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  1. These are tough questions really. When I think about dispersion I haven't really attached a number or % to it, I mainly compare it to how close I am to the target line that day and is it better or worse than normal. The variance is quite large however, and I would say I miss with a pull off my target line quite frequently. Anywhere from 5-30 yds depending on how bad the pull is. My typical ball flight is a high draw, but if I block it out a push comes into play as well. LOL, so honestly it is all over the place which really limits my GIR's. This only really comes into play with my long irons however. Dispersion is much better with my wedges. As for trajectory, I have never had this measured but I would say the ball goes higher than average.
  2. Haha! It did worry me at first. However my irons are reg flex, and even if it isn't actually bending the club I am curious as to what a stiffer flex would feel like for my irons.. Alright, I will not worry about this then. On another note, played decent in my league. Hit all my drives really well just continued to struggle from around the green, not able to get up and down at all if I didnt hit GIR. Had 1 birdie, 3 pars, 4 bogeys and a double on a par 3. Not sure what to work on mechanically with my swing so just going to continue practicing around the green and hopefully see some improvements there.
  3. Ah so its just coming with my lack of frames in the video? That was making me nervous... LOL But a frame before it there is this flex as well. I need a higher quality camera to get to the bottom of this. And probably still need a fitting.
  4. After some time watching this I am noticing huge shaft flex from my club head speed. This is something I've never thought about with Irons. My Driver is an X stiff which may be why I can hit it more consistently. I have never actually been fit for irons so this could be all my problem is. Thoughts?
  5. I've been Playing Golf for: 20 Years My current handicap index or average score is: 9.4 My typical ball flight is: High draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Pull hook or I will push the ball. Videos: My phone is on the fritz so the quality is low. Getting my initial swings just uploaded for any obvious feedback before I record it with higher frames. I also just realized my tripod was not level... So this may defeat the purpose of this post entirely. Let me know if there are any obvious takeaways and I will work on getting an updated swing posted here soon!
  6. Okay so I had this same question last week as I struggle with it as well. One thing I have found to immensely help me is to think of your swing as a clock, where your hands are pointing in the backswing should reflect where they finish. So a 50% swing would be 9 to 3. then you have 10 to 2 and 11 to 1. Find your distances for each club at each of these intervals. I believe rick sheils has a few videos on it as well. I also struggle with acceleration during partial swings, not trusting the myself and just unleashing it, causing bad misses as well. If you struggle with this I would look into tempo drills, which I am still trying to work on. But hopefully the clock analogy helps you as it did me.
  7. From what I can see, your weight is not transferring properly which is causing you to really spin out of your shots. A really good drill for this is to walk through your shots to force you to push off your back foot instead of wrapping around your body. Your takeaway is great and your head position/body type is setup for a great golf swing. Here is one video I could find on it but there are plenty other of drills. But this will really get you to feel how the weight transfer should happen. Once you fix this I think you will see an incredible difference in your swing.
  8. I've been working hard on my short game as of late. My current routine takes anywhere from 60-90 minutes. I take 10 of the same balls and hit them all from the same spot around the putting green at one flag and score it as follows. Make chip = 5 points Putter length = 2 points Good contact and makable = 1 point Bad contact = -1 point I start with normally a simple pitch and run from a nice fairway lie ~15 yards from hole and then will hop back 5-10 yards and do it again. I do this with a wedge and an iron and have just started incorporating a hybrid as well. Then I will move to a flat rough shot, varying lies. Uphill rough shot, downhill rough shot. 2 sets from each. The main thing is keeping focus and actually addressing the ball each time and going through the routine. Just started this as of last week and put a good ~4 hours into just chipping and pitching. My league is tonight so we will see how it has paid off. Best of luck to you!
  9. Just as an update, I recorded a few swings last night and think I have figured out my pull hook miss, and its all in my grip. My top hand is way over the club to the point where you can see all of my knuckles. I hear you are only supposed to see 2. This is causing my clubface to point a little up at the top of my backswing and when I follow thru, the face closes with a little in to out swing. Both of these together would cause this issue if I am not mistaken. Going to try and adjust my grip tonight slightly and reassess 🙂 My good shots, still have the same grip problem, but I hit it just barely off center towards the tow, and I think paired with this grip actually causes the ball to fly straighter. I'm no pro and like I said really haven't had a true lesson, but after my own analysis I think grip is the easiest thing to fix and I believe I have identified a problem with it. The quality of the video is extremely terrible so I have not posted the swing in the swing analysis forum yet. Hoping to do that soon with a better camera.
  10. This is a perfect example to what I actually mean when I say I run out of full swings too quickly. I have a hard time dialing down my swing if I am between clubs, for example lets say I have a 148yd par 3. My PW will go 155-160 on a full swing. My 52 I can string out to 135-140. I cant get a 52 to this and if I try to take something off my PW I will still go too long. So I think the drill of hitting different clubs to different distances is just something I need to spend more time on. 🙂 Lol all good, I should have phrased my initial post in a better way.
  11. @chspeed I really did not mean for this iron distance comment to lead to flaming. But I have realized the mistake I have made now. Dont interpret my statement as conceited please. The statement was purely to say I run out of full swings very quickly, not that I am going to start cutting all of my clubs lol
  12. All ideas I will take into consideration when practicing. Just chipped around the putting green for a few hours today so didnt get to do any range work. But these are all useful tips 🙂 Sorry if I deceived anyone with this statement. Not that I am flying greens (Although this does happen,usually due to a not clean hit) I just run out of full swing shots very quickly. Next time I am at the range I will practice this the whole time. I do need to improve my swing, the pull hook comes when my hands get behind my hips and try to catch up and snap over. So I guess I meant the pull hook comes when I attempt to get more club head speed and my hands fall behind, bad tempo = my pull hook. (I think, need to record more of my swings) Rough estimate. 86 is just my favorite yardage. 75-100 in general it is not as close on average. 80-90 is kinda my sweet spot. But we can just say the majority of the time I have a 'makeable' putt from that distance. Will do! Thanks for your reply 🙂 Choking down takes some yardage off but I never really find myself doing it other than more feel shots. Taking a full swing choked down has always felt weird for me.
  13. Great reply and tips! Really appreciate this. Starting with your last p.s I did not mean to come off as conceited with my iron distances, I just have been told I hit them too far, this could be completely false, and you are totally right it is the inconsistency that is the problem. But I wanted to address that first before I got into a reply. Your tips are great. I should try playing without a driver a few rounds and really force my irons to work for me. The 7 iron 100 yards is actually one of my favorite ideas yet, do a full swing and just try and slow my tempo, I dont think there is a single chance I could do that at the moment so I will for sure do this at the range tonight. And to be completely honest with chipping I almost feel like I should always chip with one hand LOL there are too many things running through my head when I am chipping and I need to find just one swing thought to focus on. A lot of people tell me chipping is the easiest thing to get good at, but man... I for the life of me cant figure it out. I mainly just use a 56 or 60 from around the greens and then a PW or 7 for bumps. Finally, I have never had my swing assessed with a launch monitor, it is definitely on my to do list! I think after even one session with one of those I could fix a lot of things. Thank you again, and best of luck to you as well 🙂
  14. Thanks for the reply! Don't really want to reduce shaft length to obtain the distance decrease. Although it is an option. And I am looking into drills to do to obtain confidence around the green right now! I will check out Dave Pelz method now and maybe incorporate it into my range practice today! Thanks 🙂 Thanks for this reply! I would say the variance with my full pitching wedge swing is +/- 3-5 yards so it is relatively consistent. Good point as I may not need to shorten my irons as long as distances are consistent. I just feel like being so long off the tee, I run out of clubs really fast. And you are very close to my ranges with a 9 and 8 iron. I have never tried blades, always have intimidated me, but maybe I will try them out at a shop near me. The pull hook miss is I think simply an overswing where my wrists get ahead of my hips, but I do need to record my swing and do more analysis of that. I will look into posting into the swing forum. Thanks again!
  15. Hello all! I am new to the forum and have been reading some threads today and wanted to start one myself to mainly introduce myself and hopefully get some advice/tips. To start, I have been playing golf casually basically since I could walk, without any real instruction. I have accepted meritocracy for the better part of about 10 years and really havn't seen much improvement. I average in the low-mid 80s on my home course which has a slope of 133. This year I am deciding to take things more seriously and really put some time in. I am getting out 3+ times per week, getting some practice time in and then playing a round. I have been averaging the same since I was a sophomore in High School and cannot seem to get past this plateau. To be fair after high school I really didn't put much time in. College and work seemed to force me to put golf on the backburner, even tho I wanted to pursue PGM after high school, my family wasn't in huge support of that and I felt almost forced into business school. Regardless, I have now been out of college for a few years and working the stereotypical 8-5 in IT. I have more time to dial in some practice to game I truly have a passion for. My current situation is the following. My driver is the only club I am extremely consistent with and can really bomb a ball. I average close to 300 yards off the tee with a subtle draw, longest drive being 354, so this is definitely not the problem, and for someone that is able to get off the tee as well as I am, everyone I play with is absolutely shocked with how bad it is outside of that. My Irons are sub par but go a LONG ways. I have tried to look up resources for what to do if your irons are going too far, but it seems no one else has this problem.. I have tried the 3/4 swing but still accelerate through the ball almost the same and generate just way too much club head speed on everything. For example, a full swing PW goes 160.. 7 iron goes 200.. etc. with this club head speed comes inaccuracies, with my main miss being a pull hook. For irons I am looking for some control drills or games I can do on the range to try and decrease my club head speed and get my yardages down to where a PW is a comfortable 140, but I cannot seem to do this. So this is my first cry for help! Next are my wedges. I have worked insanely hard from 120 in, as these are all feel shots for me with my best distance being 86 yards where I can stick it to give myself at least a look from 15' and in. However, once we get within 50 yards I turn into what looks like someone who just picked up a golf club for the first time. Chunks, thin, pulls, push, anything and everything is possible. This includes chipping from right around the green as well. I will maybe get up and down once in an entire round... So if I am not hitting GIR's I am most likely taking a bogey. As an example, yesterday I had a 320 yard drive on the hardest handicap hole on the course, center of the fairway leaving me about 100 to the green. Hit it a little firm and was on the back side of the green in the rough. Chunked a chip, thinned the next one and two putted for a double! So my next cry for help is with my short game any fun drills that can help build my confidence around the green? I have tried many things but never can seem to stand over my shot with confidence once I am on the course. Finally, my putting is decent and something I am not too worried about as I think I need to focus more time elsewhere with my main goal being getting under 80 consistently. 3 putts are almost never an issue, and can convert on 15' more than the average I would say. This turned into a novel, but thank you ahead of time if you took the time to read, and hope to hear some tips and advice 🙂
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