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  1. Can you put Sensicore inserts into the new DG 120 S300's? or would they not fit correctly like they do the regular DG S300.
  2. Hey, had an old set of Mizuno T Zoid Pro's that had sensicore shafts in them and loved the feel. I just bought a set of new Mizuno JPX 919 Forged because I used to be a 3 and now I'm a 10, Handicap that is. The reason I bought them is because I didn't want to have to work as hard at being a decent golfer So I paired them with regular DG S300 shafts to keep it simple. I feel the old Sensicore DG S300 were just a touch lighter and just a touch less stiff but that may be because of 20 years of use. I used my old Mizunos last week and all was good, then I hit my new clubs on the range and it felt like my hands were hit repeatedly with a ruler by the Nuns. Anyway I think the new DG 120 S300 with Sensicores put in might be the balance I need. I know there are other inserts you can put into shafts (prosoft) but was hoping to utilize the Sensicore in order to add a few more grams to go with the 118g shaft. Has anyone recently put inserts into the new age shafts? Thanks
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