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  1. I couldn't upload my recent round from the GG classic device. I don't think this is supported any more, but I've never had any problems uploading before. I'm done with GG.
  2. Day 58 Full swing practice with my driver, 3w and 5w. Teed up and on the ground.
  3. I'm pretty close to those yardages and added a 3 hybrid that took the place of my 3 iron this year. I can hit my 4 iron around 180-190 yards and the 3 hybrid filled in the gap from 185-200 yards. I'm still not real comfortable hitting the hybrid though.
  4. Day 54 Chipping around the green with my 8i, GP and LW. I also added in some practice sand shots out of the bunker and putting from 15' in.
  5. Day 52 I continued full swing practice with my 3h, 3w and 6i. I concentrated on keeping my trail arm tucked.
  6. View this round on GAME GOLF An improvement over my last round at Kewanee Dunes with a score of 91.
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