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  1. thansk everyone, yes my next step planned is to call them but wanted to first gather some honest data to then match with that they will tell me (we all know companies will lie in their responses, so I dont trust them, including golf brands). This way I can better respond to their response, if that makes sense.
  2. Hey guys, I just recently received my 2 custom vokey wedges from wedgeworks and was so excited to play them (as I played several vokey wedges in the past and loved them). My 2 SM8s are in the Brushed Steel Finish (just in case it makes a difference and I got the 60 in L (4 bounce) and 56 in M (8 bounce). Situation: Both my wedges sound like a very cheap Tin Metal sound at impact (it's almost disgusting to my ears, given im used to the feel/sound of my Mizuno MP-20 Blades). This happens no matter if its a totally flushed shot or not, same cheap metal tin sound. I am coming from
  3. I had surgery on my right wrist and was told I would never be able to even touch a golf club again....ever. i was indeed in a long 3 year layoff from golf to fully recover but now I have been back for almost a year and handicap almost as before the accident. I'm happy with that. Only thing I cant do is hit too many balls in the range like I used to (like 200 balls). Now I hit one regular bucket and im done, if practicing. and I now play with a golf wrist band, which has helped incredibly, specially for those hard pan course when hitting irons.
  4. I have been lucky enough to be fairly long and have gotten my fair share of eagles during the years (10+). My most recent attempt was on Sunday at a 560 yard par 5, made it to the green in 2, around 11 feet and of course, I missed by a few inches of over-reading the putt.........hate those 2 putt birdies (worse than 3 putt bogeys even). But life goes on.
  5. Shot 75 today (+3). Best of all, it was my first time playing this course, which is extremely long (2 par 5s over 600 yards) and this score is my best since coming back to golf 4 months ago, after a 5 year laid off (wrist surgery). It was also my first round with my Titleist T-200s, which were amazing!!!! Im loving them already for sure!
  6. Thanks man!!!! I will gladly play with you, when you come over here.
  7. Hi everyone, I just back to golf few months ago after a 3 year break (due to injured wrist). I also just moved to San Antonio from Puerto Rico, but since I don't know anyone here I have only played 2 rounds in 4 months, it's not fun playing by myself or a random. So I have opted to mainly going to the range and practice my game. If anyone around here is around San Antonio, I'm available to play on almost all weekends and can play at any point of the day (very early or late)
  8. Hello Everyone, Long story short, after a 3 year laid-off from golf, i have been back 3 months, replaced my entire set and now I'm actually hitting pretty solid again after regaining my feel. The one thing that has always bothered me (and I know costs me a lot in consistency) is my extreme overswing. Today at the range, a random stranger approached me and told me about my "John Daly" swing and even volunteered to video me so I could watch just how long it was. I accepted his invitation and was in shock of how ugly this overswing looks. Since a kid, everyone just to call me Joh
  9. Used to be mostly nike for 14 years (Pro Combo Forged). Now is: Titleist Irons, Callaway Driver. Cleveland and Titleist Wedges, Scotty Cameron Putter, Taylormade Hybrid
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