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  1. I used a set of one length irons from Giga Golf this season. I wanted to try the one length concept without spending too much money. Overall I liked the concept. I have been thinking about upgrading to a set of Cobra One length irons. I am still pretty new to the game of golf and usually shoot in the high 80’s to mid 90’s. I was thinking about getting the forged irons. I’m sure the speed backs are more suited for my skill level but I wanted something to grow into and the forged seem like higher quality. Anybody have experience with both? Are the forged irons still somewhat forgiving or similar to blades?
  2. I bought a used set of Taylormade Rocketbladez. When I got them, I noticed they didn’t have the speed pocket in the 4-7 iron. Seems weird since that was their main selling point. Does anybody know if Taylormade ever made the Rocketbladez without a speed pocket or are these counterfeit?
  3. I’m a new member so bear with me. I apologize on the front end for the length of the post. I searched the topic but didn’t find any current info that satisfied my questions. I’m relatively new to the golf game and am a high handicapper. I have been making some game adjustments in an attempt to lower my scores. More on that in a bit. I purchased a set of one length irons online from Giga Golf and have been pretty happy thus far. The set is 5-PW with a GW and SW. The highest wedge is 55 degrees and it’s been an adjustment to chip with but it’s getting better as I get more time on them. I seem to run into more issues on the front end of the irons. The 5 iron as the longest iron leaves a guy short from time to time. I run a more traditional set up of Driver,3 wood and 5 wood up top. My problem is that my driver is my most consistent club as in I consistently slice it to the right. My home course has rather forgiving fairways and dog leg rights so it’s not a huge issue. As I have opened my horizons and started playing more new courses I’ve been having issues with hitting fairways. I was getting to the point of refinancing my home to supply balls for my habit. I have switched over to an iron off the tee. My thought process is that even though I am short I am not taking my second shot from the next fairway over with a new ball. I’m no pro and my consistent yardage with my 5 iron is probably only around 150ish yards. So a par 5 becomes a bit time consuming. I’ve had mixed success with hybrids and was wondering if I might be a candidate for a driving iron. Some of my research suggests that they are not really targeted at high handicappers but I hit my irons decent and seem to struggle with consistent accuracy with woods and hybrids. I know the logical answer is to fix the slice with my driver but that’s a project and I’d rather not hemorrhage balls while I straighten it out. I could be way screwed up on my approach but let’s hear your thoughts.
  4. Good Evening Everyone. I am new to the game and new to the site. It seemed like every time, I was surfing for info, I landed on The sand trap so I figured I may as well join so I could bother everyone with questions. So Hello for now and thanks for having me. I will do my best to mind my manners and behave.
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