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  1. A common subject on my neighborhood Nextdoor is smash and grab car burglaries, and often the OP will say something to the effect of "I even hid my laptop under the seat and it still got stolen" or "I just parked and ran into my friend's house for 5 minutes..." Super annoying aspect of living in an otherwise decent place. I've got a station wagon, so unfortunately everything in the rear storage area is in plain sight. There is a retractable cover, but I feel like covering stuff almost makes it look like something valuable is being hidden. I do have a driveway, so our car is always parked off the street, and hasn't been subjected to the same amount of pointless vandalism as others in the neighborhood. Now there are even more sophisticated thieves rolling through neighborhoods in vans and quickly cutting the catalytic converters off of Priuses (apparently they are valuable) with cordless sawsalls.
  2. Took the push cart out today, and did some ankle/calf and upper leg stretches for about 20 minutes before teeing off, and periodically throughout the round, and it made a difference. Guess I'm old enough where I have to stretch before golf now. Yeah, my neighborhood is actually a nice neighborhood, but in Oakland there's a large unhomed/mentally ill/addict population, and crime of opportunity is common to the point where police don't even bother investigating. It's a systemic issue, with no solution on the horizon, so I just take necessary precaution with things I don't want to have stolen out of my car.
  3. Day 215 Played 18 (poorly). Didn't get off the tee well at all today which was the main issue. Experimented with using a 9-3 swing shot on almost every approach inside 120 yards, which was really successful, and definitely something I will use more often.
  4. Day 214 Worked on new putting posture with eyes maybe between 1 to 1/2 balls inside the line. Specifically hit 8-foot putts aiming between 2 parallel alignment sticks at the start of the roll, a cup’s width apart. Practiced while watching the Workday event, until I hit 10 in a row online. Later did a bit of Planemate early protocol drills, the one working on turning hips through finish position, with no ball.
  5. Day 213 More 9-3 swings with hip turn focus. Really starting to hit the ball off the center of the club face more consistently. Well, within the range that Crossfield would consider a poor strike at least. Also Mevo’d carry distances 9-3 swing for PW and GW to start getting sense of distance for partial wedges.
  6. I'm not sure what it is, it's perplexing. I don't think it's strength/conditioning. When I had a clicgear a couple years ago, I used it every round for a whole season (all year in Cali) and it didn't improve. I'm a pretty avid cyclist and hiker. I go on long bike rides and mountain hikes with way more elevation change and steeper grades than a round of golf. But for some reason pushing a cart up hills for 3-4 hours causes specific soreness after a couple hours. Maybe it's a stretching/flexibility/ergonomic issue. I'm really tempted to try out a powered push cart, but that would significantly cut into the golf budget, and I'd prefer to pay for lessons and improve my game. I wish I could do this. There's enough property crime in and around my neighborhood that it would only be a matter of time before a drug addict broke into the car and took anything that looked remotely valuable. I've had a picnic blanket stolen from the back of my car, which isn't a big deal except that the thief had to smash the rear windshield to get it.
  7. Main reason is that the course where I play most of my golf is excessively hilly, and I am noticeably less fatigued carrying compared to walking. It's a specific fatigue/soreness in both my achilles/lower calves and glutes that only occurs when using the pushcart on this particulary hilly course. When I play a flat/flatter course, I take the pushcart. Secondarily, I commute to/from work daily by bike, so my wife is basically the sole proprietor of our car, except on the weekends when I golf, and the rear storage compartment of our Subaru Outback (which isn't tiny) is always filled with kids crap, like bikes, scooters, etc., and I'm often too lazy to unload the car at 6am to fit my pushcart in the car, but my clubs fit nicely in the back seat.
  8. I've used a Clicgear and Bagboy triswivel. I didn't notice much difference in weight pushing between the two because the rolling resistance is low, but I liked that the Bagboy was lighter and folds smaller, which is nice for getting in and out of my garage/car, so I ended up keeping the Bagboy. The Clicgear felt much sturdier, and I like that replacement parts are available on their website for when something does break, but I probably carry more than 90% of my rounds, so I don't put much mileage on the cart, so I doubt I'll wear out the Bagboy.
  9. Day 212 Superspeed workout and 20 balls with 9-3 swings working on hip turn. Probably should get out the Planemate again for working on my hip priority piece. Also hit 30 balls each with half swings using 55 and 60 degree wedges with my Mevo to get a feel for distance with this swing. Will do GW (51*) and PW (47*) tomorrow.
  10. Got this driver from a rewards program at work. Took several months to arrive and while I waited I impatiently purchased a new driver that I’m very happy with so this one is for sale. $400 + buyer pays shipping Prefer PayPal or Zelle money transfer, I’ll ship using any method buyer chooses with full value of club insured against shipping damage. Details: Model: MAVRIK Sub Zero Loft: 9 degrees Shaft: Adila Rogue MSI 130 70X Grip: Golfpride Tour Velvet Align grip Standard length, comes with adjustment tool and headcover.
  11. Day 211 Did some 9-3 swings hitting balls off a mat, focusing on getting my left hip to keep turning through the swing instead of stalling. Goal is to have this feeling translate to full swing.
  12. Day 210 Spent about 5 minutes practicing new putting posture and setup, and another 10 minutes doing an aiming drill with with the new posture/setup. Worked a bit on tempo, or is it rhythm, I get them confused. I was getting a bit too Sung Jae Im like in my takeaway, resulting in a rushed downswing, so working on speeding up the takeaway/backswing, perceived pause at the top, and then downswing. Finished with about 15 minutes of COVID-19 practice plan Day-5 drills with an 8-iron to work on clearing left hip which is a full swing priority piece from my last lesson, and also a superspeed workout.
  13. Lesson on 7/6 - did half putting, half full swing Full swing: Setup with hands higher Takeaway too slow, transition too quick - work on speeding up takeaway, slow (feel is short pause) at top, fast downswing Do drills to turn/clear left hip, finish more low/left as opposed to up. Start with shots with left arm stopping at parallel, and then move to full swings. Putting: Normal setup and posture - hitting puts where the face was aimed, but face was aligned significantly right of the actual target. Aim is much better with eyes nearly over ball. Work on adjusting to different posture. Setup - align putter face to target first, then set feet. Drill with alignment sticks to work on aim For long putts, need to give my brain a target rather than arbitrary thought like "hit this one a little harder/softer". Drill for distance control on lag putts.
  14. I had a putting lesson yesterday and it turns out that I aim much better when I have my eyes nearly over the ball. It feels a little awkward right now, but the improvement is worth the adjustment in my posture.
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