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  1. Looking at my GHIN account, 16 of my last 20 rounds have been combined rounds, so I would say I am safely in the "usually play 9" category. I've found it much easier to sneak in 9 holes around work and school than try to carve out enough time to play 18. I also prefer to walk, and the summer months can make walking 18 a bit more of a grind than I am looking for on a regular basis if you can't grab one of the first few tee times on the weekend.
  2. Grad school starting up again means I haven't been able to get out much in the last few weeks, and when I have, I spend the first few holes trying to get my feel back. Fortunately, my irons have felt much better the last couple times out after a stretch of just miserable golf for a couple weeks. Unfortunately, that has come at the same time as my driver completely abandoning me. Haven't had a ton of issue keeping it in play, but my home course loves to line the fairways with trees, and I have been spending most of my holes punching out. Hopefully I can correct that down the stretch of golf season here.
  3. I've found my lob wedge to be a lot more effective now that I use it less. When I first got it, I fell into the trap that I still see a lot of people I play with fall into, which is using it for every single shot around the green. Now I use it for getting over obstacles around the green and for partial shots that fit my set 1/2, 3/4 swing yardages, but tend to stick with a lower loft for more standard pitch and chip shots around the green. As mentioned above, "time and place" is key in my mind.
  4. I'll make sure to get both videos next time. I just ran out over lunch last week, so I only grabbed a few videos, but yes, I was hitting a decent amount of balls fat here.
  5. Hopefully I did a better job of setting this drill up the second time around. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that my buddy was standing a bit off to the side when he took the videos until too late, so it isn't the best angle for what I'm trying to see here.
  6. I can't speak to all of the shafts, but in regard to CPO, I have fantastic experiences with the quality of their clubs every time I have ordered from them. I would say everything I have bought from the site has arrived in better condition than I would have expected. They also have really good customer service if you are not satisfied with what you receive.
  7. Played a couple rounds this weekend and really tried to keep the swing thought of the left arm staying in, especially with the driver. For the most part, it went really well. Driver was really good at times, pretty good most of the time, and I believe I only hit one driver OB in 27 holes. Ended up shooting a 41 (37.1/142) and an 86 (73.2/143) despite terrible short game and putting relative to how I usually play, so it's clear how much the long game impacts my scores.
  8. Sounds good. I'll go scrounge up some tape and an old shaft or something like that.
  9. Ok, I had it about 4 inches behind the ball, so I will move it back to be in line with my shoulder. Am I also going to want to find a way to make the alignment stick longer, as well?
  10. Got out to the range today to give the drill suggested earlier a try. @iacas , can you confirm if I am doing this properly? I made a bunch of swings with the alignment stick there at about 70-80% speed to get the feeling down without being concerned about the outcome of the swing. At the end of the range session, I made some normal swings and had some great results with my irons. I was hitting high baby draws right on target and had basically none of the thin/fat strikes I often struggle with. With the driver, however, I still struggled, even at a much lower speed, to get the hang of the swing feel. The regular swings I took at the end generally resulted in playable shots, they were just incredibly inconsistent ball flight (pulls, fades, high, low). Work in progress.
  11. Just need to get the driver on track and I think I could really be getting somewhere. I've gotten past the couple week period there where it felt I couldn't hit a good iron shot to save my life, and now I have hit them extremely well the last couple times out. Standing closer to the ball really seems to have helped eliminate the feeling that I need to throw my hands out after the ball, making it much easier to keep my arms closer to my body in the downswing and eliminate most of the horrible sliced irons (though I'm still good for my one obligatory hosel rocket every nine holes). Also came across this thread and fixed my grip, which was the exact one that creates the wear pattern shown on the glove in the comments. Been hitting a slight push at times with the grip on my wedges and short irons, but the considerably straighter and more consistent ball flight is well worth the trade off. Hoping to get to the range tomorrow to work on the drill suggested above.
  12. Dropped down to a 9.6 today, officially establishing my position as what I can only imagine is the worst single digit in the world.
  13. I have a pair of the MD3s (56 and 60) and then I recently got a 50 in the MD4, and I really like them. Got them on Callaway Pre Owned in "like new" when they were on sale, and I have no complaints at all.
  14. Awesome. Thanks for the input. I will give it a run next time I can get out to the range.
  15. Glad I asked. So, like this?
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