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  1. Day 26 COVID-19 Practice Plan Challenge Grip strength and check of the leading edge at the top of the swing.
  2. Day 25 I played 18 holes at Oak Run golf course and shot a 95. This round would have ended up as a much better score without the 2 blowup quad bogeys and 3 shots that went into the water. I was really happy though because my iron play has improved significantly after working through the 1st 3 days of the Covid-19 Practice Challenge. I did struggle with my driver and fairway woods and this may be due to mainly practicing with irons lately. During future practice I'm going to alternate between woods and irons. View this round on GAME GOLF
  3. View this round on GAME GOLF 95 from the white tees at Oak Run in Dahinda, IL.
  4. Day 24 COVID-19 Practice Plan Challenge Trail Elbow Left arm and left hand drill, 2 step swing Full swing practice with a 6i and 8i.
  5. Day 23 COVID-19 Practice Plan Challenge Shoulder Pitch Airplane wings, shaft across the shoulders and bringing the shoulders down. After these exercises I hit a 5i and 8i into a net.
  6. Day 22 COVID-19 Practice Plan Challenge Left wrist, right wrist, split hands and takeaway to A2 with my PW.
  7. Thank you @boogielicious. I work in IT and was so busy at the start of the pandemic that I didn't get a chance to go through these drills. I'm going to add these videos into my practice sessions.
  8. Day 20 I got some swings in with my 7i and 9i while I was grilling. Day 21 I finally dedicated some time to creating videos for a My Swing thread and posted it tonight. It was full swing practice with a driver, 5w, 9i and 4i.
  9. I've been Playing Golf for: I'm 41 now and started playing again in 2019. I grew up playing junior golf and played through high school and some in my 20's. My current handicap index or average score is: I'm shooting around 100 and my goal is to break 90 this year. My typical ball flight is: Off the tee with a driver or wood my ball is typically a pull to the left or a fade. The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: I'm trying to eliminate grounding my irons and hitting irons more consistently overall. The best example of this from the swings below is the 9 iron FO. I'm going to start with some iron swings. Sometimes my divots are pointing to the left and I know I have an outside to in swing. Videos:
  10. Day 19 Full swings into a net with a driver, 3w, 9i and PW. I hit a wood and then followed up with an iron. I was making good contact on most swings.
  11. View this round on GAME GOLF My first GG round didn't turn out too well. My irons were bad and I found myself in 4 sand traps. Putting was good today though. I need to start a my swing thread over the holiday weekend to work through these poor swings.
  12. Days 16-17 More indoor putting on the carpet from <5 feet. The weather will be nice tomorrow and I'm looking forward to playing 18 holes.
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