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  1. I already did and noted that in my original post. It has completely changed how I practice.
  2. Honestly? It’s a different game. And I feel like I have a path to improve. Consistently.
  3. I decided to reply to this topic after reading all 35 pages. I found LSW after listening to Chasing Scratch podcast. I’ve seen hundreds of practice routines and none I’m happy with. so ... when I play, I track FIR, GIR, u/D, and Putts. I have targets for each based on my handicap and goal. I’m also 59. since starting 65/20/15 practice, my handicap has dropped from 24 to 18. I won my flight at my most recent tournament. A first for me. My range has different bucket sizes. I always choose the smallest to focus. Mu practice is ... 10 chips at 15 yds 10 30 yd pitches 10 50 yd pitches 10 sand shots from 20 yds I then move to the long game: 8 wedges 12 mid irons 12 driver 6 3 or 5 W 5 trouble shots Total: 40 balls hit I putt for an hr every weekend. It works for me. 90 minutes. I’m interested in any input.
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