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  1. Just now, ncates00 said:

    How the hell did you get to the 7 footer?  Which requires more ability--the "getting there" or the final putt?  Of course, the putt matters, but you're missing the point of this discussion and failing to realize the proven fact that ballstriking is the key to golf.  Go watch anybody putt.  Literally any one can learn to putt.  The same is not true in ballstriking.

    I agree with you that ball striking is so critical,  totally agree. Putting is critical as well,  there are a lot of golfers out there who confirm that working hard on their short game yields great results,  so why hand waive that stuff and keep pointing to reading material. 

  2. 1 minute ago, klineka said:

    Because individual cases aren't statistically significant.

    Since you think we are focused on cherry picked studies, please link some studies that support your point of view

    When you are staring at a 7 footer within striking distance of winning an event,  the statistics don't matter,  you need to make the putt. 

  3. It's not clear cut.  I find golfers who are more diligent about working on their short game,  end up winning more matches and placing better. I think it breaks down to mental game,  "golf is 90 percent mental". When people are making their short putts,  it allieves their anxieties more than slightly improved ball striking.

  4. On 6/11/2019 at 8:00 AM, chilepepper said:

    He makes a real good living. Doesn’t act foolish/controversial. He’s doing fine....after all , he is playing against a bunch of other golf gods too

    Agree.  Rory is simply awesome, or should I say Brad faxon is awesome.

  5. Setup looks fine,  but not keeping COG over the arch of your feet or not toward your heels,  keep that power and rotation low and moving off the ball a little to give you space.   Hopefully those chunks become nice tidy clips. 

  6. 19 hours ago, famousdavis said:

    I have belonged to a country club for over 20 years.  I have won the club championship several times.  We have automatic tee times on Fri, Sat and Sun and we have a big skins game.  The club championship trophy sits in a glass case near the entrance to the club.  I also have my own club champion parking space.  There is nothing better than belonging to a country club where everyone knows you are the club champ.  

    Sounds awesome,  someday for me lol

  7. On 4/17/2019 at 11:18 AM, Bo the Golfer said:

    Hi I'm Shaun and I suck at golf. My con is that I run to every swing method thinking this will be the fix. S&T, One Plane Swing, Arm Illusion, the A Swing, etc. What I need to do is worry about the 5SK's and swing my swing. I love this game but I make it much more frustrating than it needs to be.

    Keep working at it,  practice with a purpose and nothing wrong with taking one extra club!

  8. On 5/18/2019 at 3:30 PM, Killa said:



    Yes it looked horrible and this isn't even the worst video. I got shallow at the top, but then it went vertical almost immediately. And I'd understand it if I at least could hit the ball with my "corrections" but I couldn't hit it for the life of me. 

    There was one thing that could be off though - the range was pretty bad because they had a tournament going on and everyone warmed up before I got there so I couldn't set the ball perfectly so I might have been standing too close to the ball. 

    This is getting frustrating as I've been working on my full swing for the past 2 years but I hardly see any score improvement. I mean when I compare my first video in this topic and my last one (without the bag) I like the swing much better, but other than a bit of distance there is just no consistency for me. 

    Don't give up number one.   These breakthroughs take a long time.   Get more competitive situations under your belt,  you will learn to deal with the nerves better,  and you will see better players- their technique and it will rub off on you. 

  9. On 5/22/2019 at 10:23 PM, JuanTheGolfer said:

    I have two trips upcoming:

    New York State:  I will be attending a high school reunion in Rochester, NY.. then a couple of us are going to play four courses listed by Golfweek Magazine as the Best Courses You Can Play in NY (meaning you can get on them!).   We are playing Seneca Hickory Sticks in Lewiston, Conklin Players Club - just outside Binghamton, Leatherstocking - just outside Cooperstown, and Saratoga National. 

    Wow, very jealous over here

  10. On 2/16/2019 at 9:18 AM, billchao said:

    Same here. My backswing tempo is too quick and leads to loading/sequencing issues. Increasing the duration of my backswing by 0.33s feels incredibly slow to me because I'm slowing down my backswing by 50%, but it is definitely not a slow backswing.

    Exactly.  I'm doing a lot of deliberate backswing tempo work as well. I want that total mastery over tempo and transition!  

  11. Very cool,  and the game gets so much more fun as you work toward these new shots and it feels powerful when it's executed on the course. 

    1 hour ago, mvmac said:

    Yes. I tend to draw it from a square stance but I am trying to hit more "power" fades off the tee. There are a few holes on my home course where I have to fade it (or curve it more than a fade) and I'm comfortable doing it. I always seem to hit a good drive on one of those holes.

    Played Torrey South yesterday and it's a course that favors a little fade off the tee and was happy with a lot of the drives that were either straight or fading a bit.

    I don't try to do anything different with the swing, just aim my body left and make sure the ball is a little more forward for the fade.

    Played in a tournament a month ago where there were a few holes where driver might have been too much club or I had to hit a really solid 3-wood. I chose to hit "bunt" drives instead, choked down halfway, aimed my body left and felt like I made a 3/4 backswing. Hit it great every time, tend to prefer that over hitting 3-woods off the tee.


  12. 1 hour ago, mvmac said:

    I would avoid a lot of what that video advises. Rolling the clubface typically isn't a good way to go for hitting a draw. It's also a tough way to play by manually swinging out to the right. An outward path is just a result of other pieces being in place well before impact.

    For a draw, clubface closed to the path, yes, but the face should be pointed to the right of the target. Ball starts where the face is pointed and curves away from the path.

    are you someone who is comfortable hitting the driver with multiple shot shapes? I have seen you on IG and it looks like your swing pattern is capable of shot shaping

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    Yes,  golf should be a social sport,  and it can be a social sport if you are more sociable lol.  Don't ever express negativity out there,  you are lucky to even be playing this great game.

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