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  1. Yeah, I didn't hit driver for the first 2.5-3 years that I played golf. Wasn't until last year that I finally figured it out enough to not cost myself two strokes per hole, and it made a huge difference in my scoring potential.
  2. We were playing a heavily wooded course as the opening event of my best friend's bachelor party, so alcohol was involved, but not too much at this point. Dogleg left par 4 and one of my friends tries to cut and the corner and hits a hard pull. The ball drills a tree and ricochets back behind the tee box for a negative 5-yard drive, prompting uncontrollable laughter from the rest of the group. Impressively, he was able to compose himself enough and smashed his second shot, leading to one of the better pars I have ever seen.
  3. Callaway Epic Flash 5 wood with a Tensei Blue AV 75 X shaft from Callaway Pre Owned. Needed a club to slot above my 4i for tee shots on dogleg par 4s and second shots into certain par 5s, and I have a weird mental block when trying to hit hybrids, so 5 wood it was.
  4. As much as I hate playing long rounds, I think I would go with the great company here. Even semi-annoying people drain me during golf, so I imagine truly obnoxious playing partners would make the normal round feel like a 5-hour round. Plus, as others have mentioned, I play golf for the enjoyment of it, so I'd rather be with people who add to that.
  5. This is what I generally do. Then, once I line up the club face with the intermediate target and align my body to it, I focus back in on the distance target. May have to try just focusing on the intermediate target. I am definitely one of those people in the article who sees all the bunkers, trees, water, etc.
  6. BC-to-MI

    Love and Hate

    I love stuffing your approach right after your best ball or scramble partner ejects from the hole. I hate the big double cross that pops up to ruin a solid run of holes.
  7. If they are cheap enough, it may be worth just trying them. Assuming the weights are accurate and they fit in the club, there isn't really any reason to need the official weights. If not, you can just grab a roll of lead tape and use that to play around with different setups.
  8. Personally, I've had a lot more success with my drivers when I have added weight to the heads compared to hitting them in the default setup. In my old Callaway Alpha 815, I bought a couple heavier weights and arranged them to make it more draw bias. In my current rogue, I just got some lead tape and put a few strips on the sole of the driver to add a little more to the head weight. I find that I have a lot of trouble with huge misses if the head is too light, but when I add something to it, I can feel the club head throughout the swing a bit more and it keeps me a little more consistent.
  9. I agree. I think you are much better off making sure that the person helping you knows what they are doing and has your best interests in mind. Even if it ups your cost a little, at least you will have the confidence you are making as informed of a decision as possible.
  10. I voted other because my iron fitting wasn't about added distance, in fact I weakened the lofts on most of the irons to improve my gapping. What the fitting did do was greatly improve my dispersion and ball flight, not to mention the intangible difference of giving me the confidence when I am standing over the ball that my equipment isn't making a negative impact, like my old, beaten up irons could have been.
  11. Shaft certainly plays a big role in trying to maximize the performance of the club, but the club head itself, especially on a driver, is still really important. You could have a shaft that you love the feel of and have gotten great results from in the past, but the wrong head will cancel that out. Regardless of shaft, if you are a really low spin or low speed player and put a 9 degree sub zero head on your favorite shaft, you will still get balls diving out of the sky on non-perfect contact or you won't be able to get the ball in the air. And similarly, a really high spin, high speed player who pops a high lofted super game improvement head on that shaft is going to see the ball launching way too high and ballooning in the air, especially in the wind. These are generalizations of course, and there are always exceptions, but the head definitely matters a lot.
  12. In terms of my swing, it was staying centered while shifting my weight in the backswing rather than swaying back and forth. Overall, it was realizing how much hitting driver off the tee would improve my scores. Once I implemented the above swing change, I could keep my driver in play, meaning that playing it safe with an iron off the tee was costing me a bunch of strokes, even if I hit more fairways with it, because I was hitting my approach shots from 40+ yards further away.
  13. As many have mentioned, for me, it's the sudden noise in the middle of my swing that can throw me off a bit. As far as everything else goes, I'm pretty used to the constant background noise that you get during most rounds of golf. Even talking during my swing at this point is pretty much a non-factor since I've got a buddy who basically talks without stopping from the clubhouse to the parking lot after the round.
  14. I started playing my senior year of college (I'm 25 now). No one in my family golfs, but my three best friends, who were also my roommates, all golfed. Not wanted to always be left out, I asked them to let me tag along one day. I think I shot a 135 or something like that on an easy course, but I had a couple shots that got me hooked. We played occasionally that year, then I really picked it up after I graduated and didn't have class, homework, baseball practice, etc., and now the four of us play a couple times each week together.
  15. Having no tee times seems like a recipe for disaster, especially for people who are busy. If I'm not going to be able to play at the time I want, I would much rather know that ahead of time than drive out to the course only to turn around and head back home when it was packed. Plus, with our online tee sheet, if there is a twosome scheduled for the time you and one other person you want to play, you are able to add yourself to the group. If you don't random people filling the open slots with you, there is a way to block it off, but this way more people are able to get on the course in a given day. I figure if the course is nearly full, but you are dead set against joining another pair, you must not need to play that bad.
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