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  1. Update: I shot my first 72 yesterday! I had a 76 mid-June and this is my first time beating that! The day before this score I hit driver really good with 12 fairways and for the 72 I hit 10. I still wish I could my super comfy big draw back with driver soon though. My wedges inside 110-120 yards were superb. All of my first five holes I had birdie putts inside 20 feet. I had 30 putts which I’m pretty happy with. If that was under 30 all the time soon, that would be cool. I think my biggest issue is still trust issues with longer clubs. I can’t FEEL a draw before my shots as vividly as I could at the beginning of the year and later last year.
  2. I'd say I stay under 90 95% of the time. according to GolfLogix, my handicap index is about 9 or 10. Currently my putting and driving are pretty iffy. Irons are ok. Could be a bit better. I think for putting I'm just having temporary yips. They should be better in a week or two. If I could keep driver in the fairway closer to 10 or 11 times, that would help a lot.
  3. Update: 78 today! Thank you guys for your tips. It definitely is a lot easier the second time. I was trying to focus on playing the least stressful shot every time, and it seemed to help! I was hitting everything really well except the putter (36 putts :P ). Will definitely keep grinding this summer and hopefully we can get there by August!
  4. 36/51 today. I played the back first and had triples on 10 and 11. I wanted to stay under 90 so I convinced myself I'd shoot 38 or better on the front. I got my first back-to-back birdies and a personal best of three birdies in the round. I guess it just goes to show that you should never give up on a round.
  5. Hey!! I just broke 80 yesterday!! I’d like to be consistently in the seventies by the end of the summer for my high school fall season. Any suggestions and practice drills would be awesome!
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