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  1. One drill someone gave me was getting a couple flat golf balls, putting those 4 inches ahead of the ball, and working on hitting the ball and then the flat golf ball. I have a net in basement at home, as unfortunately this will only work with a net. Do you have access to a net?
  2. We had very similar issues when starting out. I'm sure others will be able to provide more technical critiques, but I think the biggest issue why you're struggling with poor contact, is that you're releasing the club too soon. Below is a screen shot of your's and Rory's swing, look at where Rory's club is when his hand reaches the golf ball, and then compare that yours. You'll see his club is still almost parallel to the ground when his hand his left hand reaches to the ball, where as your club is almost perpendicular. If you can get it closer to parallel at the point, you'll start seeing much better contact. Hooking the ball can be devastating, but I'd recommend first getting good contact and then start fixing the hook issue.
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