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  1. That’s what I thought at first, but if you zoom in it’s a pretty deep gouge, looks almost as deep as the ball, and really narrow too. Actually wondering how someone took that narrow of a divot with a golf club...maybe grass growing in around the divot makes it that way.
  2. Day 169 Tried to work on hitting wedges today, but hit 5 balls over my net before conceding that my platform and mat need to be closer to the net. Didn’t feel like exerting the effort to move stuff, so worked on a rescue long iron punch out shot. Was doing okay off the mat, but I seem to struggle on course on more awkward lies.
  3. Day 168 Just a bit of indoor putting stuff in the morning, and a few balls off the mat after dinner, focusing on posture at address.
  4. This week, best shot was a long drive on #3. Started my round poorly with back to back double bogeys and was getting mentally prepared for a long day on the course. #3 is a long, downhill par 4. Sun directly in our eyes on the tee, so tracking the ball was nearly impossible. I aimed down the right side since the fairway slopes a bit right to left, and teed the ball a touch higher than usual. The contact was great, one of those strikes where you can feel it was struck dead center. Nice smooshed dimple imprint right in the center of the face. No one saw the ball flight at all, so I had no idea where it ended up. I walked down the left side and started looking along the left edge of the fairway around 300 yards from the tee box which is where my decent drives usually roll out to on this hole and this felt pretty well hit. No balls in sight. I was getting ready to get a new ball out when one of the guys in my group on the other side of the fairway calls “hey @Darkfrog, you playing a Cut ball?” Turns out my ball ended up about 340 yards down the right side. Lob wedge onto the green and made the birdie putt. Completely changed the course of the round, and went on to shoot a personal best.
  5. Day 167 Played 18 today and scored a personal best 80. Recent focus on pre-shot routine and posture seemed to pay off. On course I focused on keeping the same pre-shot routine for every shot, and the only swing thought I had was posture at address, and just let the swing happen. One of the better ballstriking rounds I’ve had.
  6. Knocked off three birdies today, plus a fourth that was a repeat. One third of the way there.
  7. Shot a personal best 80 today, just nipping my previous personal best of 81. Had 14 GIR/nGIR, and only two penalty drops from balls landing in red staked areas. Shot 39 on the front, 41 on the back. Had a chance to break 80 on the final hole with 20 foot par putt, but came up a little short. Started off the round with two cold tops on the first hole leaving me 150 yards from the rough, uphill to the green, and scored a 6 (+2). A bad lie after a nGIR approach on the second hole led to a chunked pitch, and another 6 (+2). Had a third 6 (+2) on the front after thinning an approach (stinger wedge) into a creek. But among those bad holes were a bogey, 2 pars, and 3 birdies, so I played myself back into a good score. Second nine was solid except for two holes where I scored 6 (+2). First bad hole I thinned my tee shot with a 6-iron and didn't cover the forced carry, so had to drop. Second bad hole I misjudged a punch shot from under a tree and it didn't roll out enough, leaving a 60-yard pitch to the hole which was left, leaving another pitch on, and 2 putts. I birdied my nemesis par-3 hole, which basically makes this round a win, regardless of score.
  8. Day 166 Worked on posture and pre-shot routine again today. Felt during setup that my hands were further away from my body and my arms weren’t hanging as vertical, more diagonal aligned with the shaft, compared to the video clips from my last lesson (confirmed in mirror). So polished this up a bit and hit a few balls. Skipped superspeed today, early morning round tomorrow and don’t want to feel any muscle tightness.
  9. Darkfrog

    Carry or Push?

    Possibly. Someone walking on the green could pivot around on their foot, like if they dropped a head cover or something, which seems like it would do the same or worse to the green. The greens where I play most of my golf are hardly pristine, so I'm just happy when people remember to repair their ball marks.
  10. Darkfrog

    Carry or Push?

    I've never understood the no push carts on greens concept. Like you said, resulting pressure from the weight of a bag of clubs plus the pushcart, distributed over 3 or 4 wide soft wheels is much less compared to a 150-200 lb person walking across the green, with their entire weight on one foot each "step motion", and the pressure on the planted foot transitions from heel, to ball of foot, to toes each step.
  11. Day 165 Warmed up a bit and then hit some balls with 7-iron. First 20 balls or so were awful, thin, toe strikes that stung my hands. Mosquitos were out to boot so I was getting pretty annoyed. I went inside, and did a little putting to chill out, and then did some swing mapping and realized I was focusing so much on not swaying my hips away from the ball (focus of my last lesson) that I wasn’t getting forward in the down swing. Moved to patio door and did some rehearsals in the “mirror“ and then braved the mosquitos for 10 more balls. Took post shot notes. Start line was good on all 10, a bit right of where I was aligned, which is normal for my draw ball flight. Contact was okay on 2 balls and good on 8, all on the grooves, and close enough to center for me (maybe not for Crossfield). The 2 okay balls were slightly thin, but not bladed.
  12. Fair enough 🤣 (Technically 16 if we’re rounding, dropped to 16.4 at the last revision)
  13. Darkfrog

    Carry or Push?

    I play regularly on a couple very hilly courses, with some severely steep paths to walk on. On these two courses, I find carrying my bag much easier than using my pushcart, especially going downhill. Not necessarily because of a difference in physical effort, but I find it easier to balance and navigate these hills with my arms free, especially if there is moisture on the ground from morning fog or wet weather. I grew up backpacking all the time, and still frequently hike on vacations with my youngest kid in the carrier on my back, so I don't mind the heavy load on my shoulders. Flatter courses, push cart all the way.
  14. Funny how the mind works. I had my best round driving the ball ever a couple weeks ago when courses in CA first opened up. I was grouped with a twosome just happy to be out on the course again. One guy was terrible (could barely hit the ball) and picked his ball up and quit the hole more than half the time. The other guy was really good. My abilities pretty much split the difference between these two. For some reason, playing with nobody of comparable skill really freed my mind, and I didn't have any negative thoughts teeing off. I should definitely try to understand this a little better. Next time I'm having these thoughts, I'm going to try and see if I can observe externally what the effect is.
  15. Yup - I think I have a bit of a psychological hurdle to overcome with it. When I'm getting ready to tee off with driver, I'm usually already thinking that I'm going to hook it O.B. before I even take off the head cover.
  16. I've finally reached a point where I break 90 more often than not. The biggest single thing was getting my swing to a point where I could meaningfully advance the ball toward the target just about every swing. I used to hit tons of terrible fat shots, like hitting the ground 3-6 inches behind the ball. Yes, those shots advance the ball, but not far enough to be considered meaningful. I still hit more thin or toed shots than I would like, but they generally travel far enough to not penal like a chunked approach that goes 20 yards. Sometimes my thinned/toed shots get lucky and roll onto or near the green. Also chunked chips and pitches were a big problem for me, sometimes taking 2-3 short game shots to get on the green. I haven't gotten penalty strokes under control yet. I still take between 4-8 penalty strokes a round, most of the time from tee shots going O.B. This is my main focus in lessons/practice currently.
  17. Since this thread got a bump I've got a few. Meaningless swing advice, like "swing nice and smooth" "Nice shot", when I just hit a heeled / pull slice that happened to land in the fairway. When someone tells me that I hit it where I was aiming, after I hit a ball 30 yards offline of the target. It usually takes me about 2 seconds to figure that out without help. Being asked if I want to take breakfast ball after a bad shot. I try to get as many rounds to count toward my handicap as possible, because I like to use this as a metric for my improvement. Not their fault, because it's common thing to do, but it still bugs me.
  18. I play 50-60 rounds a year, and maybe it happens once or twice. But honestly I can’t remember the last time it happened. At my local muni, there are worse lies than divots on the fairway sometimes, like spots with poor drainage where your feet sink 2 inches into the mud at address, or areas next to redwood trees with shallow roots that you can barely see.
  19. I started playing with some Wilson blades from the 1980s my college roommate gave to me (one of his dad’s many sets). I’d be lying if I said I didn’t start browsing ebay today to try and find a similar set.
  20. Day 164 Dusted off my Skilz gold flex trainer club to warm up. Always feels like I’m stiff the first 10-15 balls. Practiced with a 5-iron today because the sole of my 7-iron is worn from practicing with it 90% of the time. Worked on making a good back swing, as I can feel some bad habits creeping into my motion. Also did a superspeed workout. Need to look back through these posts to see when I started with the superspeed. Might be time to move to the next level.
  21. The place where I take lessons just sent an email that they expected to reopen the first week of June, so I have my first lesson in three months booked for June 8th. They are reopening with some new policies due to COVID-19: There are three indoor bays with GC4 launch monitors and cameras, and fourth with a Gears Golf setup. When they reopen only one bay will be used for teaching. Only one instructor per day will be teaching in the facility, instead of the usual two. Only one hitting bay will be available for practice sessions, the one furthest away from where the instruction is happening I assume. Masks, etc. I'm pretty excited about this.
  22. The wear looks cosmetic/superficial to me. There are club restoration companies that could probably make them look brand new but the cost per club is pretty expensive. I checked once when I was considering doing this to my old Ben Hogan irons and it was around $40 a head and that didn't include the cost of shipping to and from their workshop, regripping, reshafting, etc., so it would have been $360 for my eight club set, and then all the other costs I mentioned. I ended up just getting new clubs.
  23. That's interesting. Before I started using a Garmin S20 watch, and later switched to Shotscope watch, I used Golfshot app on my iPhone, at least I think that's what I was using. I liked the basic tracking that the app did, but didn't like having to constantly take my phone out of my pocket between shots though. Does Golfshot transfer the stats to GHIN too? It would be nice if the handicap recording organizations could provide an interface with all of the various trackers/apps, watches, phones, etc. though. For example, after I edit my scores in the Shotscope web interface (or Game Golf, Arrcos, whatever), it would be cool if there were a submit to GHIN button that I could click.
  24. I voted bad for the game, but I'm more neutral with a lean toward bad. My opinion is bifurcated between recreational (don't like it) and professional (prefer it) golf though. Personally, I want to play in comfortable clothing. For me this happens to be golf specific pants, made from modern, fast-drying, stretchy fabric, with enough pocket real estate for my stuff. I don't wear shorts because there is too much poison oak in the environmental areas around the courses I play, and I'm extremely allergic (not deadly, just severe discomfort for weeks). I couldn't stand playing in jeans. I tuck in my shirt because I prefer the way that feels, and wear a belt to keep it in place. Usually I'll wear a T-shirt, unless the course happens to require a collared shirt. I don't care enough about dress codes to protest, so I have some golf polos for these occasions. I wear a vest when it's cold because I don't like the unrestricted feeling. I haven't delved through all the historical posts in this thread, but in my experience, dress codes (not just golf) are associated with presenting an image, that maybe gets associated with the character/behavior of the human in the clothing. I've played with assholes who look like pros, and wonderful people in cutoff jeans and flip flops, so personally, I don't care. I'm not big on tradition in sports. I really don't care about ceremonial first pitches, calling fans patrons, national anthems, old guys teeing off to start The Masters, handshake lines after competition, etc. So because of that, I don't think tradition should have any bearing on what we should wear when we play. If tradition really mattered, why not hold those standards to all elements of the game. Why should equipment evolve and modernize, but not dress? But that's just my opinion, and like I said, I don't care enough to protest, or avoid courses that have dress codes. For professional golf, as a TV consumer, I like the look of the product with the dress code, so I am okay with it there. I guess it's a bit hypocritical, and maybe I've been conditioned to a certain pro golf look, but to me, watching golf on TV is a better experience when the players look like I expect pros to look.
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