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  1. When I first started playing one of the guys I played alongside had a phone app that when I tried to use wouldn't work on my phone, so make sure your phone is compatible with the app you want. I ended up buying a Garmin G5 great bit of kit I still have it, after a while I tried to upgrade to a Watch S6 I think it was but couldn't get on with it as it was too small and fiddly and ran out of power half way round my second game, so got the G5 back, it works off rechargeable AA batteries so I carry spares, I have recently upgraded to the G80 but am keeping the G5 as the G80 has a 'plays lik
  2. Hi I'm new to the forum, play off 20 and work away from home for half the year (4 weeks at work then 4 off) on a ship at sea where I can only practice down below decks into a net, I've been considering building a cage at home, the most expensive bit at the moment is the back stop netting, I already have a supply of debris netting from a local building site for all around the cage, and have tried different materials as back stops on the ship, tarpaulin - too hard ball bounces back, old bed sheet - eventually tears, debris netting - stretches and eventually bursts, have any of you made your own
  3. I think of myself as a relaxed golfer, happy to play alone or with a group, for fun or in competitions but as soon as money gets mentioned (£5 for nearest to pin) I go to pieces, I have been told I play too fast and should take more time but think it's not going to make that much difference to my handicap so just keep going at what I think is a normal speed, playing for fun I'm called a bandit (21 handicap) because I get descent scores, and in the club comps I get poor scores (they say I'm protecting my handicap) I think it must be a mental thing and I have to work at not putting pressure on m
  4. I just bought myself the Garmin G80 as I work away a lot on a ship and thought it would be better to have a target rather than just hit balls into a net, I played one round with the device before coming back to work and used it in Stableford mode, not impressed as I couldn't work out how to see my score card for each hole when I'd finished the round to see how many shot's I'd take on each hole, I'll be using it as a range finder and score card when I get home in four weeks time. Since been back at work I've used the target practice and virtual course facilities, my only complaint would b
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