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  1. Dropped down to a 9.6 today, officially establishing my position as what I can only imagine is the worst single digit in the world.
  2. I have a pair of the MD3s (56 and 60) and then I recently got a 50 in the MD4, and I really like them. Got them on Callaway Pre Owned in "like new" when they were on sale, and I have no complaints at all.
  3. Awesome. Thanks for the input. I will give it a run next time I can get out to the range.
  4. To work on that at the range, could that be something as simple as making swings with a towel/glove/headcover under my left arm to maintain the feeling of keeping it closer to my chest through the downswing?
  5. Planned to get out to the range last night, but my buddy needed someone to fill in for his regular league partner. Managed to hit my opening tee shot on a 600-yard par 5 about 10 feet, so I got off to a great start with a 7 on the first hole. After that, though, I was able to pull it together and ended up shooting a 42 (36.5 rating/139 slope). Didn't hit the driver well at all -- I don't think I hit a single ball straight or even close to a fairway -- but I kept the ball in the play and my irons were really good, minus a couple 4-iron duffs while I was still thinking about my first tee shot. Yesterday was the first time I've felt comfortable standing over a shot longer than 100 yards in a while, so even though the first hole was a disaster and my score was pretty much in line with where I have been the last couple weeks, it was definitely progress for me. Hopefully, I can get some carry over to Thursday as I tend to play my worst golf during my own league nights.
  6. I think it has to be the sound of a perfectly struck long iron for me. The impact and then the ball zipping away. Of course, I most often hear this at the range from the guy standing next to me, rather than from my own experience. Otherwise, I quite enjoy the sound of a banana slice off the tee making solid, direct contact with a tree and rebounding right into the middle of the fairway.
  7. Range session was up and down on Friday. My wedges and short irons were really good -- I was hitting them right on target consistently. My mid irons were hit or miss, but my long irons were a trainwreck, and the driver was up and down. Was trying to focus on shortening the backswing to not feel the need to jump forward, but clearly that didn't really see any improvement there. Played nine on Sunday and was horrible at the beginning with an OB tee shot and a shanked 4 iron on separate holes, but I made an adjustment later in the round and it seemed to help. The second part of the round, I started standing closer to the ball to see if I could shorten everything up and not feel the need to throw the clubhead out at the ball. I ended up making a 3 on the 190-yard par 3, then after a blow up, I made par on the final three holes. My iron striking was the best it has been in a long time, as I have been getting away with terrible iron play recently, so even though my score wasn't great for the round, the last few holes were quite encouraging. I'm going to try and get some video of the new setup tomorrow.
  8. Gotten to the point where the other tour players are starting to speak up
  9. Old thread here but bumping it because it is something that made a massive difference in my golf game. I wanted to get some input from people about an issue I've been having. When I'm trying to take a bit of yardage off one of my partial wedge shots (for ease, let's say a 3/4 swing is 75 yards and I need something between 65 or 70) I tend to try and just choke down on the grip a little bit and go for the same swing feel. My problem is that I tend to thin these shots. Sometimes I get away with it because I get more spin on the ball, so they fly a bit longer but check up almost immediately, but not always. When you choke down, do you adjust the swing at all or is there something you do with ball position that might help (moving it back in the stance a nudge, standing even closer to the ball, etc)?
  10. Love most of their stuff, and Tourist Sauce is probably my favorite content that they put out.
  11. I tend to play it out in most cases, then I'll adjust before entering in my handicap. I figure it's worth trying out a shot in my short game I normally wouldn't or getting a better feel for the green speeds/break. But, if I'm holding up my group or we are starting to lag behind the group in front of us, I'll generally just pick up at my ESC score, assuming it is just a casual round.
  12. Messed up my shoulder pretty good about a week ago, so I've been fighting through that a bit. The inconsistency is really becoming pronounced recently as I'm generally playing pretty well only to have a couple shots here and there completely derail a hole or three. This was certainly the case yesterday when I managed to shoot an 87 despite hitting six balls OB, including a 40 on the back with a triple bogey in there. I can go from hitting a perfect drive and then 4 iron to get on a par 5 in two, only to follow that up with a 9 iron that I hit at a 45 degree angle into a pond on the subsequent par 3. I've been bailed out a lot based on my distance off the tee leading to a good chunk of approach shots only needing a wedge to hit the green. Even on the range I have really struggled to string together any number of solid shots in a row with anything longer than a 9 iron. Think I might have too many things in my head and need to ensure I am really just focused on one thing. Might get a continuous video of a few shots in a row so I can see if the things I think have become second nature might be fading in and out more than I think they are.
  13. So, my knowledge of the golf swing isn't great, but I've picked up a lot from this site, especially regarding certain checkpoints to look for. With many hours of analyzing pitching mechanics, I know that still photos derived from video don't always tell the whole story, and I assume the same is true for golf, but it often gave me a decent idea of what needs to change. With that caveat in mind, looking at my swing here compared to JT (we are very similar size with high swing speed, so it seemed like a good starting point), it seems like after the over rotation in the backswing, I am able to get into pretty good positions except my entire body being shifted forward in the downswing, as @billchao pointed out earlier. Probably explains why my good strikes have great ball flight and stop quickly, but I have a lot of inconsistency in getting those good strikes. Could the excess rotation be forcing me to clear my body too far forward in order to allow my hands to get through, and when I don't, this leads to the good contact, but pushed, shots. I may be completely off, but just wanted to get my thoughts recorded to see if I'm picking up on some stuff.
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