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  1. Day 348 Superspeed workout and some tempo drills with 7-iron. Hit the ball really shitty, hope it was the dark.
  2. Day 347 Did rehearsal backswing practice in patio door mirror. Then did some tempo drills with 7-iron hitting balls at about what felt like 75% speed.
  3. I’d like to see this evaluation done with the Mevo+. I’d like to know how the horizontal launch angle and spin axis compares to GC4. I do know that for the regular Mevo, the data I get hitting into my net is very similar to what I see in lessons with GC4. Hopefully they get to it at some point. One thing about TXG guys is that I can’t tell how sincere they are - don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the content they create, and watch many of their reviews, but I haven’t ever seen them outright say something sucks, which makes me a touch skeptical of their motives.
  4. Day 346 Superspeed workout. Just sticking with protocol 2 until January when the TST superspeed accountability/progress group kicks off. Also did some tempo drills while getting warm for the superspeed stuff.
  5. Scored 89 today, 11 nGIR/GIR, 33 putts, and 2 penalty strokes. I think I had too many technical thoughts about tempo and backswing changes I am implementing from my last lesson. I was poor off the tee. For some reason I feel more psychological burden on tee shots compared to approach shots, and I tend to swing a little more freely on approach shots. Approach play was decent today and scrambling was pretty good too.
  6. Day 345 Played 18 today. Really focused on the tempo and backswing work that I’m implementing since my last lesson. Went okay, but still reverted back to being too quick, especially off the tee. Too many technical thoughts I think. Scored okay, but mostly due to pretty good scrambling and not great ball striking.
  7. Day 344 Worked on tempo and backswing stuff some more. Something clicked with my hips today when I was hitting balls. My teacher has been working with me on my hip turn in the backswing, and she can get me into the right position in lessons with practice swings but I just can’t do it regularly hitting a ball, but I arrived at a feel that seemed to work. Hopefully not a one off.
  8. Day 343 Superspeed workout between two sessions of working on tempo with 7-iron. Now instead of hitting balls with a 3-count, 2-count, or 1-count at the top of the backswing, I just make a backswing, and then have a discrete but short pause right before transition.
  9. I understand the golf may be more expensive than what you want, and maybe the courses that are in your price range are not as nice as you would expect on the mainland. But you are in Hawaii. It's a beautiful place with great weather with lots of other stuff to do. Beaches, hiking, fishing. If I were you, I would just settle for sub-par golf for the short time, and enjoy being in Hawaii. Maybe treat yourself to one of the further/nicer courses periodically. Maybe take weekend trips to some of the other islands when you get a chance and explore them too.
  10. Day 342 Did backswing practice in the patio door "mirror" and then hit some balls doing my temp drill with a 7-iron.
  11. I don't have an answer for the OP, but I got into golf in college. I don't remember (it was 23 years ago, shit!) if the local muni had a student rate or if it was just dirt cheap. I think the greens fees were less than $10 with unlimited replay as long as the first tee was open. If golf were not so readily accessible to me at the time, I probably would not be playing today, so I guess I lucked out.
  12. I don't eat hot dogs at the turn, but basically this.
  13. I think all three were in the original "do you take golf seriously" thread.
  14. I voted "something else". If the course happens to have handicap suggestions for each set of tees I will start with that. Then I usually ask the people in my group if they're regulars, what tees they play and why. If there is a starter who is knowledgeable about the course, I'll ask them the same thing. If neither of those options are available to me, then I primarily use the course rating to get a sense of the difficulty. Yardage is tough for me to go by because I have good distance for my handicap, so playing tees with the "right" yardage sometimes results in a challenge that isn't commensurate with my golfing ability. Occasionally if I'm with a group of three people playing the same set of tees, I will just join them at whatever tees they are playing. Not really peer pressure, more just for the social aspect of the game.
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