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  1. Yeah I think that's great advise, thanks to all, much appreciated.👍
  2. Thanks again, appreciate the feedback and as I say can't wait to go try them both out.
  3. Thanks Michael, have to say the G400's were a competitor I had in mind to put up against the Ap1's. What swayed you towards the Pings?
  4. Thanks, I would like to go Titleist Ap1's but then thought maybe I should be a little bit more open minded and I guess just check them against a couple of their competitors.
  5. Hi All New to the site and first question or need for advise. I looking to get my first set of fully fitted irons (always bought straight off the shelf before) and I was wondering: Can I choose a Brand such as say Titleist and get a perfect fitting or do I need to choose a retailer who covers more Bands and be guided by the fitter as to which Brand and model he believes would suit me best. Any advise would be greatly appreciated, Many Thanks
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