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  1. Can't go wrong with Mizuno MP anything IMO. Also, if you get two sets and don't like it, you can always correct it. Sell one set and keep the other.
  2. Hey Everyone, This is a played out topic, but this case is a little different. Couple of years ago I cut my iron down .5 inches (half an inch). I thought I might like the control better. I didn't notice the swing weight change, but I am going to return them to standard. I did a lie test with a line on the golf ball, and they are a little upright. And I cant turn it over as well as I think I used too. I might just be mentally crazy. LOL. I did not do any weight adjustments, I just took the grips off and cut them down. I play forged Mizunos with XP 115 Stiff shafts. If I put extensions in t
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