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  1. Thanks for this, I've started doing a lot of hip internal exercises and have found a massive improvement in my ball striking and distance
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions so far....plenty to think about and practice
  3. Hi everyone, my first post on the site so please be gentle!!! I've been struggling with consistency for years, good ball striking one minute and a complete novice hacking and shanking the next, so had a lesson a few weeks ago where after some work on backswing and posture it was pointed out that I'm not getting my weight onto my front leg after impact. We altered my set up a touch with more weight on my lead leg at address and the results have been staggering, straight or slight draw iron shots out of the middle of the club and after 3 weeks playing and practice my iron and hybrid play is much improved and far more consistent. However I'm still struggling to get my weight forward when using my driver and distance has dropped off in past 6 months. I've a couple of questions to ask 1. Does anyone else set up with more weight on left side at address and how does it work for you? 2. How can I get my weight transferred with my driver, would narrowing my stance help? thanks Geraint
  4. @Albie999 I'm a member of Blackwood golf club, great little 9 hole course
  5. @Buckeyebowman there are a lot of Williams, Evans and Davies as well in Wales as well as the others, not sure which is the most numerous these days mind!
  6. @dennyjones, Sadly we do have quite a lot of rain...usually on golfing days!!!
  7. New member on here, currently hacking about off 24 after taking the game up seriously a few years ago after years of rugby and kickboxing, hope to pick up a few tips and ideas cheers Geraint
  8. Geraint Hughes

    Geraint Hughes

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