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  1. Thank you all for the very helpful replies. I will upload my swing and go from there. It's a great game that I'm addicted to already - just want to try not to waste hundreds of hours practising the wrong things!
  2. Hi all I have taken up golf in the last few months - I am in my early 30s - and the short term aim is to get to a standard so I feel comfortable enough to play on most courses to a standard where I won’t completely embarrass myself! I think my base swing is okay - “when/if” I connect properly the ball goes relatively straight and distance isn’t a particular issue at this stage (260ish carry with the driver) but the big big issue I have is a real lack of consistency. If I spend a week away from the range my swing seems to fall apart and when I go onto the course (played around 6 rounds) I really struggle to make clean connections with the ball on more than say 30% of my swings. A few questions: 1. Is the above normal - i.e. the real lack of any consistency? Do I just need to keep practising and eventually my on course swing will replicate my driving range swing? 2. Does anyone have any tips on how to improve quickly when only able to go to the range once a week and play a round every fortnight at best? I am planning to take lessons on a monthly basis. 3. Is a c.20 handicap a reasonable target after a year? I want a challenge, but not something completely unrealistic given the amount I will play. Sorry for the long post and I’m sure the above questions are very boring and have been asked hundreds of times and that the answer is probably just “it depends”! But, any insight or tips would be gratefully received. Thanks
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