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  1. I have reviewed it, this is milliseconds that you are trying to draw a line on. The push is beginning at the peak weight on the trail foot. That is how the weight is able to transfer so quickly to the lead foot.
  2. Swing and a miss buddy. The pressure increases through the backswing and the push transfers it to the lead. The peak is the push.
  3. The weight is already loaded, so there would not be additional pressure. You are wrong here.
  4. Meant there is already significant pressure on the trail foot.
  5. Not true at all. There is also significant pressure on the trail foot loaded, the push shifts the weight to the lead side. If the weight were not already loaded on the trail foot you would have a point. Again, you are making assumptions and stating them as fact. All of my posts have been on the topic of the discussion.
  6. That does not prove what you think it does. Pushing off the trail foot would shift the weight to the other side as it's a pivot point. There is clearly a lot of pressure on the trail foot initially and that pressure and "push" moves it, which is the OP point.
  7. Kinda proved my point. The other side of this argument has provided some solid points, but they have been discounted by "science", but not really. Many assumptions have been made and you have not proven that Kisner is not driving off his trail foot. Your arguments are not really scientific, just saying "science" doesn't make things right. Seems like moderators just shout down opposing viewpoints until they shut up.
  8. Seems like people really quickly resort to name calling and belittling here. Everybody just digging into their argument and acting like the other side is ignoring their truth. "You don't agree with me, so you are ignoring the truth"
  9. My vote is for Kuchar. Looking at his career stats, he has 9 PGA Tour victories, 2 international victories, 3 additional victories, 12 2nd place finishes, 12 3rd place finishes and 104 top ten finishes. That's a pretty impressive resume.
  10. My only hole in one was during men's league at my club. Our tradition is to buy a keg the next week and it sits outside the pro shop before the round. If I were to get a hole in one with my buddies, I would just buy for them and not the whole clubhouse.
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