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  1. Day 19 About 30 full swings each with 6, 7, and 8 iron about 75% full speed. Also observing tags in grips for tag/grip bonding methods.
  2. Day 18 I think I have been overdoing it lately, and fatigue is causing poor performance, which leads to additional reps in hopes of finding something that works, which increases fatigue, which causes even worse performance. So I just practiced a very short chipping motion, bumping balls with my 60 degree wedge into the net, and focused on finding the center of the club face. Note to self - might be time to incorporate a fitness regimen to improve my endurance now that I am practicing everyday as opposed to 1-2 times a week.
  3. I regripped at the beginning of 2019 to Golfpride MCC, and after less than a year of playing 1-2 times a week, and maybe practicing 1-2 times a week, the grips had noticeable wear, especially on 6-iron through 9-iron. Looking forward to long lasting grips!
  4. One of my good friends plays Bridgestone e6 and really likes them. I haven't played them yet but have been meaning to try.
  5. I've tried everything from Top-Flite XL to Titleist ProV1, and I've settled on something between the two extremes. I pick my ball based on feel and cost. Because I play somewhere in the range of mid/high handicap, I do lose balls from time to time, and I hate the idea of throwing $5 bills into the woods/ponds. I prefer softer feel on putting and short game shots, and I don't notice much of a difference in feel/distance on full swings, but this might be more due to my skill level. I try go for for something in the $15-25/dozen price range, and some of the recent ones I've tried, in order of preference: Wilson Duo Callaway Supersoft Kirkland (3-piece) Maxfli Softfli Vice Tour If a premium ball happens to be on sale for a good price, I grab some, but most of the time I can't justify $40-50/dozen.
  6. After installing my Pure grips, I would say they're well worth a try. Maybe order a single grip and see how it goes? I installed the grips the other day. Installation with the air tool was great, probably the fastest I have ever swapped out grips. Usually I change out grips 2-3 clubs at a time over the course of a week, but I knocked out my whole bag and then some in just a couple hours. There was a brief learning curve using the air tool, but once I got the hang of it, the process was fast and easy. I ended up trying installation on bare shaft and with one layer of duct tape. I preferred the feel of the grips over the bare shaft so I went with that. But taking them on and off is so easy, no bother if I change my mind. Ordered some Pure DTX to compare against the Pure Pro that I put on, based on feedback that the DTX perform better in wet conditions. Looking forward to playing these in a round.
  7. If the silicone product can withstand my poor strikes, this will probably be my first choice due to ease of removal. If they start popping out, I'll go with something more permanent and deal with removal when the time comes. I'm not married to my Shot Scope system because I really dislike the ginormous watch, but I've got better golf related things to spend money on this winter (more lessons).
  8. Day 17 In process of regripping my clubs, so did some putting in my living room with my kids.
  9. The only silicone product I saw on the Gorilla website is a sealant, which works okay as an adhesive but some plastics don't bond well with silicone, and I'm not sure what the Shot Scope tags are made out of. I have plenty of partial tubes of silicone sealant laying around, but not Gorilla brand, so I tried it on one tag. I bonded one tag with silicone sealant, one with Barge and one with E6000. My suspicion is that the E6000 will result in the most permanent bond, but might require some destruction of the tag/grip to remove. The silicone sealant and barge bonded tags will probably be easier to remove. After they're all fully cured, I'll hit some balls and see how well the tags stay put. I've been hitting the ball off the toe lately, so I'll be challenging the bond strength under plenty of vibratory stress 😂
  10. Day 16 Hamstring seems to be loosening up so felt confident making some full swings. Only went about 40-50% speed with 7-iron, working on finding the center of the club face, which has been a struggle lately (toe strikes).
  11. I realize this thread is a bit old, mods feel free to delete or move if warranted. Recently started regripping my clubs with Pure grips and noticed my tags (Shot Scope) were falling out pretty frequently when practicing in my yard. Thistothat dot com suggests Barge for bonding plastic to rubber. I happen to have some Barge in my adhesives bin, and also a tube of E6000 industrial adhesive. Plan to give each of these a try to see if it works. If the tags keep falling out, I may abandon the tags all together as I really dislike the Shot Scope watch anyways.
  12. This would be a big no from me. I commute on my bike, and love riding for fitness and entertainment, but this just seems like a disaster waiting to happen.
  13. I'll play in just about any conditions, but it never gets really bad in the Bay Area. The only time I have quit a round due to conditions was because heavy rains made the course unplayable, not because I wasn't willing to put up with it.
  14. I like this idea. I really hate working with masking tape.
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