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  1. Hope to see him make a full come back. his antics can make for good tv and i think he has an interesting chemistry with tiger
  2. I play an event in a few days. Practice every day, lots of putting and fixing short game yips. Want to win so bad
  3. Yep, this stuff really played out a couple days ago. I holed out for eagle with a well struck 7 iron, no more highlights to speak of but I got the reaction on instagram This is what golfs about, the great moments
  4. I know it's a struggle. Do what I did, turn your passion into a business and you can feel less out of place doing your own thing out there. I feel humbled because I'm doing it at the end of the day to grow the game, it's a labor of 😍
  5. Love the studio setup. Reminds me of the old days I had a similar setup but then I ingrained a lot of feelings and don't need to go the extremes 😂
  6. Interesting, and I think stacking on your lead side is a natural feeling as well for some people, nothing radical at all, feels dynamic if anything
  7. Played 9 holes today, mediocre really, just got a lot of photography done, Tallwood country club, CT. Highlight was a hole out eagle from 155 yards on a par 5 😂
  8. One practice tip is to use video, high quality video. Don't take visual inspection from anything other than expensive video. When it comes to what to look for. Practice where you know intuitively something is seriously wrong. This is the hard part because it basically boils down to thousands of hours on repetitive drill work, such as lots of half swing, or putting gate drills. Put in the time, stay more patient than anything else
  9. Adam Scott tee shot routine I go through a similar drill with completing a backswing, getting the depth and the shaft strongly in my arms
  10. I like your progress a lot, you look comfortable over the ball, keep developing more speed
  11. I think the steepness of your shaft is mediocre in the backswing, it seems like your hands and arms are feeling like they are ready to shallow before the backswing is complete. Check out tour players, how they exaggerate completing their backswing, with the right hip getting high and behind them, pause, then unload everything
  12. Yes, this one may take a lot of deliberate at home drill work. Are you doing a ton more slow motions at home than at the range? You really need to ingrain a different move there that can't be done with range work alone
  13. trainsmokegolf


  14. exactly. golfers need to keep working on their pound for body strength
  15. the more i learn about golf the more i know that careful practice, perfect practice leads to better results. my tournament preperation has improved because my practice is way more focused. the wordpress gets into all the detail.
  16. Incredible, definitely added to my bucket list
  17. White mountains new Hampshire, day trip and not too many people
  18. love the very deliberate drill routine, i might have to write something down and copy this lol
  19. one of the better swings i have seen all day, looks like you may benefit from generating more lean "smash" at impact
  20. australia is pure, no wonder Adam Scott came from there
  21. im a ball striker and a great mid range putter. i can hit some great tee shots and iron approaches but it comes at a cost because when you mishit with a high swing speed you can throw a really big ugly sideways divot
  22. dont give up, stick to deliberate routine and it never hurts to get leaner and stronger. for me, if i practice short game a lot a great score will eventually come!
  23. titlesit pro v1x during competition, my best scores have simply come with this ball. bridgestone and taylormade balls for practice because i get good distance with a price discount/ expect to lose some balls and run out of time to look for them.
  24. swing flows nicely, are you under plane at times?
  25. playing real golf is easier with fewer swing thoughts. we need to be focused on execution of the desired thought, which is 80% keeping in mind the successful outcome of a golf shot
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