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  1. I know the feeling. I was positive that my last round was going to be the best round of my career but I hit everything off the toe of every club that day. The golf gods put me back in my place.
  2. It’s a tie for me and unfortunately both cases were on the same trip to Ireland. Played Ballybunion in what they had the nerve to call a tropical storm in August 2017. It was cold with sideways rain and wind gusts that were ridiculous. You’d hit your ball and the wind seemed to take the ball out to sea no matter where you were on the course. The other was 2 days later at Old Head. There was so much fog it was like a white walker scene out of Game of Thrones. Could not see 10 feet in front of us and the group behind us kept hitting up on us because they couldn’t see us. Ended up only playing about 13 holes at Ballybunion and about 7 holes at Old Head since they were simply unplayable.
  3. Donald Ross, Bobby Jones, Walter Hagen, Old Tom Morris Nicklaus and Palmer would be under construction and Tiger would be scheduled next.
  4. I won the lottery in 2018 for the Tuesday practice round. I believe I entered for about 6 years before winning. It was a great experience to go.
  5. I’ve played that one as well. I liked it but I only really remember the one hole where you hit the ball off a cliff to the green. That and how tight the houses were to the course. I tried to get on Neshanic once but there was a long frost delay and I was short on time so I ended up at the Stonybrook executive course instead. I definitely need to revisit.
  6. Age: 31 Height: 5'10” Where are you from: North Jersey How long have you been playing: 20 years (10 seriously) Best Score: Low 90s Favorite club in the bag: 4i Golf Books / DVD's that have helped you: N/A Where do you play: NJ & NY - Bergen County municipal courses, Blue Hill GC Best courses you've played so far: NJ - Scotland Run, Seaview, Knickerbocker; Ireland - Ballybunion, Waterford, Tralee  Things you enjoy most about golf: The walk. The satisfaction of a good shot. Being in nature. The challenge. Being able to do it with friends and family of all ages.  Goals for 2019: Break 90
  7. Not too bad. There plenty of munis to choose from where not far from where I live. I play Rockleigh and Overpeck mostly which are both typically well maintained and offer a nice challenge. Blue Hill in Rockland County, NY is a short drive and is excellent for a muni as well. If I want something nicer I’ll head to one of the Crystal Springs courses. No complaints regarding options. Where are you usually playing?
  8. Thanks! North Jersey. Town called Bergenfield located about 5 miles or so from the GWB.
  9. Botched my drive on the first par 5 of the round and compounded the mistake on the next two hits. The forth hit leaves me off the green about 12 yards from the hole. I determine my best option is to chip the ball so it lands short of the green and allow the ball to run mostly on the ground to the hole. I opt to go with a 7 iron for the chip and strike it perfectly and directly on line right to the center of the cup. Probably nothing spectacular but it was my first chip in ever so I was thrilled.
  10. Hi everyone! New member but was a frequent visitor to the site for awhile. Glad to be here!
  11. I’m a consultant working with multiemployer plans and state retirement systems on pension projects. I travel during the week for work and play golf in North Jersey on the weekends to decompress.
  12. Very true. It’s always those couple of shots in a rounds you replay in your mind when the round is over that keeps you coming back. Focus on the good when you do get out there because the game will drive you mad otherwise.
  13. Yes to both. Finally took some lessons after being reluctant for many years and have seen some drastic improvement. There were clubs in my bag for years that I would never pull because I couldn’t control them and I’m finally starting to use them again. A big issue used to be hitting driver but now I pull that stick with confidence and hammer it down the middle fairly consistently. The game has become so much more enjoyable. Now I just need to figure out what to do with all the money I’m saving on golf balls since I’m losing a lot less now!
  14. There was a stretch I was sure that Brandt Snedeker would get one.
  15. ThreePutt


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