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  1. 98 yesterday, not at my home course, but a place I play every month or so. Played from the back tees to change things up. It's a heavily bunkered course, and my sand game sucks, but luckily only found myself in sand three times. Started off great with a par on a tricky dogleg par-5 that does not suit my eye at all. Then I started topping the ever-loving crap out of the ball. It was really frustrating because this is not a typical miss for me so I felt powerless to make an adjustment. Also had three S/D penalties from drives OB. My theory is that playing the back tees made me think that needed to go a little harder after the ball which possibly caused the tops and wayward (OB) drives. Managed 10 GIR/nGIR. On a positive note, had a several chances to hit 3/4 PW shots today, and they were really effective for 90-100 yard distance.
  2. Day 54Planemate 7-day protocol, repeat day 3 drills before my round, and a little bit of day 2 protocol work (1 arm shots) after the round. Will move onto day 4 tomorrow.
  3. Day 52Moved on to Planemate day 2 drills of 7 day protocol (1 armed swings). Then repeated day 1 Planemate drills but only 15 balls instead of 30. Then 10 balls with driver (no Planemate) just for fun.
  4. I would 100% rather strike the ball well and score worse than usual due to bad luck. At this point in the evolution of my golf game, I gain more confidence from good ball striking during a round than scoring.
  5. I had this realization about a month ago after 15 months of lessons on indoor launch monitor/simulator 😖 I was wondering why my shot dispersion in simulator lessons was so much better than on course. My instructor gave me a 5 minute lesson on alignment, that pretty much fixed the on course issue. The lines on the hitting mats at my facility almost ensure you can't line up off target unless you try.
  6. Day 49 Planemate was supposed to be delivered today so I was going to start the protocol, but it’s dark, raining, and mail hasn’t been delivered yet. So instead I did some indoor putting practice.
  7. I've been one of these idiots before...when I was a HS freshman it was somewhat of a tradition in my area to party at the local golf course at night. My friends and I were pretty tame as far as partying went, we would drink Zima (none of us had a taste for beer yet) and go ice blocking (hilly course + fairways = good ice blocking). This was before I had ever even considered playing golf - football, baseball and soccer were my preferred sports back then. Now, as a golfer, I look back and cringe a bit... Fences weren't effective at keeping me and my friends (and all the other partying youth in the area) off the course. But it ran its course and we eventually got bored of the golf course routine and moved on to something else like to going to raves in abandoned warehouses, basically anything that seemed cool enough to get girls to hang out with us.
  8. I'm don't really follow the NFL too intently anymore, but I'm going with the local team - 49ers.
  9. To echo what others have said here, look hard into lessons. I played golf for over 20 years without taking a lesson, and I wish I had been given this advice (and then followed it) when I first got into the game. In the long run, the cost of lessons will be worth it because it will really enhance your enjoyment of the game.
  10. Day 48 10 balls with driver this morning using my Garmin Truswing to measure clubhead speed (hadn't been used since April 2018, but fired back up fine). Path was good, but club face was 2-4 degrees open on 8 of the swings (at least according to the Garmin device), so while contact felt solid, ball flight likely would have been push, push fade, or push slice. Will need to work on closing the face. Also went through a full pre-shot routine for each ball, still not used to doing a consistent pre-shot routine for each swing.
  11. Darkfrog

    Swing Speed

    Spot on, 106.6, range from 104-109, checked with 20 swings using a Garmin Truswing last night / this morning. Probably not the most accurate device, but confirms the GC Quad numbers. Definitely. My ball striking is on par with my handicap (not great), and my true average certainly reflects this. My ShotScope club tracking device tells me my true average distance in 2019 (all drives) was 236 yards, while the "performance average" was 267 yards. According to ShotScope, "performance average" is a statistical manipulation that removes high and low outliers to give a more representative number for gapping purposes. I decided to give up on the ShotScope this year because I've decided the big watch is annoying - not sure what I'll replace it with yet, as I do like to see where I am gaining/losing strokes. Game Golf seems popular here, but totally separate discussion topic. Yeah, it's the internet, I can't really do anything about it either way.
  12. Darkfrog

    Swing Speed

    Your opinion is wrong but don't let me keep you from it. I never said I averaged 110 swing speed. I said my typical driver swing speed is 105-110. I also gave an example of a drive with carry distance that aligns with my swing speed. 15 months ago, after many years of being a 110-120 (average score, not swing speed) golfer and a particularly bad case of shanks I started taking lessons. I started keeping a handicap roughly around the same time as lessons, and have gone from 26 HCP to a 17 HCP in this time. For the first 6 months I took 2-3 lessons a month, and 1 lesson a month since. My lessons at a small golf teaching facility with launch monitors, cameras, etc., and after each lesson I have an hour practice session on the launch monitor. I have had plenty of time on the launch monitor to know what my swing speed is. No ego here. If I wanted to brag about my swing speed to get attention I would go to the r/golf sub-Reddit, not a forum of golf enthusiasts.
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