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  1. I recall a video that was stickied if I remember where there was really good chipping video @iacas put up with someone else. I can't seem to find it anymore. It was about using the body and turning through. I seem to have lost my touch with it this season and wanted to see it again and now can't find it?
  2. Tom is a stack and tilt guy if I recall.
  3. what "device" is everyone talking about here? Is this swing extender or the right angle 2 (RA2). I didn't see a video on the first page of this topic, not sure if it was removed (I am using chrome)
  4. 12 rounds in and my handicap is about 18 right now. I can say i've had the most pure of iron shots many times. Thanks for the S&T link, I think I read the first 32 pages over the course of a few weekends. helped me a lot. My best round was a score of 90 on a relative good track by us but typically now stabilizing in the high 90s. I don't have the forged version. I have regular cavity back and I play them 1" longer with pro modus 120 shafts and a jumbo grip. When i hit them well, I can get the 5i- 195-200, 6i about 180ish, 7 165-170. 8, 150-160, 9i 140-145 and the PW goes about
  5. Many years lurker, first time poster so go easy on me please 🙂 I'm 6'3" built like a line backer. I picked up S&T when it first hit the market and had great results. Over time, I tried different things, but kept on coming back to it as I felt I could make the best contact that way and get out of my own head. I am committed to the process and am not looking for an alternative. This forum has helped me fine tune the hip slide and get it in my head (I was doing the top body slide with my hips and am still unlearning that). This year I switched to single length clubs and
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