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  1. I have a 46 degree PW and a 55 degree SW. I plan on adding a gap wedge next year.
  2. I play the ball as it lies. I move the ball around a lot at the range to practice hitting under different conditions. I like the big R avatar. When people see the Big R they know it's RetiredOldMan!
  3. Welcome to TST! I wish I could join you, but I'm in IL. I've found this site to be an enormous help since I began golfing again after 10 years away from the game.
  4. @iacas I'm happy to say that I broke 100 as I previously posted in the goals thread.
  5. ChetlovesMer summed up this thread very nicely. I can recall one flush approach shot from my last round that was right on target. I'm really fortunate if I hit 1-2 flush shots per round.
  6. Day 20 9/3/19 More putting indoors tonight since it's wet outside. I worked on sinking 3' putts.
  7. Day 18 9/1/19 Pitched with my SW to a target 30 yards away. The club face is square at impact, but I'm still very inconsistent with ball contact. I'm digging the club in the ground and hitting line drives sometimes.
  8. Day 17 8/31/19 Mirror work on the backswing with emphasis on the turn and trying to stay away from swaying.
  9. Day 15 8/29/19 Pitched balls with my SW to a bucket 10 yards away. I had some problems with distance control and making good contact at first. I'm going to warm up more for practices when I have time.
  10. Day 14 8/28/19 Putting practice indoors on the carpet. Putted up to the edge of a rug 3-4 feet in distance. I focused on alignment and nailing the 3' putts that save strokes.
  11. Day 13 8/26/19 Mirror work looking at my full swing from the front and side. Focused on my head position and following all the way through the weight shift.
  12. Day 12 8/25/19 Pitched to a target at 50 yards with my SW and tried to get within 5 club lengths of it. 8/25 landed within 5 club lengths
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