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  1. Day 504: Worked more on shoulder turn and lead arm depth. Hit some foam balls. No chance for camera work today, so plan to check up on progress tomorrow.
  2. Par-5 #8 hole. Drive was a push-fade that ended up in right hand rough. The contour of the landing area for this hole is sloped right to left, and it is more extreme in the rough down the right side. Had about 200+ yds to the front of the green, decent lie, but on a sidehill with the ball about 6-8 inches above my feet. Decided to go for the green with 3h. Had to choke down almost to the bottom of the grip. Hit the ball just about as flush as possible given the lie and my ability. Split the two front greenside bunkers, landed just short of the green and rolled on leaving about a 20-25 foot eag
  3. I'm in SF Bay Area, mostly play in the east bay (Berkeley/Oakland/Alameda). About a year ago, when golf courses opened back up, it was a pain to get an early morning weekend tee time. At my home course, it meant staying up until midnight 2 weeks before the day you wanted to play, and then logging in at 12:01am and booking an available time. Lately, the surge of pandemic golfers seems to have dissipated a bit. Maybe with virus transmission numbers falling and vaccines available to all, people have gone back to other social/recreational activities. My home course is still busier than I have
  4. Day 503: Did some work with Live View Pro camera and foam balls checking on shoulder turn priority piece. Still missing the mark on this one and doing too much with arms/hands and not turning shoulders. Will work on exaggerating shoulder feel more and record again tomorrow.
  5. I voted better late than never. I think they're maybe a bit late to be using the phrase "right side of history" though.
  6. Shot 91 today (86 ESC), but it was one of the stranger 91s I've shot. I had three really horrendous holes, where I was +11. The rest of the round was pretty good. I had 14 nGIR/GIR, 2 penalty strokes, and 33 putts. Ball striking was improved today after a few sketchy weeks. Usually with 14 nGIR/GIR, I score pretty well. Still had a some full swing misses, which is not unheard of. Contact and low point control were good, but start line/curve need work. Short game was not good today. I had a triple bogey on a par-3 where I was pin-high, about 3 yards off the green, and I bladed a chip
  7. Day 502: Played 18 today. Worked in new rehearsal in pre-shot routine for recentering/flow and shoulder turn. Bad day scoring overall on account of two bad holes, but overall ball striking was better. Still a little inconsistent with start line. Short game was below average.
  8. Day 501: Did more backswing drills working on recentering/flow and making a good shoulder turn. Figured out a rehearsal for my pre-shot routine to reinforce these pieces. Then hit foam balls with slow swings with 7-iron, and then driver to work on the concepts with a longer club.
  9. Day 500: More work on backswing priority piece. First did some drills to continue to incorporate recentering and flow; this starts with a subtle sway away from target, and then flow back toward target and weight into lead side by the top of the backswing. Next worked on shoulder turn and getting depth without throwing my arms/hands across my chest. After these "no ball" drills, I hit a bunch of foam balls, slow swings, working on getting both concepts correct. Unpacked and set up Live View Pro camera, but it was too dark to use.
  10. 4/30 Live View Pro camera is supposed to arrive today. I liked Mirrorvision, but setting up two iPhones on tripods (I don't have an iPad) felt tedious, and often the lazy side of me often overpowered the ambitious side of me, which often led to not recording swings. I also didn't like the subscription basis of the app, even though $35/year or something isn't all that much. With the Live View Pro, I can just leave it in the garage attached to a tripod set up at the perfect height, and I happen to have an Amazon Fire tablet that supposedly works great with Live View. Been practicing a
  11. No, not sure where I came up with the 45 degree spec from, but you’re right, it’s 44.
  12. Before I got my new ZX5 irons, my Wilson FG Tour V6 set was 4-GW, with the GW at 51 degrees. For maybe 3 months before the ZX5s were in my bag, I decided I was using my 60 degree wedge too much, so I only carried a 55 degree wedge, and learned that I could hit almost all the short game shots I needed with that one club. And it made the bag one club lighter for when I carry. Now with my ZX5s, I only got 4-PW, with PW at 45 degrees, so I also carry a 50 degree wedge which is mostly used for full swings (I am considering adding a ZX5 GW to replace the 50 degree wedge since it is essentially
  13. Day 499: Hit foam balls with slow swings for about 45 minutes, working on mostly backswing stuff. First, getting depth with shoulder rotation and not arm movement, and second, making sure to incorporate recentering/flow so I don't hang back on the downswing. At the end, I decided to hit one real ball, and of course, I flushed it and went right through last night's new golf ball sized hole in my net, and put another golf ball shaped dent in the fence. Hopefully my wife didn't hear it because she was vegging out on KUWTK, and there are plenty of other golf ball shaped dents to camoufla
  14. Day 498: Did more takeaway/backswing practice today working on priority piece. Hit some foam practice balls, with lots of rehearsals between shots. Then moved onto real balls, and my net ripped, so hit some more foam balls.
  15. No, but luckily we have a bidet, so it wasn't really a problem. Also our local grocery stores didn't permit hoarding, so we never had a supply issue.
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