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  1. Better rotation on downswing, get that right shoulder working down.
  2. You need to let me buy that camera off you.
  3. Agree. Rory is simply awesome, or should I say Brad faxon is awesome.
  4. Check out Louis oosthuizen swings, you guys have similar flow.
  5. Great iron player, great friend of Molinari.
  6. I'm always staying optimistic, pursuing multiple tournament wins, the big enemy is TIME.
  7. Setup looks fine, but not keeping COG over the arch of your feet or not toward your heels, keep that power and rotation low and moving off the ball a little to give you space. Hopefully those chunks become nice tidy clips.
  8. Keep working at it, practice with a purpose and nothing wrong with taking one extra club!
  9. Don't give up number one. These breakthroughs take a long time. Get more competitive situations under your belt, you will learn to deal with the nerves better, and you will see better players- their technique and it will rub off on you.
  10. My playing ability is lacking so far, the raw ball striking and putting is leveled up tho, a little frustrating.
  11. I think you can't go wrong with resting and foam rolling
  12. Just want to give OP my best wishes and never give up on your dream
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