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  1. I was telling my 95 year old neighbor about you. She lived in Bremen from 1924 until 1951.
  2. For us it took too long to get here. Too bad rates almost double.
  3. I marked 1 - 2 but probably a little less than that. Once in awhile in the water. Usually in someone's backyard.
  4. Same with us. Green fees are going up 1/1/20 since minimum wage is going up to $12.
  5. Our gold tees are in front of the women's tees. A short driving woman should also be playing the gold. They have course and slope ratings for both sexes for white, red, and gold.
  6. Wear a hat and not a baseball cap. I use a Greg Norman. Good air flow and keeps the sun off my head and neck.
  7. Almost 50 years ago I thought about going out for the golf team. After talking to the coach I decided not to. I was shooting mid 40's on the front nine at Tamer Wyn and he had guys shooting 30's at Old Avalon. Some on here are familiar with those courses and know that is a really big difference.
  8. On the course I played today the gold average 47 yards closer than the white. 19 yards closer than the red. They are separate tee boxes. On a side note I just received an email that one of our courses has the gold tees finished and will be rerated in 2 weeks.
  9. Played the gold today. I actually enjoyed it. I did make a few mistakes on club selection for my second shot on a couple 4's but that wasn't unexpected. Still used a heaven wood for my second shot on 5's. GIR is possible on every hole. I did not see anyplace that they just put the tee anywhere. It seemed well planned to me.
  10. After reading this and other threads I am going to play the gold for the first time on Tuesday. From 6813 71.8 119 to 5235 63.9 104.
  11. Maybe how much time she spends away from him doing what she enjoys. Maybe she spends 12 hours a week doing something without him but she expects him to be there when she isn't doing something else. Maybe she doesn't go anywhere but stays home and does things alone like surf the web while he is expected to just sit there. Maybe they were older when they got married, had their own lifestyles, and she agreed at that time that amount of golf was fine. The only part I don't like is that he doesn't want her to learn.
  12. My community has 11 within a 14.5 square mile area. 38,000 people. 185 in the Phoenix metro. Can't go very far out here without seeing a golf course.
  13. I think you mean Avalon Lakes. It is a Pete Dye course. Avalon is a different course across the street that was owned by the city. I don't know if it is still open.
  14. We are one of the exceptions. I just noticed this recently. Blue 69.7 115 6423 White -Men 68.4 112 6159 White- Ladies 74.1 124 Red- Men 65.8 106 5571 Red Ladies 70.8 118 Yellow-Men 62.5 99 4962 Yellow -Ladies 67.6 115
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