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  1. setup with more weight on your left side. you have a nack for rotating and keeping things moving from transition, thru the impact zone and into the follow through. although you are rotatating around your torso/arm action. Rotation is shift/pivot with your left hip bone (whatever that thing is called, pelvis?) being the fulcrum.
  2. 8 years. So I thought he had 1 win between 2013 and 2021 Still, his pga tour winnings days are btfo
  3. I forgot about the zozo and east lake wins.
  4. I think the level of play is so high right now, the game has gotten too tough for him. Tiger has one win in the last 8 years. Throw in another major injury and time away from the game, I think its insurmountable at this point. This leg injury is seriously bad, he will have leg and back pain with every step he takes for the rest of his life. Thats why I point to the senior tour as the only fighting chance to scrape together a run of birdies over 3 days of play.
  5. physically impossible to win on tour anymore. If he wants to win a pro tournament again, he needs to rehab 5 years or more for the senior tour
  6. Setup looks good, backswing needs work, keep everything a little taller on the way to the top. Good luck
  7. I agree with you that ball striking is so critical, totally agree. Putting is critical as well, there are a lot of golfers out there who confirm that working hard on their short game yields great results, so why hand waive that stuff and keep pointing to reading material.
  8. When you are staring at a 7 footer within striking distance of winning an event, the statistics don't matter, you need to make the putt.
  9. In this thread we can't talk about individual cases, nevermind golf is an individual sport, just focus on cherry picked studies.
  10. It's not clear cut. I find golfers who are more diligent about working on their short game, end up winning more matches and placing better. I think it breaks down to mental game, "golf is 90 percent mental". When people are making their short putts, it allieves their anxieties more than slightly improved ball striking.
  11. Better rotation on downswing, get that right shoulder working down.
  12. You need to let me buy that camera off you.
  13. Agree. Rory is simply awesome, or should I say Brad faxon is awesome.
  14. Check out Louis oosthuizen swings, you guys have similar flow.
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