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  1. Day 120 COVID-19 Practice Plan Challenge day 4 drills. Glad this one was easy to do inside because it was raining.
  2. Checked my grip, which is pretty neutral as I’ve battled hooks, especially with driver and my instructor has been working on getting me to a more neutral grip, as opposed to my old super strong grip. I tend to revert to strong grip if I don’t check at setup. My wrist is slightly cupped at the top with toe angled down a bit I struggled a lot with palmar flexion when it was first described to me by my instructor. I’ve gotten the hang of it in the last year, and for me the feeling is like slightly revving a throttle. I also used a training aid from Tourstriker that helped with the transition from extension to flexion, forget what it was called but it was helpful for me.
  3. Day 119 COVID-19 Practice Plan Challenge day 3 drills, superspeed workout, and some full swings with a 7-iron just because I like hitting balls.
  4. Day 3 drills done. Collapsing my right arm used to be a big issue for me, but I’ve mostly corrected this with lessons/practice. But the videos definitely gave me a better understanding of where the right arm should be relative to the side / rib cage, and I think I sometimes go too far inside with the right elbow so now I have a way to check this. Drill #1 was physically difficult holding the club up with just the lead arm (others mentioned this as well), maybe because I’ve started doing pull-ups and pushups every day during quarantine. If it doesn’t rain too much this weekend I’m going to move some pots around in the yard to setup a tripod to film.
  5. I'm enjoying the program so far. I like how the swing is being broken down into specific body part elements to work on. I feel like I'll be able to bookmark each of these videos and return to them when I feel things go awry, especially with my teaching/practice facility being closed for March and April and probably longer. Without my scheduled monthly lesson (will have missed two after this weekend), I'm at a loss for what to practice, and these drills are providing some great practice ideas during the downtime. Personally I would be most interested in full swing motion stuff (including basic stuff that is being covered like setup, grip, turn, etc.), but as a 16.5 hcp, I need improvement everywhere, so I'm going to take each of these lessons as an opportunity to improve in whatever areas are covered.
  6. Day 118 COVID-19 Practice Plan Challenge day 2 drills, and a handful of balls with a 7-iron afterward.
  7. Just got around to doing these in the dark which made the mirror part easier since I use my patio door as a window. I liked this practice set even more than day 1. Not sure if I’m describing it correctly, but I have a tendency to cheat my shoulder turn by “finishing” the turn in my mind by moving my arms/hands, which results in a flat shoulders, and OTT swing. My instructor often corrects this at the beginning of each lesson. Doing this simple drill seemed to have a significant effect on this issue, so it’ll go into practice rotation. Only hit a few balls afterward because it was dark, but contact was solid, and I could feel ball strike was away from the heel.
  8. Day 117 Did a superspeed workout, and also the COVID-19 Practice Plan Challenge day 1 drills. Actually did them twice.
  9. No video but I really liked these drills. Been hitting the ball really poorly and this basic exercise resulted in some well struck chips with the final element of the session, and built some confidence through success.
  10. Day 116 Indoor putting. Haven’t been hitting the ball well at all lately when practicing (shanks), so just going to do some putting for the time being to give myself a break from mental torment of full swing work until I can arrange a lesson. I also plan on working on physical fitness/conditioning during the shelter in place through the next month in CA.
  11. Day 115 Started hitting some balls with 7-iron at 50% speed and it was alright. Ramped up to full speed and started shanking the shit out it, to the point of the ball missing the net entirely. I think the Coronavirus pandemic is in my head and causing me to lose focus. Went inside and putted. Need a lesson but everything is closed with the shelter in place at least until end of April, and likely longer.
  12. Day 114 Did a Superspeed workout, and hit some shots with 7-iron at what felt like 50% speed working on full turn and hips not moving/swaying.
  13. Day 113 Actually did more practice swings than real swings today. Reviewed a lesson from a couple months ago and worked on feels for making a full turn. Did 5-6 practice / rehearsals before each ball. Hit 10 balls with a 7-iron. Swing feeling a little better.
  14. Day 112 Swing is not feeling good lately, a lot of contact toward the heel which I haven’t dealt with in awhile. Decided to do some Planemate protocol work with the short game band, just did areally simple pitching motion from the protocol to get some confidence again.
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