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  1. completely understand that since I had the DG S300 W/Sensicore in my old irons which i also loved, Mizuno T zoid pro's. However they are 20 yrs old now and it's time to move on and I'm not getting any stronger so The new DG 120 makes sense. That being said, the New DG 120 S300 and S400 are the exact same weight 118g, which is my dilema. In my warped Golf mind I think the best way to replicate my old shafts is to put sensicore inserts into the new DG 120 S400 or S300 and make them 122g with the same feel as before and a touch lighter.
  2. One more note on this. I have been told by a few fellas that have the new DG 120 S300 that it plays a smidge softer than the original DG S300 so they suggest Hard stepping the 120 S300 once to match the performance of the original. MY question would be, wouldn't just going the DG120 S400 route do the same thing? to match the performance of the original S300? A golfer could go nuts trying to figure this out..
  3. Thanks fellow golfers. I will be pairing the 120 s400 with either the Mizzy Tours or the forged. Or a combo of the two. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the input. I used the standard S300 for 20 yrs but with the old sensicores. I have heard the new DG 120 S300 are the same but play a smidge softer so I figured maybe go the S400 route. From what I can gather, the 120 S300 and 400 are identical but if it’s true that they are and the only Diff is tighter weight tolerance then I might as well do the 120 S400?. Also to note, the fitter can put Sensicore inserts into the 120’s to make it a 122g shaft which might be heaven for me.
  5. Anyone know the difference between the new DG 120 S300 and S400. I know the old regular version of the DG's were a matter of weight tollerances but the new 120's have the same exact weight of 118 grams. I'm trying to decide between the two for a new set of Mizuno JPX 919 tour's or possibly forged. Is one slightly stiffer than the other? slightly stiffer tip maybe. I have heard the 120 S300 play slightly softer than the regular S300's so maybe going to the S400 120 would be better. Any feedback would be great thanks.
  6. Have the Exact same club and did the same thing first couple times. I think because it has a lighter shaft it caused me to open up a bit at contact. Anyway I started to swing a bit smoother and now going straight as an arrow now that I'm used to it. Also put one of those Allign grips on it. I am 10 yrds further than my buddy who opted for the Rogue and we hit the same distance before when we had the same driver.
  7. Can you put Sensicore inserts into the new DG 120 S300's? or would they not fit correctly like they do the regular DG S300.
  8. Hey, had an old set of Mizuno T Zoid Pro's that had sensicore shafts in them and loved the feel. I just bought a set of new Mizuno JPX 919 Forged because I used to be a 3 and now I'm a 10, Handicap that is. The reason I bought them is because I didn't want to have to work as hard at being a decent golfer So I paired them with regular DG S300 shafts to keep it simple. I feel the old Sensicore DG S300 were just a touch lighter and just a touch less stiff but that may be because of 20 years of use. I used my old Mizunos last week and all was good, then I hit my new clubs on the range and it felt like my hands were hit repeatedly with a ruler by the Nuns. Anyway I think the new DG 120 S300 with Sensicores put in might be the balance I need. I know there are other inserts you can put into shafts (prosoft) but was hoping to utilize the Sensicore in order to add a few more grams to go with the 118g shaft. Has anyone recently put inserts into the new age shafts? Thanks
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