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  1. Going to hope shortening them 1/2 inch decreases the gaps between clubs a bit while at the same time will allow them to play a little stiffer. Looking back at when I tried them out I was probably not fully “warmed up” so they weren’t flying this far. I’m guessing I should shorten every single club in the set from 4iron all the way through SW for consistency?

  2. Not having much time to practice anymore was making it difficult to continue using my players style irons although distance control was good accuracy was not. Wanted to try a more forgiving club but the distance is now uncontrollable. Perhaps the apex would have been a better fit for me 🤷‍♂️ Stuck with these for awhile and slowing swing speed down I get all over it and turn it left but is taking off a 1/2 inch will help knock off 5-10 yards per club I would do it today.

  3. Having trouble controlling distance with Rogue X irons. Should I try chopping a 1/2 inch off them was told that it may help reduce distance 6-10 yards per club? I chopped an inch off my driver and 3 wood and already seeing the opposite effect though, they are flying further but I think it’s because I now have more control and am hitting the sweet spot. My question is if this is the case why do they make them so dang long to begin with? The distance gaps between these irons is huge because they go so far just trying to simplify club selection, 5 iron is flying like 220 and 4 iron is flying 240. I would be happier with a 12-15 yard gap like my previous player irons because I’m flying my targets. Should I just shorten irons or do all the wedges as well to keep the gaps all the same? Was thinking 1/2 inch on everything but not sure. I took an inch off driver and 3 wood and 3/4 inch off my 3 hybrid gaps seem to be somewhat consistent off the tee so far with driver carrying roughly 280-290 rolling out to 310-320, 3 wood seems to be carrying around 260-270 rolling to 290 and 3 hybrid seems to be carrying 245-255 and pretty much staying put because it gets up so high.  Problem is my 4 iron is 240 and still rolls out, these darn irons are long so was just wanting to get some opinions on butt cutting them down a 1/2 an inch, what do y’all think?

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