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  1. Shot 92 at a course I’ve never played before. Was cruising along on the front 9, hitting the ball crisply for the most part, and putting and short game were solid. I got to #9 at +3 for the round. It’s a pretty simple par-5, about 520 yards, so I’m thinking par isn’t unreasonable based on my play during the previous 8 holes, and maybe I’ll make the turn under 40. Pond on the left side at about 280-290 yards and O.B. down the entire right side of the hole. Aimed at the right edge of the pond but hit a push toward the right hand rough. Looked like it was going to land safely, but it hit the cart path and bounced over the boundary fence. Spiraled to a quadruple bogey with a bad second shot after a drop and +2 penalty, and then my approach airmailed the green by 20 yards, pitched back over the green, chipped on, and 2 putts for a 9. Never really recovered psychologically for the rest of the round and faded physically down the stretch. Made a bad quadruple bogey later to top off a lackluster back 9 and finished 43 / 49.
  2. Day 290 Played 18 today. Was actually a decent round except for two quadruple bogeys on holes #9 and #16.
  3. Day 289 Same thing as yesterday, but with an 8-iron, and no superspeed or driver swings
  4. Day 288 Did a video check of my swing. On short, slow swings I’ve got my hip priority piece down well and strike the ball cleanly, but full swings have been a mess. Turns out my attempts to not drag the club head too far inside (sub priority piece) has caused my shoulder turn to shorten considerably. Fixed this in a couple rehearsals and full swings with a ball. Did same drill as yesterday with 9-3 swings. Then a superspeed workout. Then hit 5 balls with driver, all strikes in a pretty good spot on the face.
  5. If you haven't found it already, there is an internet forum dedicated to simulator golf which might have a lot of good info for you. Forums - Golf Simulator Forum Golf Simulator Forums
  6. You might want to look into the Mevo+ made by Flightscope. It is a radar based launch monitor and is around $2k, but there is a 10% discount using the code from this site. What you end up going with kind of depends on your intent. If you want to play simulator golf rounds, I think the Mevo+ only has 5 courses, compared to Skytrack which I think can be used with The Golf Club video game and has tons of options. But the Mevo+ might be more valuable as a practice tool, because it connects to a phone or tablet with bluetooth, and you can easily pack it with you if you go to a range.
  7. Day 287 Ball striking has been iffy for the last few practice sessions and I feel like I’m doing something weird with my hands and arms. So I went back to a basic drill of slow speed 9-3 swings, with the feel of my lead hip pulling my trail elbow across my belly button. Hit about 75 balls doing this, with the goal to hit 10 in a row crisp (not fat or thin, no shanks), and repeat 5 times.
  8. I voted no. I think Gary Player is an idiot. The fact that he is comparing deforestation in the Amazon to golf course tree maintenance is ridiculous.
  9. Day 285 Filmed some swings to see how I’m progressing with my current priority piece. Didn’t hit the ball particularly well though.
  10. Day 284 Superspeed workout and some priority piece work with half speed 7-iron swings.
  11. Day 283 Played 18 today away from my home course. Usually a course where I shoot in the low 80s, so I was optimistic for a good round. Played really well during the front 9. I was striking the ball well, and my short game and putting were solid, giving myself a bunch of chances for birdies and pars. Then I just got completely eviscerated on the back 9. Shanks, big push slices OB, topped drives, chunked chips, etc. My shot tracker says I scored 40 on the front and 53 on the back but I showed up 2 minutes before my tee time, and forgot to grab a scorecard, so I'll have to review the round on Shotscope to make sure strokes are counted properly. I think that I was thinking too much about priority piece while playing. So back to practice so the new feel doesn't require as much conscious effort on my part.
  12. Day 283 Worked on priority piece with 7-iron, and then mapped my distances for partial LW shots with Mevo.
  13. Day 282 Superspeed workout, and then started mapping my partial LW distances but it got too dark.
  14. I've had no issues yet watching on my phone using the Peacock (free signup) and the Open iOS apps. My main issue with the official US Open app is that these stupid trivia questions and polls pop onto the screen periodically. I'm trying to watch the US Open, not play a f***ing game show. I don't have The Golf Channel, but I am recording all the NBC OTA broadcast coverage to watch at my leisure.
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