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  1. Doak's definition of what makes a golf course good and what the rest of the world thinks is often quite different.
  2. I just added five Bandon Dunes courses to bring my total to 409 courses played. - 16 countries - 10 US Open venues - 7 British Open venues - 9 PGA Championship venues - 1 Masters venue (obviously only 1) - 45 PGA Tour venues I have been very fortunate.
  3. You could make this easier by using the Excel SMALL command. That would eliminate the sorting by differential. SMALL selects the nth smallest number in a range. So you just add SMALL number 1, SMALL number 2, ...... SMALL number 8. Then divide the total by 8. Here is my formula. "differential" is the named range of the last 20 differentials. =(SMALL(differential,1)+SMALL(differential,2)+SMALL(differential,3)+SMALL(differential,4)+SMALL(differential,5)+SMALL(differential,6)+SMALL(differential,7)+SMALL(differential,8))/8
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  5. I think everybody agrees that some kind of dress code is needed. I doubt that anybody would want to see golfers in a thong. So the question is, how strict should the dress code be? How you dress on the golf course is a reflection of your attitude. I always prefer to play with a group that dresses in golf attire. Personally, I also like seeing the pros on TV dressed nicely and hope they never go to shorts.
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