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  1. Hi I'm new here but I can relate to this thread in a big way. I started playing in 1973, when I was 19, my dad was a very good player, he was off 4 but he only taught me one thing, the grip, totally neutral like Hogan, Snead etc., the rest of I had to learn for myself, I remember feeling like I was totally one sided with weight distribution, all on the the left foot, with those old golf clubs you had to pretty much middle the ball to get any kind of result, to me it seemed the most simple approach and after I'd played my first season my handicap was 18. Nobody seemed to notice that I had no weight transfer, even though sometimes my right foot would slide backwards at impact, which I recall Greg Norman doing sometimes, and in my second season I started to get good, by the September of that year my handicap was 4.
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