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  1. Day 10 8/23/19 Played the back 9 at my local course. My play has improved considerably after taking 3 lessons and logging my practice on here. I had 3 pars and 3 bad holes including a double, triple and quadruple bogey. My score was a 50 with 2 fairways hit and 2 GIR.
  2. Day 9 8/22/19 Pitched with my SW again. The 1st few shots were a mixed bag of bad and good shots. After around the 5th shot I started to find a groove and make some consistent contact.
  3. Day 8 8/21/19 Full dry swings with my 3w. I didn't seem very comfortable with my swing tonight and know some of the shots would have been bad. Getting in better shape would really help my swing. I need to lose 20 lbs.
  4. I would recommend creating a video of your lag putts. Then you can post it here or have a good instructor take a look. You might be ahead/behind with your hands or your alignment might be off. It's hard to notice these details on your own.
  5. Day 7 8/20/19 Pitched balls with my SW to a bucket 30 yards away. My consistency was not there and only around half of the shots were good. I'm scheduling time tomorrow to work on the same practice routine.
  6. Day 6 8/19/19 Putted from various distances to the fringe of the green as a distance control exercise. My control improved over time. Bump and run chips from 3' off the green with my SW and 7i.
  7. Day 4 8/17/19 Putted to a target 4-6 feet away at home. Day 5 8/18/19 Pitched with SW to around 10-15 yards out. Used a small 10" diameter bucket as a target at different locations. My distance control was poor at first, but I eventually eased into better control.
  8. Day 3 8/16/19 Mirror work with full swings Upper body turn Worked on where the arms and hands are at the top of the backswing
  9. Day 2 8/14/19 Dry swings with my 4 iron Focused on tempo from the top of the backswing to the downswing.
  10. Spending enough time on the practice green is exactly what I need to do more of. That looks like a really fun hole to tee off with a driver.
  11. Day 1 8/13/19 An hour on the range with my instructor. I warmed up with my PW and focused on the path from the top of the swing through the downswing. Continued to work on the turn with my lower body still. 4,6,7,9 irons Reviewed photos showing the top of my swing. I got the driver out and hit around 15 balls with it. I was hitting the ball better more of the time today and it was an improvement from my last trip to the range. Played holes 1,3 and 4.
  12. Day 8 8/8/19 Full dry swings with a 6 iron. Worked on the same issues from yesterday and concentrated on keeping the club head square at impact.
  13. Day 7 8/7/19 A lesson on the range with my instructor Jerry Bowers. I warmed up with a PW hitting full swings. Switched to a 5 iron and recorded video for a swing evaluation. Reviewed with my instructor and found a few things to work on: Too much leg movement Adding a little more shoulder rotation Weight shift forward and following through after impact I concentrated on these changes and hit range balls with my 4,5,6 and 9 irons. Working on my swing flaws felt strange and shots were very inconsistent (some terrible), but the good ones sailed high and long with straighter divots.
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