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  1. Handicap still going down. I started following Steve Johnston because he was playing with S&T for a bit. He has gone on to his own method but still preaches stacking and staying centered. The magic for me was when he drew a line on the inside of his right forearm and said try and point that up during the backswing right up to impact. Totally stopped the pushes right and added 10 yards to the irons. The move has cured many things.
  2. Three more rounds in the eighties (which is great for me). I have started to have straight pushes right. I have corrected it by not taking it so much inside. It makes it a little less S&T but it works for me. No S&T instructors in my part of the world. We have Golftec and at least I would get the numbers.
  3. Still just a few rounds in on learning this swing but made two big discoveries. The first one was I was not able to slide the hips far enough for the driver. I reread the book an noticed outward pressure on the knees. It added 3-4 inches of slide without effort. The second one was "arms straight". I kept concentrating on my left arm but had trouble getting it to straighten fully at impact. This resulting in some thins and fats. Then I started working on keeping the right arm connected on one of the drills and now the left is straight every time, with consistent low point after the ball. I am excited about the last part.
  4. Thank you for helping to keep stack and tilt alive. I have tried just about every method out there of the past thirty years. I watched the youtube videos a few times and tried it on the range. Unbelievable, contact every time. Even the odd miss hit was just a thin. Bought the book and read it cover to cover. Hit the range again and great contact every time again. Took it to the course yesterday and shot my lowest round this by 8 strokes. The only real problem left is some direction inconsistencies caused by my wrists. It will take time to stop doing the normal release of the conventional swing.
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