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  1. Never off the heel. Occasionally a bad toe. Mostly my shots move right because I can’t seem to square the face. I’ll tend to leave it open at impact. Drives especially...
  2. Anyone have any drills to increase swing speed? Or tips for hitting higher trajectory? I’m a natural low, fader. Here is a down the line 7 iron 165 yards (maybe closer to 155)
  3. ONLY playing for 1 year with that swing? You have great flexibility, posture, and power. Not sure where that ball ended up, but looks like you smashed it pretty well. Struggling with too many swing thoughts? Me too. What helped me was George Gankas. He has a great instagram page for reference and an online program. His method simplifies the backswing and the downswing into two thoughts.
  4. To me, the first thing that jumps out is bobbing up and down. Work on keeping your head from dropping in the back swing. Crucial to healthy swing development here is don't over analyze your swing, but find one or two things to work on at a time. Swing your swing and swing your swing especially when on the course. Can't fix anything while you're on the course.
  5. Wow, thank you! This helps. I didn't even realize I was still swaying. As a former soccer player, not using my feet enough surprises me a bit! Good to know what I can focus on next.
  6. I've been Playing Golf for: 6 years - Weekend Warrior, now playing 3-5 times a week My current handicap index or average score is: 85-95 type of scores My typical ball flight is: Low Fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Chunky contact. I have a tendency to stiffen up my arms for more power and shift out of my backswing too early causing me to ground the club too early. 15-20 yards loss of length is the result. Videos:
  7. Honestly, the swing looks pretty solid to me foundation wise. I'd like to see front on to see impact position and whether you tend to bob side to side. I'd focus on keeping you right foot more grounded and pivoting off your left foot. This is a Cameron McCormick philosophy to the swing. Brodie Smith lesson's on YouTube can show you some ideas if you would like to focus on this. Take my info with a grain of salt if you would like because everyone swings different. It's about finding what tempo, pattern, philosophy works best for your ideology of a swing. My personal favorite: Mike Malaska. I plug Malaska everywhere.
  8. Check out Mike Malaska on YouTube for about everything swing wise. The free content shouldn't be free given the quality of info he puts out. Anyways, first off - great looking swing! I'm sure you've posted scores in the 70's if not breaking 70. Now I'm no professional here, but I've spent years learning about swing paths. Here it appears the club gets behind you at the top and you (like most amateurs) have to compensate by bringing the club head out to in. A slo-mo may help you see if this is indeed the case. Malaska can give you drills to fix this. It's helped my swing!
  9. THANK YOU This is the answer I was hoping for and what I was thinking before posting this. Thanks for the reassurance
  10. Thanks for all the input fellas!! I’ll try to find better quality golf courses/practice areas. The hunt for breaking 85 continues on...
  11. 6 year weekend warrior and deep divot maker to now everyday playing and gunning for a round under 85. Need some feedback from a group with more golf XP I'm not a member to any courses or clubs, so I resort to local public courses and driving ranges. My local driving range is massive, has good prices, and even has a short game area where you can practice chipping/pitching inside 30 yards and bunker shots. I spend most of my time here, but recently... I've been trying to figure out if I need to get a lesson or if these greens are showing skewed results. The greens are small and are just your typical municipal, firm, slow chipping greens. If I chip from over 15 yards, the first contact can more times than not shoot the ball in unexpected directions. The roll isn't smooth, but they don't look terrible. Up close, they just seem not great. Hope this helps paint a picture in mind lol I use to work on a private course with extremely well kept bent grass greens that I miss terribly!! My question: I have trouble getting my chips to check up on me. Do slower greens allow for more check, or does the faster greens allow for the opportunity for more check? The clubs I use are Vokey 60, 54 degrees. Both in almost perfect condition and great groove life.
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