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  1. Seconding this. Pretty much any OEM's game improvement or super game improvement from a couple model years ago will give him the performance and forgiveness he needs for a solid price. Just make sure you do your research on the ebay seller. I've had good success with it, but if you are more skeptical, there are plenty of second-hand retailers online.
  2. Thanks for the input. Yeah, after reading your comments I went back and looked at videos from last year when I was playing a lot better and it seems like I was doing a better job of keeping the club face more neutral through the takeaway and backswing, which I would imagine is what is leading to compensating with a change in club path and the steep downswing. Definitely something I'll use next time I am at the range.
  3. Since the last update, things have really gone downhill. I think going from playing 4-5 times per week last year to once every couple weeks has really taken it's toll on my ability to have any consistency, especially because I haven't had much opportunity to get to the range, either. Irons have been pretty bad, but made some progress yesterday. Went back to a focus on feeling more weight in my heels to have less sway in my backswing and less flex in the front knee. Driver, on the other hand, has a been a disaster. Can't remember the last good, or even decent, drive I hit, both on the course and on the range.
  4. I said high 80s, which is about in line with my course handicap (15), though only playing every couple weeks has both my scores and handicap climbing pretty consistently. Last year, when I was playing a few times each week, I probably would have said low-mid 80s.
  5. 2-0 for eagles for me at this point. Frankly, this season has been a disaster in the bunkers, so I'm less concerned with a hole out than getting the ball wholly out of the bunker.
  6. Just adding to this, I believe one of these is what you are talking about, or at least are in the same family.
  7. I agree, getting out and trying them is your best bet. Pretty much every club made by major OEMs is going to be really good at this point, so without knowing anything about your swing or delivery, it's hard to say whether you would be a good match for a certain club. Find somewhere you can hit them both and figure out which one you prefer in terms of feel/looks/performance.
  8. Really good read, especially for someone who could quite easily sub as the model for many of the bad position photos.
  9. Played my first round after the lesson and I was really pleased with it. I was definitely more conscious about my alignment and I didn't have any shots that I hit well but went way off line (or off the intended line) or any swings that felt like I was compensating. Shot +5 for the nine holes (3.6 differential), so it was definitely one of my better rounds of the year and two of those strokes came on duffed short game shots that were unrelated to the full swing.
  10. All of these for me. Absolutely love all of TXG's videos, but they have some good podcasts they have posted, as well.
  11. Yeah, this is it. Static loft and angle of attack are both factors in dynamic loft, but it's not an equation using those numbers. What is Dynamic Loft? - TrackMan The vertical angle of the club face at the center-point of contact between the club and ball at the time of maximum compression Dynamic Loft is the amount of loft on the club face at impact and is …
  12. Had my first ever lesson on Sunday. The biggest takeaway was that I am absolutely terrible at aligning myself. I've created a good routine for ensuring that my clubface is aligned properly with my target, but my feet are very often not, which is causing issues with my swing path, ball flight, and start line. This was encouraging because it's something that should be a relatively easy fix once I determine the best way to align my feet/shoulders and should show pretty instant results. The other thing the instructor mentioned was the way my weight shift and lower body actions were affecting my balance in the follow through. Instead of getting my weight to my front leg and clearing my hips through impact, I was sliding my entire body forward and spinning out of the shot, resulting in an off-balance finish and poor contact.
  13. Thanks for the advice. This is what we ended up doing and I think it worked out pretty well. I went first and then was able to work on some stuff during the other lesson.
  14. Consistency with my irons has greatly improved recently, but now my driver has completely left me. I have a completely different tempo with my irons and driver, so that may have something to do with it. I pretty much only have one or the other on any given day, whether it's on the course or at the range. My most recent round, a very rare for this year 18 holes, was a pretty good summation of my game: an 87 with just three bogeys. Nine pars and six doubles. Basically, if my tee shot was in play, it was a par, but too many holes where it wasn't in play or it was a sideways second shot. I was able to scrounge up some money for my first lesson on Sunday, so I am excited for that and hopefully get something to take away from it.
  15. Baseball was my first love, I pitched in college, and I will defend it as the greatest sport until I die, but stuff like this drives me insane. There is no other sport where they expect you to stop trying because you are winning. I can understand not stealing up big, or not trying to score from first on a double, but to stop trying to get a hit is ridiculous. Even worse is his own manager being upset. That's a great way to lose the locker room. Baseball is always trying to figure out how to attract the younger demographics yet continuously gets upset whenever younger players do anything that makes the game appear fun. As David Price said, "If you don't like it, pitch better."
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