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  1. Yukari, I get to travel all over the country and have for 20 years now. Plus, I'm not married so I have a lot of time. Congratulations on your first 150. Later.
  2. When I think of it , it is a lot. If no rain, playing 2 more this W/E, one 18, one 9. Probably walk. Arkansas courses.
  3. Thanks. When I retire and I have the time, I am going to add up all the yardage of all the courses and just see how far it is. I try to walk but because of heat or terrain , I ride. Each card states whether I rode or walked.
  4. My name is Robert Ramsay. I am a travel nurse and have traveled the country for 20 years and have played over 1,800 different golf courses of all types. Sand green courses, carpeted tee and green courses prairie courses, links, mountain, desert, ocean, muni, you name it. 18 holes, 9 holes, and even a 7 hole course. You played the last 2 holes twice. I am 63 years old and retire in a couple of years . I average around 100 different courses a year. My goal is to be the most prolific golfer in history. I have all my score cards from these courses. There are about 50 courses in Maine I played befo
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