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  1. Hello all. I've been playing Callaway Big Bertha woods from the 90's for the last few years. A lot of people tell me that I need to upgrade, but I've always felt if it works, don't replace it. My game is fair for what I use it for, so I'm not worried. Anyway, more recently I came into possession of a set of persimmon woods, namely 3 different drivers, a five wood, and a 4 wood. It came with a three too, but the head's coming off the shaft so i'm not using that. In the past, I haven't been too impressed with persimmons, but this set is actually decent. Namely the 5 and 4 woods. I can get better distance with those two clubs than my Bertha 3 wood. And my Bertha's are probably my favorite set, and I've used like 4 other sets. My question is, has anyone else used persimmons recently? I know the tour stopped using them for the most part by '96-'97. I know people say they don't get as good of yardage, but honestly, I don't see much difference. You just need to hit a bit harder.
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