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  1. 21 minutes ago, iacas said:

    Meh, no. Hard disagree there.

    I enjoy walking and do most of the times I can, but it's another form of snobby to say that kind of stuff, IMO.

    I think that if you are brought up in a golfing culture where the norm is to walk and wealthy clubs have a couple of carts to allow very elderly and infirm players to continue playing you might see carts differently. When I was younger you'd see women in their 80s walking.

    I never even saw a golf cart until I was about 30. And anyone who was young and fit would be laughed at if they were in one.

    I know that carts are just accepted as the way a lot of people in a lot of countries get around a golf courses, but That wasn't always the case.

    If it allows someone to play who otherwise wouldn't great. And if people want to ride I no longer care, but what I'm saying is that someone who has always ridden might see golf in a slightly different (and improved) light if they chose to walk occasionally. They would certainly gain a greater  appreciation of the architecture of a good course.


  2. The only reason for not walking is if the golf course insists or if you have a physical injury that prevents you from walking. Or maybe if it's extremely hot. Even when I am playing and there are two carts plus me walking it doesn't affect speed. Golf is a game where you walk. If you can't walk, fair enough. Otherwise you aren't experiencing the nuances of the course at walking speed and you are getting less than zero exercise because the sitting is bad for you.

  3. On 12/3/2019 at 6:21 AM, ncates00 said:

    I have no problem with Phil or anyone going to work and getting paid. Unless he has said otherwise, Phil’s playing does not constitute an endorsement of those who sign the check. Phil is right to not worry about what naysayers can argue or claim to know about his financial situation. 

    Good grief! Are you serious? Do you know that they crucify people in Saudi Arabia? Or stone women to death for adultery?

    The whole reason that these despots want to attract people like Phil is to make uneducated people think that the regime is democratic, non-murderous, fair and progressive.

    Anyone playing is 100% endorsing the people signing the check. This is why ethical entertainers and athletes refused to "play Sun City" in South Africa for years.

    I don't care if someone is greedy or stupid, but I do care about athletes accepting money which essentially window dressing for awful governments.

  4. 21 minutes ago, Mr22putt said:


    It's just plain TOUGH to play golf for a living.


    I watched Scott, Cameron Smith, Sergio, Leishman, Ancer, Tringale, Kaufman, Casey - to name a few, and if you didn't know what the top players looked like and you saw them play a few holes, you wouldn't be able to tell who the superstars are (because Sergio and Scott played badly) because they all bomb it and have great short games and hit their irons like lasers.

    But..........If Rory was there or possibly Reed or Koepka you would see a difference.

    But ALL of them hit bad shots too. I saw Scott hit two shots that I would be embarrassed to play. And one was a punch out where he did what a 20 marker would do and hit it straight into a tree in an effort to hit it 130 metres rather than 100 on his second shot on a par 5.

    But there are hundreds of players who we have never heard of who are going to be very disappointed and disillusioned 30 year olds who at least gave it a chance - and had the ability in many ways.

    As for the Dieces of this world the only thing I can think is that they have truly never seen a real ball striker in the flesh.

    I would say to anyone thinking of starting a "Can I be a pro" thread to go and watch these guys in the flesh, ask themselves if they could even imagine themselves hitting drives like that .......and then going and checking the OWGR and the results of those guys. It's sobering stuff.

    The analogy I always use is that it's like car racing. TV doesn't show you the speed the way being at a track does.

  5. Rather than reviving a thread I thought I'd start a new one. 

    The one I'm referring to is where a guy claimed to plan to "dominate" the Mackenzie Tour, without any knowledge of what good golf actually looks like.

    My very recent (this week) experience just underscores how ridiculous this thread was.

    I was at the Australian Open yesterday and followed a young player who is known to me. Phenomenal player.

    The previous day we played in the same club competition .

    In the Wednesday competition he had 29 on the back with  a bogey. 8 under for the round, I think, playing off +4. This is on a serious golf course, one of the top few in Sydney.

    Fast forward 24 hours.

    The drives I saw him hit at The Australian were just unfathomably good. 300m dead straight like shot from a canon.

    He had 5 over in the first round. Virtually no way he's playing the weekend.

    Last year this guy played on the Mackenzie Tour and made about $2,500.

    So.....my point is....rather than 40 pages of posts about whether at 22 years of age with of a DIY handicap of 5 (without ever breaking 80) and asking if you can become a touring pro, understand this: The answer is no.

    And, to anyone who has not seen these young guys in the flesh - forget about top 20 household names - go and watch ANY of these young college players and pros hit the ball IN REAL LIFE.

    TV shows you nothing.

    It's a tough way to (not) make a living.

  6. 2 hours ago, Double Mocha Man said:

    Amazing.  David Duvall never shot a 58.

    Same thing for MLB pitchers with a cold or flu symptoms.  Never bet against a sick pitcher.

    I can absolutely guarantee that NO-ONE plays golf with the flu. 

    Having a cold is not having influenza.

  7. 5 hours ago, Vinsk said:

    I’ve got some ocean front property in Arizona I’d love to sell you.


    Yes always such a disappointment when you find a ball, excitedly notice that it's a ProV and then have to discard it because it's an X. Nothing worse than the "clicky" ProV1X.

    I mean - you'd roll your eyes if a famous pro said he preferred the  V1 over the V1X because it was "clicky".


  8. 59 minutes ago, iacas said:

    They generate almost exactly the same numbers. Why are there two different versions of this ball?

    So that people who play off handicaps of 15 or more can say how they find the V1X a little more responsive around the green and prefer the lower spinning characteristics of the V, especially with their driver. It also gives people who have "tested" them for 6 holes after finding one the opportunity to say that they find them to be similar but have a preference for one over the other to demonstrate their own superior feel and sensitivity.

  9. 13 hours ago, Bonvivant said:

    If you include rule 5.6 there aren't many people I have played with that stay under or even around 40 seconds on all shots averaged. 

    Are you kidding? You think 40 seconds is normal!!!!!????

    I would think 30 seconds is 15 seconds longer than it should be .

    On 11/24/2019 at 3:12 AM, Patch said:

    These are independent contractors out there trying to make a living. They are still considered independent contractors, right? Is the pga exempt from the various right to work laws? Could a player sue the pga for discrimination, and loss of income? Could a golf equipment manufacturer cry foul because the pga, per their rules, made their sponsored player look bad, which in turn looks bad for their equipment?

     Can this 45 second rule eventually turn into a can of worms? 

    They put 140+/- number of golfers on the course, who I p

    So what if they're "independent contractors", a term PGATour players often use to excuse some of the the polarizing views they have?

    Are you suggesting that because someone is working they can do as they please?

    How about an independent contractor who lays 5 bricks an hour? Is that cool too?

  10. Go and look at any video of any professional tournament from 2013. 

    Ask yourself what the players are lacking in their driving and how using the drivers that they had six years ago would disadvantage you.

    6 hours ago, ForePlayAce said:

    I agree, $500+ is a bit too much to afford. If you don't mind me asking, where do you get used clubs online? I've heard stories about counterfeit clubs and stuff like that, so if I do buy online I'd like to avoid that.

    3ballsgolf is an excellent source for pre-owned clubs.

  11. 7 hours ago, klineka said:

    Isn't that video in slow motion? Why would you choose a slow motion video to prove your point about swing speed? Even Cameron Champ's swing speed looks slow when it's in slow motion.

    Of course the video is in slow motion. My point is that you can't see any outrageous moves which make him look as if he's doing something superhuman. I didn't post it to represent swing speed. I posted it to demonstrate how power is generated by rhythm, timing and tempo.

    It is possible that you could have done this yourself, but here is a normal speed video to help prove my point:



  12. 14 hours ago, mighty said:

    My radar says my best swing is near 90 mph with the driver and it's not any slower on video than any 100+ mph swings I see on youtube, I wonder how people get those numbers and how pros hit like 100 mph with just their irons, I just cant imagine it when I'm swinging at 90 mph and at this speed I already cant see the club head moving near the ground. 

    If you look at guys who really bomb it, from amateurs to tour pros, very few of them astonish you with how hard or fast they swing. It's the economy of movement - mechanics -  and timing that generate the speed, power and consequential distance. TIMING is everything.

    If you played with Marc Leishman, for example you'd  be amazed at how far he hits it, but he wouldn't look as if his swing speed was super fast.


  13. On 11/17/2019 at 12:37 AM, TRUCKER said:

    Since there's so much talk about the struggles of being a marshal to enforce p.o.p., I was wondering what their thoughts were on the pigs that piss out in open public view because their to lazy to use a restroom.

    I piss behind trees virtually every round I play. I rarely see golf courses with "rest rooms" on the course. Love the euphemism. Not quite sure what's wrong with the word "toilet".

  14. 3 hours ago, DeadMan said:

    Nah, it doesn't go that hard right when you hit it off the toe. It was a pure shank.

    Yes it can. If the clubface is wide open and he hits the ball instead of the sand. Of course it can.

    3 hours ago, Cantankerish said:

     His reaction speaks volumes of how he viewed the outcome.

    You don't say.

  15. 12 minutes ago, Nail said:

    Its not pretty damn obvious to me, I'm still relatively new to golf, playing two years, this year is my first to have a handicap. I never said I'm able to not the 5 wood 250 accurately, its probably a little more accurate than the driver alright but I don't have some pro ability to hit it 250 down the middle of the fairway everytime. 

    I get the sense that you were being sarcastic though and doubt I can hit the ball that far?

    I'm being sarcastic to a point.

    What I am saying is that if you can hit the 5 wood 250 yards and be relatively straight with it you don't have a lot of problems. 

    I am suggesting that if you DID hit it that far, and reasonably straight, you wouldn't need someone else to suggest that being 30 yards ahead of most people who have hit driver imight be an advantage. :-)

  16. On 8/27/2019 at 3:47 PM, Nail said:


    I can hit my 5 wood off the tee 250 yards so I should probably start using it on more holes and see how I get on. 

    It's pretty damn obvious how you'd get on.

    And you certainly wouldn't need to contemplate if it's worth doing it. You would've been doing it already and playing off 5.

    You'd be longer than 90% of players you've ever played with and would be hitting shorter irons into most greens.

    Probably best to work out how far 250 yards actually is. 

  17. 36 minutes ago, RickK said:

    Would you care explaining to me "doesn't want to follow the rules"?  I don't understand that statement at all.


    Iacas has kindly answered me, but I will confirm. The rules sometimes give you options, but "not wanting" to do something when there are not options that allow you not to take the viable options is not following the rules.

    Ultimately, it's like saying that you "don't want" to count a penalty you incurred.

    In your case, you look at the viable options and take a choice. Options that you exclude are moot because you have chosen an option that it permissable.

    Otherwise, it is cheating.

  18. 22 minutes ago, RickK said:

    But, if the player did not want to go back to the tee box (190 yard par 3), where would he drop.  Would he come back between the tee box and the green in edge of fairway?  He was probably 25 yards behind the green and 35 from the pin where the ball went OB.  

    If he "doesn't want" to follow the rules he's free to mark himself down as having a par.

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