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  1. No, not affected by the virus directly aside from having to deal with school closings yesterday my county closed all schools until April 10. So now having to work and care for young kids will be problematic. I don't think the courses will be affected. What a great way to isolate yourself huh?😀
  2. oh boy. let the speculation begin: injured? gotta be.
  3. If he's feeling at all worn down or tired this early in the season I guess he feels that he's more susceptible to injury. How many legit shots at majors does he have? can't be many.
  4. Totally agree! Anyone that does not have the shots will have a harder time. I recall Hank Haney talking about Tiger having all 9 shots at one time or another.
  5. If you're concerned about privacy, consider the Brave browser. Its considered to be a "privacy-first" browser. I've been using it for about a week now, its fast and seems to work well.
  6. I was in my 30s (57 now). Avid sports guy all my life. I got invited to play golf with a co-worker. I had teased him to no end about being a golfer. So, there I was with borrowed clubs and, of course, struggle to make contact. However that 7-wood was like magic and I had a few nice shots. I'm hooked big time. The very next day I go to a local sporting goods and purchase a set. Never looked back.
  7. Any takers for 'Schitts Creek' on Netflix? Seems really wacky in a Office or Parks and Rec kinda way.
  8. For the past two years now, its mostly 9 due to the after-work league I'm in. I don't have a lot of time so the 18 is a rare occasion these days. BUT, when I can, I'll usually play twilight as a single on the weekends because the course gets pretty empty and I can almost finish. Although I have noticed that in an effort to speed up, after a few holes I get really fast and loose with the swing.😞
  9. I used to be interlock too. I switched because I started getting pain in my right pinkie finger. It took a bit before it was second nature. sort of like crossing your arms differently - have to think about it for a minute and it feels weird while your doing it. I'd say to took a few rounds for me before I stopped thinking about it. Until then it felt more weird to me than it affecting the outcome of the shot.
  10. Nice going. Over the weekend worked on these techniques. For some reason I abandoned them. I first tried them after reading a Dave Pelz book some years ago but didn't practice enough. Anyway, played nine yesterday: twice instead of a wedge clubbed up to a nine, and instead of a 8 used a 7. twice got the ball within 6 feet flighting the ball noticeably lower. Great tip!
  11. Definitely by a couple of strokes. Towards the end of last year, I picked up the impact snap device and it has really helped. But also because I've been better about club selection and figuring out the best place to miss - so notably I've been able to get up and down more frequently. Still, I'm sure I can learn a thing or to from the Lowest Score Wins book!
  12. Bethpage Black. I used to live in the area and would play it as often as I could. A few things make it harder than it needs to be: its waaaay to hard to get a time over the phone, you need to sleep out overnight to get a time. Unless you have a sizable ride - you don't get a good night sleep. Not sure if its this way still, but they prevent people from using drivers at the range. why? The range length hasn't changed in forever and the equipment has gotten better, endangering the road. So you're sleep deprived and have not hit a driver on a course that demands a good drivi
  13. you know what, I think you're right...I would think the R&A might be sticklers for that sort of thing ... Azinger said pretty much the same thing....yet another thing to watch for and add to the drama
  14. so did I - was the classic gym rat with the weights before taking up golf. Lots of power not too much precision in the beginning. Over time I've changed workout routines to still get in strength work with weights but I've incorporated lots of body weight work, cardio, and flexibility work. As a result (and I'm sure golf equipment advances help) I'm tons more accurate. had my best drive over the weekend that measured 320 in the heat and firm conditions. I usually carry about 280. In all I've been working out since I was 26, I'm 56 now. So I think weights should be a part of an
  15. check out https://www.golfleaguetracker.com I just joined a 9-hole league and this is what they use. Can't vouch for it either way, I haven't used it much yet...maybe it'll work for you
  16. How many saves does that make for Tiga? *sheesh* if he can just position himself better off the tee.
  17. seriously. Still, I'd like to see Mr. Woods go on a birdie run...course seems pretty soft, making the fairways play wider. will the sun come out tomorrow and dry things out?
  18. Beast Koepka starts his birdie run!
  19. played 9 on monday, someone had these on and they looked great and very comfortable. I'm considering a pair myself IGNITE NXT SOLELACE Golf Shoes | PUMA Golf The IGNITE PWRADAPT gives you the power to adapt. More Traction + More Comfort = PWRADAPT.
  20. @DeadMan I missed that - thanks for pointing that out. In the end, whatever gets you going - gets you going I guess. Still I think Beast Koepka will be a factor. especially if his iron game is on. Don't think a ton of drivers will be required, but the greens are a bit on the smaller side I think.
  21. FOX missing the opportunity to use Koepka to promo the Open is totally careless, my jaw is still open on this. I mean sheesh... maybe it points to the fact that FOX is not ready to broadcast major golf tourneys, maybe this is a sign that the telecast and commentary will be mediocre??? I mean has FOX ever done a great job yet?
  22. @iacas @boogielicious many thanks! I've been using the impact snap and its helped, but sometimes I just can't tell especially with the shorter clubs
  23. @iacas could you explain how to use the string, I've heard of this but it somehow escapes me
  24. Many moons ago, I recall playing Bethpage Black for the first time and got a pull cart. Big mistake, pulling up and down the elevations was brutal. After that I preferred to carry. And because there was no water on the course and a snack shack you saw only twice (finishing #5 and again coming up #12) I carried plenty of water. By the time you got up #15 you were done for the day. These days I use a push cart and haven't looked back.
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