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  1. I will spend 3 times the amount it took you to do it by walking with homeless dogs - so world profits by your effort. If you walk every day by the rules set by other people - I am impressed. Though it is just my personal point of view, that owning copyrights over somebody who is dead is way wronger than making a photocopy of a book and sharing it (not selling) to another guy.
  2. ok, I understand you would never lend a book to a playing partner? if anyone does not mind sharing, I would appreciate a lot
  3. Is it? If I could order original version by Homer from Amazon, I would be happy to do so. Currently there is version 7.2 corrected by some other guy. Homer unfortunately is not here with us anymore. I am talking about old 6 version.
  4. Could anyone be so kind, and update pictures of it to the community? If anyone can contribute 5 minutes of your life and send me pictures of pages even taken by phone, then I could make a pdf of it.
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