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  2. Hey guys and gals, Started playing golf again at the old age of 34 🙂 I played briefly in my teens, but that was mostly because I worked at a golf course and it was free. I also took it way too seriously back then and got so flustered that it wasn't fun at all. Fast forward to now, I have decided to give it another go, but with a whole new attitude. Been to the range a few times, and played a round of 9 Saturday morning, and have a long way to go. This time though, I refuse to get mad or angry, as this should be fun. At any point, if it is no longer fun I will have to reevaluate the game. Saturday I shot a 60 on the front 9 of my local golf course. So needless to say I am horribly bad right now. But the main thing is, I had a blast with the group I played with, and I think that is the take away. Look forward to getting a little better and making friendships!
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