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  1. I'll try this out starting tonight. Thanks.
  2. Yeah, my clean strikes are probably 50/50 regular trajectory vs looking like knockdown shots, which is clearly a pain when trying to hit elevated greens or stay below the hole. That all makes sense. Thanks.
  3. @billchao, if sliding my upper body too far forward in the downswing is shifting the low point of my swing forward, would this explain why my main issue the last few rounds has been repeatedly topping my irons? Not the extreme 10-yard ones hammered into the ground, but super low trajectory and only traveling maybe 50% of their usual distance -- almost looking like they had top spin.
  4. Really struggled with ball striking this weekend. I tend to overanalyze everything, so I think I'm a little too much in my own head right now trying to make adjustments. Inconsistencies remain with the centered pivot, but still working on ignoring the rest of the swing to focus on getting this down pat. All that said, I've dropped down to a 14.1 handicap from an 18.4 at the beginning of the year. Still pretty inconsistent round to round, but my misses are much more playable, especially since reading the "Stop Aiming at the Pin" thread.
  5. Agree with pretty much everything here. Noise doesn't really bother me as it's pretty much unavoidable for the most part. The only thing that might throw me off is when I can see people moving in my peripheral vision as I'm about to swing. Other than that, anything that goes wrong with a shot is all on me.
  6. One of my buddies is in town this week, so it's been mostly rounds rather than range recently, but off the course, I've really been honing in on the centered pivot using the wall drill and backswings in front of the mirror. I am definitely guilty of overanalyzing everything, so it has been a bit of a struggle to force myself to just focus on one aspect of the swing instead of trying to fix multiple things at once, but we are getting there. Got some video today before our round. There seems to be improvement when I am consciously thinking about making the centered pivot, but I know I revert back to sliding my hips quite a bit when I'm not thinking about it. I feel like the backswing could probably be reined in a bit too, as I would guess that I am losing consistency at a certain point and not actually gaining any additional power, but I don't want to give myself more to think about right now. Here's the comparison between my first video and today's:
  7. Does anyone have any experience with Callaway's La Jolla golf shoes? I walk probably 3-5 rounds per week, so my 3.5-year-old shoes aren't getting it done for me anymore. I like the look of these, and I play a lot of morning rounds, so waterproof is important to me, but I didn't want to jump in without trying to get feedback beyond generic Amazon reviews of "Never worn them. 5 stars."
  8. I wear one for everything except for putting. I tear my hands up way too much to swing without one, but I have wondered about taking it off for short shots around the green. I'm also in the *take it off between shots* camp to try and prolong the life of my gloves, and I have a cheap glove that I use when I'm at the range that I am OK with taking a bit of a beating.
  9. Claiming my broke 90 achievement from yesterday's round. Also, I had an eagle earlier this year before I joined the site, but I don't know if that counts for these purposes. If not, I guess I will just have to do it again.
  10. Had a couple big milestones for my game today. Starting to really put time into my swing and came away with my first sub-40 and first sub-90 rounds today. Nearly broke 80 as well after going 43-38. Nice to see work paying off.
  11. Couldn't agree more with everything here. I really struggle with overswinging at times, but I've found that what I think is a 3/4 swing is really a full swing, so I don't lose any distance with it, while also being far more consistent. And video was my best friend. I assumed I was just making a full swing, but video helped me see how out of control my backswing was when I was trying to smoke the ball. I highly recommend getting some video to see whether you are overdoing it. People on this site are also quite helpful with pointing out ways to combat this if you post in member swings.
  12. Did a bunch of mirror work and the aforementioned wall drill this week to hone in on the centered pivot. Got out to the course today and focused on making a centered pivot with flared feet in order to help create rotation without the contortion you can see in the video. Ended up breaking 40 for the first time on 9 holes and posted my best 18-hole score ever with an 81. Going to try to get out to range in the next couple days and get video to see how much of the adjustment is sticking. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  13. The flared feet and pivot are something I've worked on in the past, then forgotten as I focus on other stuff. I definitely have a problem trying to fix a bunch of stuff at the same time instead of just giving all my focus to a specific issue each session. I'll check out the wall drill for sure. Thanks. Had a chance to run to the range yesterday over lunch and grabbed a couple DTL shots with driver and 7i. Didn't have time to work on anything, just wanted to get the video.
  14. The overswing is definitely something I struggle with regardless of club. I'll definitely check out those videos. Thanks. I'll give these a read. Thanks for the direction.
  15. Thanks, I like this. I might start doing this and track my scores from each lie and compare session to session to see how I'm progressing over time. Thanks for the reply. I read this last week and it has already made an impact. Much more consistent strike than trying to be perfect on each swing, just have to dial in my distances with it now.
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