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  1. So to update, I was at a local golf shop. Hit the M3 and P790 stiff flex Both were going 25-30 yards more then my R7 which I brought with me 7 iron the guy at the shop suggested it’s because of the flex. My R7’s are regular Flex and the 2 others are Stiff. could that be the case? If so would it be better to save up next year for the M3 or re-shaft the R7’s? thanks again all!
  2. Less less on the 50 and more on the 54?
  3. Thanks all!! Yes I think I’ll pull my 5W and SW and look for a 50 and 54 wedges. Thinking of a 5-10 bounce for the 50 and 12 for the 54 thanks again!
  4. First off thank you all very much for all the responses on my 1st post so I wanna ask another question.. my current set up is: Driver - 9.5 M3 3H - rogue 4h - 20 rogue x 5 -25 R7 6 - 28 R7 7 - 32 R7 8 - 36 R7 9 - 40 R7 P - 45 R7 S - 55 R7 L - 58 Cleveland 8B I’m hitting my 5W and 3h the same distance. What about getting rid of 5w and 3h and getting 2h? also do you think I should redo my wedges? 50-54-60? thanks all, regrouping from surgery atm so thinking about the bag a lot and getting ready to watch PGA Championship!
  5. Thanks guys! i should probably spend the money on lessons.. lol
  6. Average golfer, 90’s, playing Taylormade R7’s how often do people upgrade irons? Is technology better now then the R7’s thank you for the answer. I don’t want to spend if I don’t need to.. cheers
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