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  1. I don’t mind different grips, but within each of these club types, the grips must match: Fairway woods hybrids irons The different grip types in these categories often gives me a semi-conscious tactile reminder of the slightly different swings for the club types, if that makes sense.
  2. I usually get a new cheap straw hat every spring, but this year I am thinking of an Aussie Chiller.
  3. Wedges typically used to have distinct design features that differentiated a wedge from an iron. These days, any club with a high loft is called a wedge.
  4. Is negative AoA meaning the clubhead is moving downward or upward? Hitting “down” on the back of the ball causing high backspin was what I was thinking.
  5. Maybe it’s not the club face but instead you’re leaning into the ball during the swing. I have found it almost impossible to feel yourself do it.
  6. If your hands are too far ahead of the ball, it will “de- loft” the club. If the club head is moving downward when it contacts the ball ( a steep angle of attack) then it’s not a problem. But if the club head bottoms out before hitting the ball, it will go low.
  7. The important question with irons is whether a change will improve your accuracy. Another is whether your physical condition has changed enough to change shafts. I went to lightweight graphite shafts because they fit my swing better now and are easier on my back.
  8. If my iron shafts are too heavy or too light, what types of swing errors will result from either one? For example, would a shaft that’s too heavy result in hitting behind the ball and casting? And would a shaft that’s too light make it more difficult to release the wrists properly on the downswing? With quality graphite shafts available now, there’s a much wider range of shaft weight than there used to be.
  9. For shaft fitting a driver or fairway woods it might not make much difference hitting off a mat. For iron fitting, I think it’s much better to hit on real turf. It allows you to experience the club interaction with the turf and choose a club head that works best for your swing type and feel preference.
  10. Ibuprofen for normal aches. Muscle relaxer if it is bad. I have found that when I use my lightweight irons (65 gram graphite shafts) my back pain is far less than when using my set with standard weight steel shafts.
  11. Carrying only 9 or 10 clubs is more challenging and can force you to do some creative shot making.
  12. You might be “flipping” your Vokey wedges more so than your Ping 9 iron. In other words your wrists might be releasing earlier with the wedges which adds loft. Maybe try keep your hands more ahead of the ball with the wedges.
  13. The S400 will be slightly more stiff than the S300.
  14. If you are hitting the fairway with the driver, stick with it. You can bring it to a golf store that has a launch monitor to see if you are losing any distance with your driver vs a new model.
  15. If you like the R11, you can always purchase another one. You can find them online at Globalgolf
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