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  1. I did notice he's using an older model Cobra BioCell driver, so maybe he's still working some kinks out of his equipment.
  2. Note from practice 2021-03-05: Working on palmar flexion as priority piece. Slow rehearsals of transition move and Covid-19 day-4 drill all seem to look fine, with clubface aligned to my spine at A6 (slightly toe down). When I move to full speed, and look at swings on film with Mirrorvision, the face is vertical. This leads to a flip/shove to close the face at impact, or I can hold off the flip (if I think about it hard enough before the swing), and leave the face a bit open and hit what I assume would be a push/cut. I had a mini-realization watching the videos and doing some rehears
  3. Day 446: Hit sets of balls periodically throughout the day to break up my day while working remotely. Did Covid-19 day-3, day-4, and day-5 drills in the evening.
  4. Seems like a great bag - I'll be taking it out Sunday morning. My only minor nitpick is that the hydration sleeve doesn't fit my rather large 32oz nalgene water bottle (which fit easily in the Hoofer), so I'll have to find a skinnier water bottle. The tube of the bag is a little smaller than the Ping, but because there are no full length fabric divisions between the openings on the top, the clubs actually go in and out much smoother since the grips don't get stuck on the fabric liner.
  5. Bryson didn't go for the green on #6 again. Kind of a bummer considering all the hype going into the tournament about whether or not he would try it. Can't fault him considering he's contending and doesn't want to John Daly it, but I hope he goes for it at least once.
  6. Thanks for all the suggestions. I ended up buying @Vinsk's Sun Mountain bag for a great deal, so I'll be trying out a new brand for awhile. The leg folding mechanism is great, and the bag seems well put together. I love the design and utility of Ping Hoofer bags, so the leg folding issues with my current bag was disappointing. The Hoofer I had before was given to me by a friend, and I used it for many years without problems, and he must have had it for a few years before I had it, so it was robust to say the least. I've seen some Ogio and Sun Mountain bags on course, and
  7. I don't think I've ever seen Billy Horschel not appear to be running hot. Maybe he needs angry/intense energy to play well.
  8. Day 445: COVID-19 day 4 palmar flexion drill, hit some balls with 8-iron, about 75% speed, and superspeed workout.
  9. So looks like Bryson didn't try to drive the green on #6 today?
  10. Lesson today. Worked on a few minor backswing things and then transition priority piece. The gist of it was MORE PALMAR FLEXION. Also tried some different feels for getting re-centered over the ball at impact. The feel of moving my head toward target slightly seemed to work best. Feels odd, but much improved “covering the ball” on film.
  11. Day 443: Did some backswing/takeaway drills (COVID-19 day-3 and something I found on AMG YouTube). Then some COVID-19 day-5 drills. Then some full swing balls with 9-iron and 3-hybrid.
  12. I take an accusharp with me to AirBnB or VRBO rentals, where usually the house has cheap, dull knives. It's great for a quick and easy sharpening. My dad always carries a little oil stone in his backpack that he sharpens his camping/fishing knives with. That's how I learned to sharpen knives. He's an old school boy scout "always be prepared" type. I used to always use a set of Japanese sharpening stones for my nicer knives. IMO using a stone is the best way to sharpen if you're willing to learn how to do it, and buy some decent stones. I tested the sharpness of my knives by sha
  13. Wow, 21% is shocking, I'm curious what the waste rate of CA is? It's just plain dumb to waste any vaccine doses. I understand the principal and bad optics of allowing some potentially ineligible people to get vaccinated, but if 20%+ of vaccines are being wasted, that's just slowing down a return to normalcy unnecessarily.
  14. Got back to superspeed training after some time off to let a minor muscle injury heal. Max of 132 MPH with the blue stick today, and a max of 115 MPH hitting balls afterward with Mevo tracking. Still no significant increase since the new year, but nice to see I didn't lose any speed after 1+ weeks of no speed training.
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