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  1. For dispersion control, consider a shaft length between 44” and 45”.
  2. So I am seeing Titleist Velocity balls referred to as the 2020 model. I don’t see any reference to a 2021 model on the Titleist website. So does anyone know if either the Velocity will be discontinued when the supply runs out or whether there is a different 2021 model in the works?
  3. If you’ve never used hybrids before, it might be good to try one to see if they work for you. Some find that hybrids have a tendency to hook the ball too often. If so, it might be better to stick with a 5 wood and/or long irons.
  4. The clubs of course aren’t going to fix a fundamentally flawed swing. I can shank any club when I make a swing mistake. However, some “game improvement” irons can help minimize the effects of a mildly inconsistent swing though.
  5. After a few years of not playing golf seriously (i.e. practicing regularly, focusing on improving, etc.) I can’t believe how far my game has gone into the dumpster. Even more horrifying is how difficult it is to put the pieces back together now that I am trying to recover my old game. And my old game was just to shoot mid 80s regularly. Add a few years of age, and well, it’s a huge mental and physical challenge. But a bigger challenge is a greater opportunity for a miraculous achievement, right? That’s what I keep telling myself anyway.
  6. Slow play is not doing simple things that help the flow of the pace. For example, when two people are riding a cart and waiting on the group ahead, the cart driver should drop the passenger off at their ball and the driver can go to his (or her) ball. That way they both can go through their pre shot routines at the same time when the group ahead moves on. Obviously, this won’t always be possible when one player’s ball is way ahead of the other, but just little things like this can make a difference.
  7. Most common for me is to simply not line up a shot or and extra second or two to focus before making a swing. There are lots of distractions during a round that I forget to really play golf.
  8. I heard somewhere a long time ago that good players always put their putter and driver together. Well, doing that didn’t make me a better golfer but now I’m self conscious about that.
  9. The main issue with golf is time. When my job and other responsibilities allowed me to play at least once per week and practice in between, I could play consistently in the high 80s. But as a weekend golfer it’s tough to maintain enough consistency to stay in the low 90s. Adding age to the equation makes maintaining consistency even more difficult. It’s still a fun game if you manage your expectations realistically.
  10. I have to use single vision lenses only for golf. However, my distance vision lenses do not leave the ball blurry at address. If your distance vision prescription leaves the ball blurry at address, you might need progressives or bifocals specifically for golf. I can’t imagine that your reading prescription would leave you with a clear view at 6 feet. But I’m no optometrist.
  11. Get back in the game after the last few years of letting it languish. Re-establish a handicap index Get handicap back under 20 Accept the fact that I’m not in my 30s or 40s anymore
  12. This was my first set of top tier irons. Purchased used for $100.
  13. I don’t mind different grips, but within each of these club types, the grips must match: Fairway woods hybrids irons The different grip types in these categories often gives me a semi-conscious tactile reminder of the slightly different swings for the club types, if that makes sense.
  14. I usually get a new cheap straw hat every spring, but this year I am thinking of an Aussie Chiller.
  15. Wedges typically used to have distinct design features that differentiated a wedge from an iron. These days, any club with a high loft is called a wedge.
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