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  1. Thanks guys! Much appreciated, I will talk to the club about it and ask for a drop zone. In the meantime I will hit a provisional ball the next time I skull it through that green...! Ciao – Brendan
  2. I'm looking for a mat that indicates divot location, specifically location of first ground strike. All I've found is a patent application, nothing seems to be on the market (this patent would be perfect): US20060128493A1 - Divot indicating golf practice devices - Google Patents A golf practice mat that allows a golfer to practice hitting golf shots from a synthetic turf surface that emulates natural grass while still being able to... True Strike etc are nice and soft and allow divots to be hit, but don't show exactly where the divot is located. I want to work on my skills and develop skills for hitting the ground consistently in a place of my choosing. I need an indicator to do this, as there's not enough grass in my backyard (and the wife would disapprove), and the council will chase me off city parklands. Regards and thanks – Brendan
  3. My first post! My coastal course has a green with the ocean behind it. It is classified as a red penalty area (lateral water hazard old language). If I thin (skull) a short wedge, the ball can fly through the green and into the penalty area (and gone). At the point of entry it is impossible to drop within 2 club lengths 'no nearer the hole' and out of the penalty area, because the margin of the penalty area curves around and towards the green. I can't go back behind the area, as it's the ocean. There's no designated drop zone either. So what are my options? 1. Replay the shot under stroke and distance, or WHAT ELSE??!!!! I have been taking a drop right on the point of entry. It always rolls into the penalty area so I then place the ball right at the point of entry, as it is 'no nearer the hole' and within 2 club lengths. I take a stroke penalty as well of course. Is this legal? It seems to be legal to me, but the rules of golf don't cover this scenario as far as I can see. Are players required to have at least two options when their ball is in a penalty area, according to the rules? This situation is really bugging me and Google is silent! Regards - Brendan
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