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  1. Hi Aaguirr, I'm new to this site. I've played over 20 years now and had the same struggles/questions when I started playing. My advice is: 1. Don't try to learn too much at once. It's very easy to to get overloaded with info, and often you'll get conflicting advice. Work on 1-2 parts of your game at a time. Realize, it's a long process (although some players progress much faster than others). 2. Get lessons early on. I made the mistake of trying to self teach for the first 5 yrs. As a result, I developed several bad habits that took a lot of time and work to correct. If you can find an instructor who is patient, can identify your weaknesses/strengths, and will give you progressive lessons, that's a good start. Avoid getting pointers from other players. They may have good intentions but chances are they can't see the whole picture as well as someone who's been trained on what to look for and how to guide you to improve. 3. Wait to get fitted until you've played a while. That way you'll see if you're going to stick with it. Also, after you get a little experience and improve your swing will be consistent enough for fitting to be worthwhile. 4. Find some guys to play with regularly. You can push each other when you play and/or practice. 5. Practice with a purpose, practice with pressure. Instead of just mindlessly hitting balls down a wide open range, aim at targets. see how many times you can achieve your target out of 10 shots, and keep trying to get better. 6. Most importantly. have fun!!! Enjoy the process. Hope this helps. Also, read Hogan's 5 Fundamentals of Golf.
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