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  1. Been playing some pretty decent golf lately. Shot 81 in our annual tournament which doesn't sound too great but I really only hit one bad shot the entire round and it cost me with a double. Shot 39 in our league play last night. We haven't had rain in what seems like weeks and the course is dried up to the point I'm out driving it, taking AW-9 iron in to most greens. That's not helping my mid iron play at all. When I have to step up and take a 5-6 iron off the tee on a par three I struggle. My miss is still hitting behind the ball, and it's pretty obvious. It's gotten to the point I don't even look at the ball after setup, I pick a spot of grass about an inch in front of the ball and hit that spot, this actually has worked well for me last month or so. Revisited the grip thread after iacas's comments, that did seem to help, grip is now in a stronger position than it used to be. Hopefully things will slow down around the farm soon and I can get some more videos up soon.
  2. This is one of the things I though I was doing correctly, guess I'm going to have to dig up the "grip" thread, I'm sure there is one around here somewhere! Thanks!
  3. Your impact positions look great to me and it looks like your making good contact with the ball. How are you playing on the course?
  4. Well nothing great to report as of lately, I've played rather poorly last couple weeks, shot a 43 and followed up with 44 this week. Driving has been pretty good, still having issues with 6 iron and under. Have had a lot of birdie chances that I didn't convert and chipping and putting has killed me. I've gotten into the habit of getting on the green in regulation but in really bad places on the green resulting in way to many three puts. I've got a nagging right front shoulder injury that I've had for about three years bugging me but not really affecting my golf swing much, knees feel great so that is always a plus. To much work going on around the farm to get any practice in at all, hope to get back at it soon!
  5. Tryin


  6. He takes a full rip at it! I bet he will surprise you if he really puts the work in, he's probably going to have to back off a little if he wants consistency though.
  7. Well got to play 18 tonight, shot 39-39-78. Had a great time with the partners I was playing with. We were on fire with the putter tonight, everybody was making 15-20 footers, I made several 12-20 footers to save par and made a couple 10-12 footers for birdie. My driving was exceptional, short game pretty darn good, irons miserable. I don't get it, I was smashing 6-7 irons last night with a high penetrating draw, but 5-7 iron contact was very disappointing tonight, no draws, push right, and waek. Have a lot of work left to do. I'm either over swinging with those clubs, or just not making proper contact, or both. Wedges-8 iron pretty decent. This course has limited opportunity's for "normal lie" shots, but I just wasn't there. Still had a awesome time! Sorry about that, still getting the hang of this. I need that forward shaft lean you have in your profile pic! I just don't see how you guys are getting your hands that forward. I really think my right "dominant" arm is trying to take over on the downswing.
  8. Tried to do some work on the swing this weekend. This seems to be about as far as I can get my hands in front to help eliminate the casting at this point. If I go much past this point, I could plant a garden, they would kick me off the golf course! I made what felt like pretty major swing changes to try and steepen the plane, video doesn't look much different. I'm hitting long high draws, some pull draws, so I'm sticking with it for now. Supposed to play 9 tonight after work so will see how it works out. Looks like I need more wrist set/ lag.
  9. I've been through your whole thread, lots of progress! I like your practice area, I enjoyed seeing how you improved on that from the start to how it is now. I can't wait to get something set up like this in my basement so I can practice in our long cold winters. The last two video's look like you are really striking the ball well and in really good positions to do so.
  10. I like what you describe in #1! This is something I have been working on since I made these videos, I saw the casting. Thanks! I'll give this a try tonight if I get a chance, Thanks!
  11. Thanks for looking. I noticed the same think in the video's. I think you are correct that the flat swing plane and casting are both causing the fat shots. I can get away with it in the yard because it is flat. I don't think I can make my grip much stronger, I'm already a good two knuckles and left wrist is starting to cup (reverse of flat wrist) at setup. I've tried to incorporate some forward lean into my setup position to eliminate that position. That in itself has been somewhat of a struggle to get used to. I have always tried to use my body/shoulders to lift the club up with very little grip pressure and loose wrist, this actually caused the club head to lag behind my hands in the back swing and then at the top of back swing really allowed the wrist to "set" and then I would take off from there. I think the biggest issue with this is it's all timing, do it correct and get great compression and good shot, do it wrong and I'm casting and hitting fat. Incorporating the forward lean at address forces me to not allow the club head to lag behind, feeling like I'm having to use more of my arms/hands to pick up the club in the back swing. I don't like it, but I can't argue with the results, it does help prevent the casting. It seems that I'm going to have to do more picking up the club with the arms/hands to reduce the shallow angle, I like your idea with the tee's, how high should the be out of the ground? I'm thinking about 2"? My plan is to use any ideas and get to playing the best I can to get me through the season, get a hitting area setup in my basement, and then start using evolver this winter. I wish I could afford a skytrack!! I would start now, but I just don't have the time to dedicate to it, it took me a week just to get this thread going... My 20 year swing is made up entirely of compensations, I've never had or trusted any instruction. I've played even par, had a hole in one, and shot mid 90's with what feels like the same swing! I trust the info I've seen so far on this site. I hit 20 or so balls before dark last night, really, really nice shots.
  12. Yes, meant to say Hello not , well you know. Thanks for the warm welcome. I'll look and see if you guys have swing threads, I already went through all of boogilicious's and it was a good read, lots of hard work there.
  13. I've been Playing Golf for: About 20 years My current handicap index or average score is: approx. 12 My typical ball flight is: pretty straight, can play fade/draw, prefer fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: fat, resulting in weak distance. Joined this site a couple weeks ago and have enjoyed reading all of the great content, primarily the instructional material. I've been playing for about 20 years. Played a lot for fist 8 then pretty much 3-4 times a year due to family, work, building my house. I used to shoot mid 70's consistently, I took about three years off and didn't play at all when I built my house. This year I've joined my company league, we get together and play nine holes after work on Mondays. I usually shoot in low-mid 80's. Started out the year with 39 and 37 and then all over the place with a high of 46. This course we play is killing me, it is all side hill, down hill, up hill, whatever, it's on a hill! I'm talking fairways can be 15 degree or more slope, very difficult most anywhere on the course. I have a feeling that I don't use my lower body enough, trying to work on that, not sure that the video's I've included show it as much. I think once I get out on the course I get more conservative, mainly due to the slope, and try to use my upper body more than I should. I usually do strike the ball pretty well but when I'm not it's fat and weak, I pretty much have to tell myself on every shot to hit in front of the damn ball! Anyway, looking forward to seeing what you guys have to say about my swing. This is in my yard, so please ignore my old golf shoes/ clothes, I use them when I mow the grass and then usually just grab a club and hit 20 balls or so. Videos:
  14. Thanks guys, meant to say hello from WV not WC. And also evolver not revolver 👍
  15. First post, wanted to say I'm excited to join the site. I've ben golfing for almost 20 years, basically learning on my own, I recently learned about using my iPhone for video and what a eye opener. I look froward to starting my own swing thread and seeing what in the heck I've ingrained into my swing. I've already learned a bunch of quality information from this site, looking for more. I'm coming from about a 5-8 handicap, about 10 years ago, currently playing around a 12 but only playing about 2-4 Times a year. This year I've joined my company league, comprised mostly of hackers... It seems the more I've played the worst I've got. I started' the season with a 39, 37 (we only play 9 holes). But now I'm up to mid 40's so a little discouraging. Mostly ruin my round with the first 2-3 holes and then play well. The course I'm playing is to me very difficult, lots of downhill, sidiehill lies, and I'm not comfortable playing this course, Anyway hello, and looking forward to meeting some knowledgeable folks that can help out. At this point I would say I'm committed, to the point I'll probably sign up for revolver at some point, I want to get back to where I left off, which is basically chipping and putting. Currently, my full swing needs some help as well!
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