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  1. I wasn't looking at the issue of "Is golf a mental game or a physical game" as much as I was "why are some people more affected by stress than others?" So, reading up on the subject, I came up with a framework that works for me. And that is ...About 20% of the population is subject to anxiety and responding to that anxiety is a function of the degree of natural resilience, use of a chemical management, and/or behavioral changes. So, it's a continuum and it's a personal thing and different people need different things. Some don' need anything, some need yoga and breathing, others ne
  2. One of the things I like about TST is that it has really interesting topics. It encourages me to learn more about subjects I don’t normally think about. This is one. So the thread began with a recommendation to simply “enjoy pressure”. Is it really that easy? In some cases, yes. Harvard psychologists demonstrated that moderate levels of anxiety improve performance in humans and animals: too much anxiety, obviously, impairs performance, but so does too little. But research also determined that 1 in 5 suffer from anxiety and one outcome of anxiety is stress which often has physio
  3. Vespidae


  4. I think the term was it’s overrated. And at the highest levels of the game, I don’t think it’s overrated. I’ve stated my reasons why ...
  5. I never said that. These same athletes are playing against other superior athletes. Little edges matter ... As to casual golf, I don’t think it matters much if at all.
  6. Spurious argument. Stress is situational. Are you stressed when you are in your office? I doubt it.
  7. Please find the part where I said it was more important. I believe that at the highest levels of the game, golfers probably suffer from anxiety at the same rate of the general population. And those who do, control it better than their peers.
  8. Nonsense. Bubba has fear of crowds. Let’s say he is surrounded by a group and tightens his grip in response (a real outcome of anxiety is tension). He then hooks the ball out of bounds. You’re saying that has nothing to do with his score? It doesn’t happen (often) because Bubba knows this and manages it. At the local muni, who cares? Playing for millions ... I’ll bet they have all sorts of coping mechanisms. I never said it was more important. I said it’s not zero.
  9. You do understand what “physically better” means? It means less variation in performance ... which means he manages stress better. How do you know that their physical underperformance wasn’t due to complications from anxiety?
  10. What’s your point? A PGA champion is going to beat my ass and that proves your point? How about all the players who couldn’t control it and washed out?
  11. He wins because he is a great golfer who controls his anxiety and how he physically responds to it.
  12. Bubba Watson has spoken about the mental issues he faces during a round. You say it’s overrated. I’m saying it’s probably affecting some, but not all players. And just mentioning DJ is like saying there’s no poverty in America ... look there’s a millionaire. Perhaps the better players are better because they are better players AND they don’t succumb to the physical issues from anxiety.
  13. Does anyone know? Here is what we do know ... Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older, or 18.1% of the population every year. So it is highly likely 20% of the Tour suffers from some sort of anxiety. Stress is a response to situational factors. Anxiety is a response to the stress. The physical response is tension, a rise in blood pressure, and breathing difficulties. I’m not an expert on the swing. But I am aware that removing tension is an important part of swinging freely. So those wit
  14. These are my opinions and not scientific facts. Andy Beal owned a bank and played no limit poker for VERY stakes against the best players in Vegas. He came very close to breaking them for tens of millions. He noticed that as stakes increased, players were unable to cope and often folded better hands. I mean just crawled away. The reason I share this is there is a difference between golf and tournament golf. Individually, when I play ... I enjoy it. Whether that’s a personal best, a skins game, or a club tournament ... I don’t get rattled. A tournament? That’s a whole
  15. Thanks. That clears it up. I don’t speak for Hal Sutton, but I think he would agree. The anecdote he shared was that he pulled his caddie aside and told him, “There are three people that need to know I’m going to beat his ass. I need to know it. You need to know it. And Tiger needs to know it.” Does that make Hal full of shit? Sounds like he agrees with the idea.
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