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  1. Hey guys, I live in NYC but I am up in the Albany area fairly regularly. Would love to play a few of the courses up there this summer. I'm in the Colonie area when I am up
  2. Hey guys, Regular reader but never posted before. Really enjoying the forums. 28 year old NYC area golfer. I've been playing about 12-13 years but only started to take it more seriously in the last 3. Like all Northeast golfers, you play all spring and summer then have to re-learn your swing each year. Recently I have been swinging in my apartment, and using a putting mat which absolutely has lowered my scores. The crazy part about this game, and being in the bogey golfer range is how different each round can go. I've shot as low as 78 and as high as 106 all within the last season. Biggest thing I think for me this season is getting rid of the duffed shots that turn rounds in the 80s to 90s, and hitting a few greens. Even rounds that I break 90, I'll only hit 3-5 greens. This season I started to hit the range one night a week, hoping to get a better read of my distances, and more consistent contact.
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