obviously :-(




  10. 5 hours ago, iacas said:

    First, like most, absolutes are stupid. This one is wrong.

    Second, June is far too long for many people who have already run out of savings.

    My post has nothing to do with what I would like or how much money I have or how much money anyone else has.

    I'm talking about the directives that are being put in place by governments, not what my personal advice is.

    Half way through April is far too long for most people, but we are being told to expect lockdowns for months not weeks.

  11. 6 hours ago, Slim_Pivot said:

    I’m hoping they have a soft open to the restrictions soon (in areas with low incidence). 

    If this is done prematurely it's the worst possible thing that can happen. And they won't know that it's premature until it's too late. If you have areas of low incidence you have to shut down all roads in and out. Otherwise you'll no longer have low incidence in that area.

    Anyone with any knowledge on the subject is basically saying that you should be prepared to be staying at home unless going out for essential things until the end of June and that is a MINIUMUM.


    6 hours ago, fredf said:

    We have never been more dependent on the scientists.

    100% correct.

    Don't listen to people who talk about "beautiful" dates or "beautiful" timelines. They have the potential to kill thousands and seem hell bent on doing so.

  12. 19 hours ago, billchao said:

    It seems to me like you don’t quite understand the idiom. I believe it came from one of George Bernard Shaw’s works, and it’s purpose quite literally is to disparage teachers. His reasoning is that people who can will pursue a career in their field and those who can’t make it in the field end up teaching it.

    It, like most idioms, are simplistic generalizations that fail to hold water under the slightest scrutiny. Teaching in of itself is a career pursuit for many people, not a fallback option.

    100% correct.

    If a school student wasn't happy in class and said something like "My mother said those who can do and those who can't teach." it would be offensive in the extreme. There is no greater insult to a teacher. It's basically saying "You're shit."

    It is NOT saying, "You aren't a great painter, but gee you're  a great art teacher!" The expression is not nuanced, it is not adaptable, it is an offensive and ignorant insult. Pure and simple.

  13. Greg Norman is someone where, as hard as it is, you have to try to separate the person from his game.

    As a teenager I would get up early to watch the Masters every year (that's about all you could see, and it was the back 9 only) and have my heart broken every time after feeling good about his chances almost every time after one or two or three rounds.

    At his best, the difference between him and other players was so obvious it just wasn't a fair fight.

    It is also important to remember how gracefully he accepted his defeats. It's only really post career that his personality started to really grate. His apparent need to stay relevant doesn't sit well with golfers who are too young to have seen him at his peak.

    I saw him play in person many times and one of the most amazing things was watching the reaction of the players in his group. They'd just look at each other and shake their heads.

    I once saw him hitting 3 woods out of divots on the range and it was like watching someone firing bullets out of a rifle. Just staggering.

    Everyone has a "would've should've could've" story, but Norman was right up there as one of the best ball-strikers and shot-makers in the history of the game.

    He also used to come back every year and play about 5 tournamnets, including State Opens. 

    Jason Day has played here about once in the last 10 years.

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  14. 15 minutes ago, Bonvivant said:

    This has nothing to do with what I was talking about. Pretty extreme circumstance compared to hitting the ball into deep rough. He deserved the cart of shame, but it has nothing to do with chipped balls or pros getting to always find their ball. He was just acting silly. Sorry that I didn't look it up until after the initial comment.

    Yeah but the thing is that most events are played on boring courses with no deep rough.

    I would love to see the possibility of them losing a ball (like us) a reality. Agreed. :-)


  15. 1 minute ago, Bonvivant said:

    I do. I don't watch every week though because I have better things to do (usually golf) than to watch commercials. Did the vols not find his ball? If so, and I were him, I would be suing for discrimination. Thousands of balls hit in the rough during a tournament and his is the only one that they can't be bothered to find?

    You said you wanted to see something and inferred that it doesn't happen. It did. He was OB. and had to do the ride of shame in a cart.

    You are the one who wrote a post saying what you'd like to see. You can't then act all blase and say you're too busy to watch golf when someone points out that something approximating what you'd like to happen actually does happen.

  16. 2 hours ago, Bonvivant said:

    I'd love to see the drama of a top-tier player (say Rory, Tiger, Brooks, Reed, whomever you like) lose a ball on the 17th on Sunday to lose a tournament. It would be incredibly relatable (that WTF moment when you can't find it, and the realization that you are screwed) to see a situation play out like this. Like I said, this is an unrealistic thing to want, but I want it all the same.

    Do you actually watch professional golf?

    Sony Open 2020, Ryan Palmer.

  17. 8 minutes ago, David in FL said:

    Damn.  I was really looking forward to the full 24 hour break you promised from your inarticulate rants and name calling.

    Ahhhh well, such is life.

    It's no big deal. You'll be right. 

    Just out of curiosity, how would you describe someone who downplays the virus because he hasn't met anyone who's had it?

    Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 12.10.08 pm.png

  18. 2 minutes ago, dsc123 said:



    The number of cases are doubling every 48 hours or so.  It seems really silly to look at a snapshot early on in this process and conclude that this isn't very bad.

    You have to remember that these are the sorts of people who say that smoking can't be harmful because they know someone who is 90 who smokes. 

    I don't know anyone who has died of the flu. I don't know anyone who has been killed by a Takata airbag. This is the "logic" they use. You just have toi hope that they atren't in positions where they have and responsibility for anyone but themselves. It's actually quite frightening that they so willingly expose their ignorance. Especially when you assume that they are adults.


  19. 14 hours ago, commishbob said:

    I really hope they find a way to get it to folks who are impacted financially. My niece, for example, works two waitressing gigs to pay her rent and college tuition. She's down to a few hours helping with the online takeout orders


    Your niece is the exact profile that fits a massive proportion of the people that will be affected. There are going to be millions of young people who work in restaurants, retail, bars and cafes who suddenly will have zero income from work for many months. They won't be able to pay rent or live their lives as they have know them. Many of these businesses will not exist in 2 months time.

    Virtually NONE of these kids have jobs with sick leave entitlements or holidays. Generation Z ot M or whatever they are have no idea what is about to hit them. At the end of this week they will. It's really tragic. 

  20. 32 minutes ago, jsgolfer said:

    So you can put me in the camp with @David in FL, so unless we have an explosion of deaths and infections here shortly, this will be far less than the normal year death toll from the common flu.  

    And I still do not know of one person who has had the Coronavirus, nor does anyone I know, know of anyone who has had it.  

    Well, there you go.

    Another genius willing to put his scientific logic on display.

    I particularly love the part in bold. It's compelling, thought provoking and, ultimately, smashes the theory that we are in the midst of a major health crisis.

    Just in case you haven't got it yet, when 4000 people descend upon a hospital that has facilities for 300, and this happens in every city in the world, amazingly, this might cause a few "issues".



  21. 4 hours ago, David in FL said:

    7,000?  Good grief.  100 in the U.S.  The flu kills in the neighborhood of 20,000 EVERY YEAR in the U.S.

    Millions....I’ll say it again, MILLIONS, are going to be seriously hurt, many irreparably because of this. 

    I know, I know....  if we save even one life, it’s worth it.  :doh:


    You read about really stupid people and their attitudes about things and how they are responsible for all types of things and you just wonder who these people are and how they came to be. Why they believe charlatans and other idiots who know nothing.

    You have demonstrated yourself to be an absolute fool. And a dangerous one. How the f*ck can you compare this to the flu? 

    You are going to have millions losing their jobs and thousands of businesses closing and arguments where landlords want to throw non-paying renters onto the street - yes.

    You are also going to have a public health system that might end up looking like 1918. 

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